29 Nov 2010

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Cold Cold Cold!!! ;-)


28 Nov 2010

Innita: Rockanrose

Innita's Rockanrose cover.

Triangular, 19. Story repeats herself, 3.
Saturday, November 27, 2010.
London, UK.

Innita re-haciendo su sesión de fotos y, esta vez sí oficialmente, dando públicamente la portada de su álbum para el 2011, Rockanrose.

Innita re-doing her photo sessions and, this time officially, giving publicly the cover of her 2011 album, Rockanrose.

Innita refaire la photo-séance et, cette fois officiellement, publiquement faire la couverture de sa album pour 2011, Rockanrose.

continuará .....
to be continued .....
à suivre .....

26 Nov 2010

Jazz Vortices

Jazz Vortices, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Thank you to XstockX for alowg me to use her photo in this picture.



20 Nov 2010

Fucky Fucky 2 (And other Stories)

The key for the vagina the truth
is an outwardly Wednesday
Wednesday's child is outside the box
that porn decries

by art decides this equilibrium,
a stasis of procreation

Henceforth da numeral the clitoral
infamy of self

Help me, Notice me
I'm a fuck with a pseudonym
living insight, a flesh
a parody of paradoxes
a limpet clinging

a virtual rock, a legato
page, an art
we live within its flat, flat
canvas. Inhale the intrinsic nothingness
that's imprecise

Her breasts are mechanical,
beautiful clouds in pierced (monotony)
overkill to rumble the awful (regional)
erection, not vetted (stasis)
but non concrete (pebbles blokish perimeters

by chance or a Governmental splendour)
this miasma du choix (globalising inference)
or compliance (notice the political reference)

danse du vie
danse de mort
danse macarbre
danse de naissance
danse du combat
sing the song of doing

Listen! Ecoutez d'amour
her heartbeat faster
faster fasting, like a machine
when the music's over
our heartbeats meet across
the divide of the unfamiliar
and the famous

Fucky Fucky (And other Stories)

Fucking the Winter sky line
bluebells coarse in fields
winter rummaging in you pants
like velvet amongst snow drifts

the man is a fable and
crosses the scene like garbage cans,
littered petunias comforted
by choice

shoes, pebbles blokish perimeters
fields the sky ascends broken meters
climbing parched

Incessant motion moved by truth
awful and insistent floating
intent anguish and skies (foraging)
in asymmetric oddity.

With a Governmental splendour
the rash of incest.
and, Whence by this is truth
it automatically assumes its opposite

or juxtaposed by chance, dance
romance, lust or its opposition
if it escalates I'd presume
that I'd be amazed if they'd
put glass in it.


14 Nov 2010

Woman with Lines and Colour 2

Woman with Lines and Colour 2, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

f***ing the Winter sky line
bluebells coarse in fields
Winter rummaging in your pants
like velvet amongst snow drifts

The man is a fable and
crosses the scene like garbage cans
littered petunias comforted
by choice

Shoes, pebbles blokeish perimeters
fields the sky ascends broken meters
climbing parched

Incessant motion moved by truth
awful and insistent floating
intent anguish and skies
in asymmetric odditty

With a governmental splendour
the rash of incest
And, whence by this truth
it automatically assumes its opposite

or juxtaposed by chance, dance,
romance, lust or its opposite
if it escalated I'd presume
that I'd be amazed if they'd
put glass in it.


The text is an excerpt from a recent poem by the artist.

Thank you to XstockX (Julie) for letting me use her photograph in this picture.

7 Nov 2010

STYLO DC: No para Innita, interview, october 2010.

Sunday, October 24, 2010.
No para Innita, interview Stylo D.C - Spanish version .


"NO PARA INNITA" has been, for more than 15 years, filling inspiration by the comic, drawing, music and the arts to his family, friends and more than 4,500 followers of their daily publications in the Flickr network where you can find different stages of his work and development of his series about Innita.

NO is his name NO and PARA INNITA his last names www.flickr.com/photos/noparainnita/3567254264/, NO is not a pseudonym or a nickname and NO also has been using makeup and various styles of masks that hide your face from more than a decade ago and keeping his private life for emphasizing the feminine in his work without his masculine face distract your audience .

