28 May 2007

given the moment what I would have said

milk did not detain you

yellow a mere fraction of the color code across the sky

in tandem neighbors riding on blacktop toward a place we did not know

the drapes helped life be inexactly rendered and received

as much the grotto as this hesitation

staying power yes and the reverse inbred in me

the upper registers of treble clef plus flesh capped open holes in sterling

plural leaves exponentially made safe the yard from earth

Red White and Blue...

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brave new world

Emissions trading
is the ultimateadministrative approach
to mitigate

emission trade

27 May 2007

symphony as some of sea

secretly from
underneath vibrates faster

secretly moves with
speed and grace

back not
via reputation slow

dance minuses apparent
fix it

adjustment hyper
motional so that

the exercise arts
its way

consciousness thought
precise and vibrant

thus we watch
and absorb

a peace
in gestured pieces

figured bass and
very foreground

26 May 2007

Essay - "Pandoras box"// A List...

I read this essay on www.AllFreeEssays.net and I liked it so much that I thought I'd link to it here

There's quite a few essays like this being banded about the internet these days, and most of them I like. Not by me, it's signed by an anonymous student - although in the comments section (bottom of page) there is some disagreement about this! You can see my comment on the comments section as well.

I'm going to make a brief list that, hopefully will prove informative to critics/artists (more to the former than the latter I believe) when one considers art today.

- Postmodernism is not an art movement, it is a temporary sense of stasis and reflection. This reflection will lead to a rejection of many Western values and established modes of thought.

- Modernism did not experiment with art-forms in every possible way, as is often stated. Within the context of the times that "Modernism" functioned, it experimented in many ways. However, as times change, institutions and modes of thought change, Modernism's experiments will eventually seem somewhat limiting and irrelevant, to the times when it was functioning.

- Art is returning to the people. Indeed, it may be more accurate to state that the arts are returning to the people. The social hierachies in Western countries ( see Derrida's Ecriture) are becoming more and more irrelevant. The majority of people living in Western countries can read and write and carry out basic arithmetic. The great advantage of being able to read and write (and its associated cultural status) is now the advantage of the majority.

- Multiculturalism. How can Western countries absorb people from different cultures and keep
unchanged Western value systems? Currently, in the UK the labour government that is in power, promotes cultural diversity, yet at the very heart of its government it cannot accept this diversity. This is because the systems that keep the UK government in place would collapse if cultural diversity became intrinsic to the UK. This paradox can be described as "hypereal" (Derrida). It can also be seen as a worthwhile attempt by labour to accept multiculturalism, that ended in stifling beaurocracy that represents the inability for the UK to change, at its most powerful institutions. Ultimately, this reveals an extension of the already manifest condition of New Labour as a party of soundbites over substance. The arts, of course, are addressing this, making fluid the cross-polination of differing cultures. Without activities such as the arts and sport, the uniting, celebration and, ultimately the acceptance of diversity would be a near impossible task.

as yet unfinished....

25 May 2007


are never
broad enough we

exist as we
are perceived

fashion of
trying to exist

so we exist
from here

dislocation being
from way within

and thin we
elevate our

each equals
a greater worth

despite the diminution
revered for

24 May 2007

take stock in homes

I pro
my un
not my own
I do not
own home
stock taken
thus means
pierced piecing
pieced piercing
if only
and if

Host System

think about
the organism living

on the showoff
organism hosting

ridicule inhabitants
of the elephantine

blimp that shoulders
prime responsibility

why not
offer intravenous logic

to be given
to each

23 May 2007

The Logical Realm

The Logical Realm @ Flickr

looking back

I would have washed the damages away
I would have rendered the repairs
I would have limbered every tendency
I would have covered you at night
I would have shared my place with you
I would have watched the lake
I would have combed the surface of the water
I would have held our space
I would have entertained the mint new fields
I would have built a fire
I would have liked the warmth of you beside it
I would have listened to the sky
I would have rinsed the earth replete with lush wide leaves
I would have simmered happiness and grown it new
I would have happened upon elements that lit ideas
I would have jimmied locks that hampered heaven in my midst
I would have drained the fear away that we have shared
I would have opened every morsel of the heart living between us

22 May 2007

render to the dark side

Vocals Martha M. Arce (Distorted Reality)

19 May 2007

wondering as I do
curtains at the half light
darkness wandering the impoliteness of it metropolis de rigeuer

castles in the air
sand in my spine sex spirit sex spirit spirit sex sex spirit
platitude plato plat s'il vous plait

per favor protocol a pologise
politics police please pliet ply
paradigm purity paradox

persephone chance music box
jazz clubs atmosphering balletics
cool post western fucking jive
tango half past hole (an hour

or two) or yogic idyll
looks like samba paraballarina
teaching me how to dance a ballad

up off odd tempo, merci Tony Yo!
madrigal victoriana
polynesian Matta

women gel us latin e
shucks rhymes with
rib cage a vipers

cauldron kick i
rattle an' o
adsense maketh moneys

the half light is like my garden
green and polka dot like
a poets daughters
that I'll use here

paited somewhere
there when one door closes another one opens
entre ici No yellow gates

Englishness spoken from the German
Sudanese Kundalini Japanese she rocks jesus rock 'n' roll labyrinthine soul'
d out of buddhas I am tired of communicating my introspections

the miners strike Maggie Thatcher
Tony Blair go to France for
la difference

the half lights are opposites memories fission
there sliver moon have a cup
to your dye car crash

