18 Nov 2012

Pliable Surface

Pliable Surface, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

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Post (your) Memoir

Post (your) Memoir, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

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September 2012, UK

This isn't just a landscape, it's an impression of a landscape. However, the line between subjective representation and "realism" is very fine. Essentially, an expression of topography as subjective experience, here I hope to reveal the potential of the land as a metaphor for mental comprehension. I use the word mental, rather than "psyche" or "psychological" as these words clutter perception with multifarious ideas.

I don't want to spew art-bollocks as this can be pretentious, derogatory to the audience/viewer and can inhibit the potency of an art work. Nevertheless, I wanted to point out the conceptual aspects of the work as they may not be immediately apprehendable, particularly when one considers the "random" nature of viewing art work on the Internet.

The title "Post (your) Memoir" is a nod to literary and philosophical conceptions of Postmodern culture(s). I spent approx. 3 years on Trace Online Writing Centre based at Leceister University, where I moved from literature to dance and photography/digital art. "Post Memoir" reflects both Baudrillard's theory of "the end of history" and the notion of the "death of the author", where the author (or other creative) becomes less important or redundant in the creation of literature/art. The land is also a vital component of cultural identity. Even in today's artificial times we experience the potency of the land in virtually every task that we undertake. The cultural (and mental) significance of the land is no accident! One can also "post their memoir" or other interpretation of this art-work, in a seemingly abitrary manner, that reveals the process of creating art at the helm of my motivations for photographing and editing a photogragh of a not unusual field, lying ploughed and fallow in central England.