25 Apr 2009

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I wanna be famous for 15 minutes

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13 Apr 2009


6 o'clock in the morning is a very common time to dream
Awaking to guilt, like some kind of original sin
I'm as happy as a lamb
Knowing the government will watch over me.....

civ·i·li·za·tion (sĭv'ə-lĭ-zā'shən)

we stopped outsourcing
enhanced interrogation techniques

1 Apr 2009

The Condition of Your Sleeping

Another interesting submission to Saying Something, by Jeff Crouch, this time in collaboration with K.R. Copeland.
Almost hallucinatory, The Condition of Your Sleeping seems to echo the subjects' dreams through repetitive mathematical formulae. Intriguing stylistically and conceptually, this picture seems to confirm our human nature as intuitive, emotional, erratic and somewhat chaotic. The bathos of the simplicity of mathematical formulae when juxtaposed with human nature (in this case expressed through dreams) is all too evident.

Vespers (96)

silence borders open window as night long fallen
holds the leap of faith and relatives still
correspond vitality of prayer as though
workings and working were adherent magistrate
the strata marked by breath points in the composition
mused and ruffled and inflamed majestic
altogether a locale of higher lorikeet
beside the village altercation in the midst
of talc and cloth and slippage