NO has toured venues such as Bogotá's Rock al Parque III in 1997 by musical performance with his then-band 667, was co-founder of collective producing comics such as TNT, ACME and Tostadora de Cerebros, made more than 7 independent publications among which are : Virus #1-#6, Sólo Para Cinecrófilos, Luto Blanco Pesebre Negro, Ginotropia -illustrated tale where Innita debuts, "Eco Pop, hermafroCita and Jesu Cristina, and managed, curated and participated in numerous exhibitions.

No, tell us a little about your initiation into the world of the Illustration?

I confess that I never really considered an illustrator, the term itself seems ambiguous and often reluctant to it, except it is a convention I use to explain what I do.

My reluctance is due precisely to my beginnings. My love for drawing started with comics. From my childhood I have been fascinated by stories with images, as Carroll's Alice. At that time, drawing on sheets of notebook that became stapled and whose protagonists were superhero comics based on cartoons and toys that I saw I had, with names like "Super Zancudo", "Yaguar", "Pambelito" and a boxer puppy named “Boty”. And today, it continues in me, the basis of my work is narrative, and that is why we combine drawings -my individual work- and music -collective work-, as a fundamental part of my stories. And surely I will expand in the long term, to sculpture and theater. That's why I know I do not move much in the world of illustration as such, I have never dipped a long time in the editorial and advertising illustration, it has been just phases, not a constant. I try to apply my drawing to my stories and characters, rather than to illustrate in the aforementioned media.

What influences or favorite artists have you had?

In my childhood were Mauricio de Sousa, André Franquin and Francisco Ibáñez, family-comics authors. Then I met the work of "Les Humanoids Associés”, French collective of adults comics which were enlightened for the erotic ingredient of my work. Currently, my influence is amateur photography that can be found in blogs and similar. But my favorite artists "of all time" focus on the painting, such as William-Adolphe Bouguereau, William Turner, Sandro Botticelli, Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha.

We have some memories of Jesus Cristina starting this decade, what happened to her?

Jesucristina was the result of my passionate liking for music and content of Marilyn Manson in the second half of the 90s. A couple of years, I reinvented her as a child who is crucified at the end of World War III:


In the history of Innita you has lasted over two years creating it narratively and visually. Tell us a little about her origin and the different stages that emerged during the course of history.

Innita was visual poetry about my ideal woman since 1998-the year in which the invented her- until 2005, although I make her absent during 2002-2003 because I felt Innita was something emotionally intimate I had to protect from the public. Two years later, at a time in 2005, I thought and realized that this gesture of been her hidden was actually quite corny and weak, and then I decided to do just the opposite: to make her my main character, starring and icon, something like Mickey Mouse was to Walt Disney. Ending 2005 I started then with a few sketches of comics without text, which Innita still had that ghostly look of weightless and airy woman; the idea was to make fantasy comedy, incorporating real characters in my life, friends, acuantiend, at the time, initial stage was the office where I worked, but it was the dye real time narrative still use. It was only starting in 2008 when I decided to give the character of virtual character: Innita is a singer born in Santa Marta, on Saturday March 5, 1988. . . . . I even did her astral chart and everything, hehe.

Yes, It is amazing all the work you do narrative with each of your characters and especially Innita who has also experienced several stages of musical composition ... www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=620541118#!/discography/?... Tell us a little about that process and who have collaborated in this production?

The collective project of Innita starting in 2005, and my idea from the beginning has been for me to making every lyric and glimpse the musical style, and to leave the realization of each song to various musicians. That year I started the project with Fabian Torres, “La Comodidad de Planear el Divorcio desde la Noche de Bodas” -The Comfort of planning a divorce from the wedding night-, the first track of the first Innita Ep. Alejandro Jaramillo later composed the piano ballad "No para Innita", and also "Telegance" under a tune of the vocals that I wrote in 2000, demo version with vocalist Viviana Mayor. Later, musical progress is casual, except the song "Innita," -1906 version- which comes in Pecha Kucha 3 with the voices of Valeria Castro and Esmeralda Bolhuis as a duo, consisting almost entirely by Nicolás Ulloa, who also composed " Vampirama "and" Mozart Was a Lesbian ", all of this in 2007. In 2009 Esteban Martinez undoubtedly become the main songwriter, who has been collaborated with 62 tracks, with only 2 of them sung by Nathalie Martinez and Camila Currea. The huge amount of demos is asymmetrically unbalanced by the lack of a stable vocalist to complete. To hear some of the demo versions: www.jango.com/music/innita

According to some drawings of the series on Flickr, it seems that Innita series has ended ... Right? What are you preparing for 2011?

