31 Jan 2010

24 Jan 2010

Astro_TJ. does a TFOS

Astro_TJ sends a tweet from outer space
"Hello Twitterverse!," "We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station. We hope our friends from Alderaan will receive the gift to TFOS*) like a humanoid soon!"

*)Tweet From Outer Space


16 Jan 2010

Poem Full of Dance Energy

The fist circs the bee sucks
Mr.Elephant's formaldehyde is clover'd
it bust rust da goo goo Ganges (phonetics)

Way out ladyboy glockenspiel "pro"
objetif looks (Thia)
Giraffe stages, the 3 Stooges (premonition/promote)

Three themes hear, employ to
vacate emotion, practical tense (the denied is our next procession)
enrapture les animaux season d'etre

One moon one tide one creature in formaldehyde (arte moderne)
wiggles her soul through bra statistics
Clever she may

no herself from professionalism, the
art of how you say it, the wasp (feminine condition)
craves the butterfly's tongue

wrapped like a moth's cocoon, the idee fix
of minutiae, petite morte and petites objets (impractical present)
Open hand the style decries the species (legislative chivalry)

for bees dance and and ants milk greenfly
by the stream where faeries entertain
near galaxies and taxis (pre-op transvestite)

Subjetif follows her nose
like a crepe suzette lost 4 buns in the oven
intuition may now be purely physical (ontological foret)

like lust until we return spiritual
my cabby is a hippopotamus (ungovernable fable, apathetic humanity.....)
and you are a horse.

Dear Reader, you are Pegasus. (western misanthropy
cultural portal
find that reason

simply a useful


Simon Harris (Crescent)

3 Jan 2010

you don't fucking say that (danca) you don't say what you want when you want do i make myself clear? (reverence) barter past capitalist museum piece 018 018 018 crater moon dust saturn they were looting and the whole place was going down a pastiche of capitalism proved it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on and pooh art

Fake Advert

Thank you to Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this picture

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