18 May 2007

blag poem


worlds we have lived in

we are islands


tangled 33

it's better to go to the shops

I watch them change

like perceiving feelings


step out 66

Worlds we have known

Words we have said

lives we have seen

mirror like an ocean

fall apart apt glue

cornered by change

drum 'n' bass

curling (concave(

apparition laser light

deja vu

entre nous

like beat 8

body popping contrary

ninety nine

clear mind

cloud extrapolate

rinse that dye right out of my hair


west coast


elf 68


objetif 2


clinical intention

medical model

phraseology 69

hand shake

back chat

pixelated motorway

yellow chance

lady luck




goddess theory

meaningless imagery



class 7








road map

traffic management



words we choose

sense of image

the soul of reason

walk attribution

re: attrition



ads by google

promptly over
rated but all
ud ed 2

allow make
shift to razz
adazz as we

breath and
breathing and
allegro functioning
the kis distinct
from kismet

yes to some
of you and true
long daily

17 May 2007

Vespers (9)

before I sleep
green smell sifted
through summer screens

affords for me
hope that seems
irrational as irresistible

line drawings occupy
the page this
way thus opening

hand drawn light
upon the smooth
already lasting page

would vines extend
beyond the thought
of vines extending

this is Cambridge
purified as dusk
repairs the daylight

this is California
this is Arizona
this is home

the cool across
the yard is
statuesque and lifelong

15 May 2007

this day mid-may

I love my work
my work is love
the work is you
I love you and I love the work

the work is play
the work is you at play
I love all day with you in it

I love the night that softens day
soft cover over what is here
with pleasure of the living
of the life this present tense
repeatedly arriving
hitched to prior present tense

a separate moment
planned and found this living
thinking of the living
breathing living
working playing
in the working
and reversing living work
and loving play
all night the other
side of day

miss boux's suns, galaxies and novas....

13 May 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photographs in this image.

10 May 2007

last night for the first time

dreamed in Spanish (sonority
you were purity (itself
itself you are (pure
my meaning taste (chance
of generosity words (into
speak themselves fill (space
my mouth redeem (approaching
the song beneath (here
them once allowed (now
into the air (yes

9 May 2007


poem by Rebeka Lembo published on Ecce Mulier

then less

Little Lamb's space: How to Avoid an Accident...

Little Lamb's space: How to Avoid an Accident...

The more drunk I get the more I run people over. Why??

'scuse me while I get car out haha

stasis shift

blairite patterns
poco landscape
shrivelled, disheveled
sotto voce our movements are not concerned with remedies nor potency (potency potency) for now it is enough to disengage self consciousness and to be (etre)

I wonder names (quel nombre?) Sheila Murphy's fine interplays and linguistic relocations because I find it so because it is...... Carmen Gonzalez's exploration of the flesh, nothing (femininity) something (the ether of the Internet) and everything (the human condition NOW). The arts now, are an attempt to give expression to a global, human conception of identity. This is what it is to be a human being NOW words like DOING (because one must) BEING (because one is) spring to mind

level 4
concept 4587.5690
to teach
proxy coexist purr
column stage 9
heart rate
housing has nev collate action fuck it can't
essence 5.4
quango trade secret
ghost of memory
modus operandi you too
copyright I.T.Take all rights reserved the authorial intervention
started a trade logo for
they're full of shit parson
you really shouldn't go there Tescos were placing
it is outside the academic system that enquiry is blossoming, now. by enquiry i mean philosophical enquiry artistic thought essays etc. or indeed the thoughts and conversations of people all over the world. the Internet has provided people with an alternative to
the arts become potent
as poetry's death
mirrors Dali's extrapolation (ars artis particular(
the mime of a woman to man
fuck you money out point
of angry for shit all
crying inward hit out
fear spend fuck with eyes
progressive lies primitive
bullshit we're having
none of it take off your fingers
the customer is a leech
9.64 ask for overtime pay
shards gun crime
car crash we live here
recuring repetition thematic
scholastic female shemale hemale
mal de la tete prostitute
de rigueur attempt to relocate
action sale 2340.453bb/h
product placement smell the bacon
multiple pile up
Academia is a huge problem in the west. Now, business-led, funded (mainly) by a government (in UK) that continues to (or attempts to) privatise industry and public services, academic study is a means to an end. Gone are the principle acquisitions of enquiry; creative thought, critical thought, curiosity, idea generation and critical debate/discussion. Instead, our academic institutions breed intellectually deprived students, swallowing and regurgitating an overload of information, graded by their ability to memorise and thoughtlessly spew forth huge texts of, at times irrelevant information.
We are not creating the thinkers of the future. We are rehashing tired theory and spurious fact, so how can people comprehend today and adjust their ideas to cope with tomorrow?
in2it u 98.88b

hiero/glyph .....(after Glyph by Ciccariello ...in remix runran)

( carmen = ciccariello's vulgar counterpart and epigone)

8 May 2007

7 May 2007

shadow on a limb that offers shade

fractions tempt wholeness
into being. when I close my eyes,
I lean open other cha,
grace trinkets its way forward into . . .

words with vowels pronounced
as song is
everlasting. when light emits
an inner steadiness, all cells

if conducive, membranes limn their way forward,
and time shifts into
times change.

Now is haste combined with fact,
the resurrection of the body
may mean infinite consequence
precedes even the thought
of doing or of being

inter...... <> sheila <> ed

a poem by Sheila interpreted and audio-visualized

6 May 2007

land (every one) has pulse (and I) attracted to that magnet

fervency is rained on land
and dry attachment
different from a theory
of its own within me
praises light
skin's being here
with on in and thus sparks
of intended fire chafe
surface more than surface
(there is in each ingredient
more than each this)
voice prompts away
the story carved the story
still the story that
comprises layers and is
carved and made again
itself still whole

3 May 2007

newer crescentpicture

New Picture

I'm doing some pictures using photos of a dance company and I'm a bit stuck on this one. L/Lamb can help me out with some suggestions :-) And anybody else!!
The dance company - http://www.trustreetdance.com