No, Innita series has not ended, quite the contrary, is in a slow countdown to "Rockanrose", Innita fifth album, which is preparing for 2011. Innita's history – and of my every other characters- is told in real time, and now she is in a state of introspection, having canceled his tour and isolated from public view, following the outcome of "Nemesis" ( www.flickr.com/photos/noparainnita/sets/72157624631506142 ), where she and No, her fiancee, are separate in different radial worlds, Tuesday 31 August, -3 weeks before their wedding, obviously canceled. Notable changes of Innita´s life follow in the antechamber for Rockanrose, being the most recently the friendly departure of the 2 older members of her band live, officially announced on Sunday October 17: http:/ / www.flickr.com/photos/noparainnita/5091723521/in/set-7215... . The next chapter to "Hallowteen," which ends this October 31 is "Triangular", an event that takes place in the months of November and December 2010 and January 2011, whose plot involves a love triangle in the three radial worlds where unfolds the story of Innita and No: www.flickr.com/photos/noparainnita/4293384669/in/set-7215...

Sometimes we dream about people or situations that are suddenly as calls that materialize in real life ... is something like the radial world is about? Where does the concept of the Worlds radio?

The concept is somewhat similar to what you said, in that they are longing-or nightmares-that materialize, but not as individual dreams that seem to anticipate the coming of people or events in "this" world we perceive, but they materialize in a whole new world to be dreams woven collectively. The concept of Radial worlds is my personal update to what is commonly referred to as parallel worlds. Radial worlds are worlds where everything exists, divided precisely by the different possible forms of collective materializations. The feature of the radial worlds radio is that people and creatures that inhabit them feel that their respective world is their material reality. To explain better, I will describe in short the 3 worlds I use in my story about Innita. The first is the supra-reality, the dream world is where: 99% of the world population is vegan, eating meat or drinking dairy is illegal except in Amsterdam and Bern, the problem of drug use and traffic is non-existent except for a few outbreaks of alcoholism; air pollution is very low; and the last major international act of war was the bombing of Hiroshima; a world where humanity has learned its lesson about the impact of technology on both humans and other animals and plants; then, this is the dream world of vegan straight edge, and that's where the adventures of Innita happens as she being pink Rocker nudist. The second radial world is this, as we perceive it, where Barack Obama is U.S. president, and "TRON Legacy" will be released in December now; I call it Apparent Reality, and is the collective dream of omnivores and vegetarians who do not want changes so radical that upset them too much of their daily and individual lifestyle; this is where I'm a lesbian with male body and my Innita doesn't have pink the iris of her eyes nor freckles in the shape of stars. The third one is the Sub-reality in which World War III happened in 2006, and happens World War IV -which I call "RAW WAR"- under a destroyed ozone layer, constantly bleeding in scarlet rains, where humans mutated into vampires, minotaurs and zombies, and all are afraid of the sun: it's the nightmare come true for all beings on this planet, in that radial world is where I'm currently trapped as that glass-wearing biologist of my drawings. Another radial world outside these 3, which obviously I do not handle copyright (hehe) is where there would be Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, also existing Themyscira, Gotham City and Metropolis, respectively.

You created the concept of Menorrealismo ... Please explain, what is it?

