27 Aug 2006


not enough to know learn it is morning unless to fill it with the length of afternoon in thought

so far the remedy's melodic and sure singing follows faith

imposing is itself
(an imposition)

neighbors ought to stay at home to have full relaxation when they're in the mood

to ponder is to melt into the pondered

yellow bellied somethingorother in binoculars enough to cope

I'm open to your hollering I'm open to the shore

and in this frame another way of coming to the point
(of finishing)

the dream lasts longer than this spate of ivy

if when relaxed one cameos in one's own film one also can review it

one renews each day by never disappearing

say it, whisper anyhow


25 Aug 2006

now don't photograph
washing her stool kitsch

makes form for of em em
brain injury now look seh 'ere

sensibly me, definate you
consciously me
often and you conscious in the sensory tide of air

take time in pride in
making solidadis
mi amour panoply

pap fa so ti de da da I'm not without
referring to a russian


cinema throw have you noticed the vacuum of carbon dioxide no oh
glacier hands on a metronome
discover America
offers splay her body breasts

on the desk blick sex wi'
mi she groans pathogenic words
I am a squirrel

this is not a poem patois
feel the bodily ache through
your imagined movement of
each letter love you

lost and signed you fuckin' punk ideaology
wot man shit sorry kinsynthetic
this is a painting drossed
by brush'ed strokes


24 Aug 2006


each conversation interrupts humidity
with weightless diversionary tactics
before the rain late-afternoons its way into
the venison heartbeat

peacetime appreciates unnoticed
amid acres of proof attention might be
turned another way
for now the forecast remains

simple as etiquette
and what shows is absence
of blockage between sensory intention
and its target

moving or unmoved by what draws in
potential via leafage and fresh water
to inform change
with its longer laughter

19 Aug 2006


sitting thinking is a good way to start a poem myopic dew a good opener drama like cunt. saying anything is a priceless trope of freedom dom free red morf form red. Time is bugging me i have an aleatoric approach to time my belief in socio-economics seems pursued and bewildering as in reticent, intelligent or otherwise ferile. saying nothing seems the best option a blank page as a start of contemplation
tunnel vision volant hearsay violent violet. telling language, it's duplicity in objects its negative in mind Pursuance the art of pursuing perusal and disengagement. My eyes hurt every time i'm on the computer i have a persistent/intermittent fear of falling her ears
flower. Dizziness is caused by a lack of options floored by too much information and no actuality practicality flawed by its doing
the path that leads from my house reveals political concerns it is coloured in flowers cats run like children and children look like flowers. planes are telling my first conviction was to fly one as a child, football was another drug playing football confirmed that i would be an artist sooner than later you get to the train station busty and take the t out. Satnaam, bless!
Always welcomes me on my duration to work. he is south american and says he's gay the way he oggles girls makes me feel i'm geeting out of the scene. Wild, throwing limbs in objects humanity bodily, of course it needn't take Derrida to take us there an odd scene a police scene Pliocene our wildness calls back to us particularly women who bleed
show us the physicality of humanity the anger fear love is sense not senses not reason. to take a moment between one assignment then another, i consider a position in india, I pull heavily on a cigarette and feel the tension and the heart rate, the paradoxical relaxation, the fuming lungs and the mucus in cough cough cough
beyond the two pronged design of my local station, the trains clogged up wi' shite and falling into each other near misses, leave the tracks to scud on air, like sexual diseases wholly unlikely and compromising relationships not as much as technology. Black women sometimes approach me and smile or start chatting "just to say hello" "hello love"
trains merge in stations blue and dusky an apparel a camera to record a sound like letters to traces of feelings familiar but their stimulus. condoms strewn beneath high heels I sit my pursuance my journey to write this poem to feel Dion's shoe against my shin


// $Id: Prediction.cxx,v 1.4 2004/01/14 22:46:01 fisyak Exp $
// $Log: Prediction.cxx,v $// Revision 1.4 2004/01/14 22:46:01 fisyak// clean up
//// Revision 1.3 2000/06/10 23:15:12 fisyak// Add new W.Loeve table with Laser tracks//// Revision 1.2 2000/01/31 15:14:52 fisyak// Try to find out memory leak//// Revision 2000/01/29 16:23:07 fisyak// First release of StLaserAnalysisMaker//#include "Stiostream.h"#include "Prediction.h"ClassImp(Prediction)Prediction::Prediction(Int_t LT, Int_t Id, Int_t Sector, Int_t Padrow, Int_t PadNo, Int_t TimeBin, Float_t tY, Float_t tZ, Float_t Y, Float_t Z){ fLT = LT;
fId = Id; fSector = Sector;
fPadrow = Padrow;
fPadNo = PadNo;
fTimeBin =TimeBin; ftY = tY; ftZ = tZ; fY = Y; fZ = Z;
void Prediction::Print(const Option_t* opt) const { cout << "Prediction for Laser Track #" << fLT << " Id:\t" << fId; cout << "\tSector:\t" << fSector;
cout << "\tPadrow:\t" << fPadrow; cout << "\tPadNo:\t"<< fPadNo; cout << "\tTimeBin:\t" << fTimeBin << endl; cout << "\ttY:\t" << ftY; cout << "\ttZ:\t" << ftZ; cout << "\tY:\t" << fY; cout << "\tZ:\t" << fZ << endl;


18 Aug 2006

i machine

this image/text is a variation on a self-portrait "me" by Ladypillow
whos photographs can be found on flickr website

1 Aug 2006

Stammer/Lacook/Crescent 5

Yow creature

Yow creature woy woy u er certa
sans doute, mi cherie when i blink cetacean
i see digital art Kraken

Tiercel volant abre you have a delusion
services will be shut to you
NHS cuts are like a dream
to us, dragon the difference is we believe it

etre etre etre

to us, the difference is
we believe it
NHS cuts are like a dream
services will be shut to you
my you have a delusion
when i blink i see digital art
Yow creature sans doute

dormir dormir dormir

Englan'f shame the proof is the
bella morte
belle laide
the poof is in the eating

vite vite vite

awake mon amis c'est une foret
it's a foregone conclusion
my love for you blissed out by the waters side
your presence photic and phonetic
shining thro' shadows woody husk

u compliment the fission water weighing
hears or wax which way yer motion
trace or perfume skulls the rhododendrons milky
succour animate mi amigo
Asma shift syka bliss

anima animus anima animus

I sense your touch
bold and pre-empted, your sung clear uncomplicated and Trojan
dance of hips and breasts and little
mouths in doing we break
the conjoined surf embraces thought emotes

our plastic city you place
your feet to say my world
this dragons way we skive
to taste the perfume of your

and fold clouds by musics promised trace
we Break