30 Jun 2018

June Through To July

Internationally out of touch with reality, a semblance of metaphoric misnomers, a miscarriage of justice, compliance is a drug company's debt to Plato. Or so it would seem. Mimesis speaks volumes about the immutability of politics; the simulacrum of Trump; a parody of the Political; a pastiche of advertising; Crows use tools. Indebted to the ghost-like manifestation of time; secretly cryptic, labyrinthine systems; an incessant dirge of legalities; obfuscation rewards High Capitalism and its despotic leaders.  

1 Jun 2018

May through to June

Way too much information the whole thing went tits up
onomatopoeia we could elicit crimes from (faux-)authenticity 
we know we cocked up now we can't do fuck all about it
too late to shout out about it

it's like a needle in a haystack, you can't see the wood for the trees we've been trumped by money a despicable cronyism,
nepotism, your nebulous computer an automated dada
we should leave culture for the masses.