In March 2008, because of accidentally know the term "Situationism", and mixed with my liking for the works and as such the word "Surrealism" led me to wonder how I would define what I was doing the last 10 years with my work. Already in 1998 I had self-defined as "ginotropia", ie my fenicentric lifestyle, so I wanted to define my job into my lifestyle. It had nothing to do with political and social struggle as is the situationist, nor with the aesthetic and literary approach of surrealism - my material of use in my work was the questioning of reality itself. What I had been expressing and producing was the result of my deep dissatisfaction with reality. My way to "improve" my life in the reality was consciously escaping of it, to unrealities for slow down reality in my daily life. But it would not with substance or with nostalgia for social revolution nor creed. So I see in art the best substitute for drugs and utopian hopes for social or spiritual paradises. For me, the basic difference of the art versus altered states generated by drugs, or the illusion of social or religious revolt, is that art is self-conscious of its own fantasy. For me, art is the journey, not a messianic destiny. Art as a creative act of everyday unreality to lessen reality: This is the Menorrealismo. The first 2 Menorrealista letters give more details: www.flickr.com/photos/noparainnita/sets/72157622329782205

Most of your work can be reviewed in the network, there are texts on blogspot where we can find parts of the series www.innita.blogspot.com , most of your production have posted on flickr www.flickr.com/photos/noparainnita and facebook where Innita group also has www.facebook.com/innita.para.no . Tell us how you have been away from print and take advantage of the versatility of the virtual environment and how it was received and follow the series?

My Internet public behaves mostly pleasant, restless and curious, with more and more questions, since I'm doing that the events of my characters -in particular those about Innita- go more frequently. My main network is Flickr , I signed in 2005 but only since December 2006 is when I begin to manage it, the experience is rewarding as it inspires me to keep the discipline of new drawings and texts published almost daily. My notebook is open to the public. And soon the exercise of this notebook will give birth to a new site which will follow the daily life of Innita, written by herself, is her official site, in due course give to know the link and the same for caracteríticas you can visit. The Experience in Facebook about Innita's profile is more anecdotal than about presence, but still has the advantage of manifesting as a person in the same level as the others. "Defictionalization" is the term that implies becoming real a work that is cited in a fictional universe, which in the case of Innita are the 59 demos on the Jango's link I aforementioned.

Have you thought about making a printed publication on Innita, will there be a display in the real world ... it is, outside internet?

Yes, of course, the Internet is a fundamental means, is the axis, the stem from which emerge several branches. "Rockanrose" will be not only the Innita's fifth album, but also her second literary work -being "Rome" the first one-, which is an experimental short novel, as it is conceived as a mixture of novel, poetry, essays, theater script and journalistic chronicle; my idea is to publish it in printed book form, and adapt and mount it as stage work. I have little time writing it, so it will take some time to being out. And musically, the idea is to arrange a Innita's live band, for rock shows with theatrical tinge.

Ending, I want you to tell us a little about your lifestyle, we know that is a bit radical ... that you are part of a stream called Straight Edge and also itemize each food that you consume and you're vegan but at certain times only eat fruits. Tell us a little about this vision and way of life.

Continuing a bit with a previous question, the Straight Edge, which is the voluntary and total abstinence of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, is part of Menorrealismo in the sense that producing of Menorrealist works are made in sobriety. There is still a great myth that crative states derive almost necessarily from induced-drug-altered states. "did you smoke green?" Is the eternal joke, not only against strange behavior but against eccentric artworks. I think that artists addicted to these stimulants do not produce their works because of the drugs, but despite of it. On the other hand, veganism is for me the most sincere and practical case against helping other beings. I can not say what defines an anarchist, or communist, for example, it's very ambiguous because the way they carry their ideas into daily practice; however veganism is simply a rejection of all animal product consumption. Veganism is not an academic ideology, is an everyday act. Many people criticize veganism because although it saves animals, yet it consumes plants. Let me illustrate with an example my reply: "If in a fire, 6 beings trapped there are about to suffer and die, and I can rescue a 4 instead of 2, it is always better althought I can not save the 6." If we had no digestive system, so there would be no need to eat plants. As for my experiment with the fruit, it was because me practicing fruitarianism, it is, naturalist raw food vegan diet based in fruits and vegetables without being processed by cooking, to maintain its nutritional value to 100% as other animals eat them . I held for 6 months a fruitarian diet, but in my case, my difficulty in maintaining it was because I personally feel that to experience full and constante benefits is preferable to obtain organically grown food that you care, to have a rural lifestyle rather than urban , and to live almost entirely out of touch with the city.

NO, has been great to talk to you, again thanks for sharing with us. A big hug from STYLODC and congratulations for your work !!!!.

Thank you very much to you Paola, and all of you in STYLODC for the invitation.