29 Apr 2008

no crunching

psychonaut 853

pychonaut 853

i own your
dreams and
are you
to say no

image stilled @ Robodock 2007

25 Apr 2008


Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her fantastic self-portrait in this picture.

Vespers (56) - for Tommy Murphy

My brother is in town, my brother's visiting,
night smooths across itself, each
conversation filled with pivotal
arrangements, each a sweet
young policy, and God,
awake now, offers summer at a time
when whispers offer to remake an afternoon
into another breeze with / without light.

My brother, once hinged to insomniatic living
I have claimed, redeems a light I keep
inventing. I am home because he's in my home.
I am awake to the involuntary / voluntary
happiness that he evokes.
It is in syllables that we find blessings
full of color, full of pleasure, filled with
flights that lift us to first heaven
as response to better ways of finding
a redemptive pause in this
form of an informal daylight
that amounts to nightfall, too, a state
of generous circumference of tulips
in the already pretty yard.

My brother transcends inference. When he is here,
the story is already in our cells, and I retell it
for the language that he understands. We need no words.
We love them anyway, for we are wearing these
ingenious sentiments along
with ways of life that blend with all eternity.
There are intentions that remunerate
the flight from quiet and the presence
of unplanned eternity.
We find enough to locate depth
within no depth at all.
That anyone who had a mind
to have recited would have found
in syllables, in threads, in practiced
answers to inform our happiness.

deus ex politica

guiding vox populi requires ambiguous sacrifices

24 Apr 2008

Changing Hands

to reposition the soul would make too
hungry an appetite for money
to disband words and relish restrictorspeak

falls words waterfalls
of serendipity the squiggle of money
underfoot gridlock the necessity of

words, the primacy of comprehension
you're a winner consequently words
become binding

this place as a pose
to that place a space such as Myspace
to allow habitat

love was on my lips
Bournemouth, perhaps?
I've never been abroad
echoes of space flight

The succession of poetry
by the spoken word

the guns are out and the land is copper, a hot acid between a tooth and a toe an echo of a forefinger. Lost in the land she shape shifts a mirror of rain a car crash clouds deep upon our knuckles

The soul is a repository, a tree that blooms
fades echos and dies to deny words by the fridge
of money would be paradise on earth

stamping feet on the floor and clapping our hands
rain can fall from the sky
and brush our paradise aside

And she is not her or many or another
of a thousand faces you've been today
seen this week, month year
gone by, reluctant to admit
your journey

whether planned, by chance
neither either, someone
else who documents your fall from grace
your pleasure or your pain
we are all disenchanted by money

Bin men that don't strike?
The novel isn't dead
but our monks are and
the teachers on strike
are fucked off with the whole

goddam mess!
Seasons change here
my face changes in the car mirror
I should have slept

to skate thin ice
in grid lock
watching the land and no longer
recognising the British

the strange thin
strips of buildings
way beyond our pockets
and the wisps of cloud
seem to knight our heraldry

this odd occasion before
the rain, then sun
New York weather upon British soil
My muse, at present my

is a delicate featured Indian girl,
something pivotal
to the turns of our culture,
her dance and her shape shift
to tree

this is not you or me a girl
we see, or wish to see,
or not wish to see!
Then who is she?
As the intrusive author fades

a little further East
as London shifts closer
to the Garden of England
that touches the coast
of Holland

on a clear day
We must play out some
memory, a maladaptive
memory of
how things used to be

To say things clearly
an artist may need poetry
but the very crux of the matter,
the raison d'etre
of now

or ever
is lost by the skin and bones of words
that climb to images
that linger to the abstraction
of sounds

Honking horns on this by-way,
the London circular quite derelict
of anything British, English

This then must be an apparition,
obligatory, whimsical
an oracle.
As much fact as fiction
to lose then recover diction

neo lingua franca! The ghosts are in our minds
in our machines.
I will mistake Paris
for New Zealand!
She runs for cover

as ambulances scream by
the end of an administration
a change within
and beyond the teachers strike
pay disputes

Jobs fucked up by paperwork.
The rain is falling fast and large
and lingers in vapour trails
daylight, opposite (for all this entails)
a landscape for the eyes

to fall. Flora is omniscient. She
came to me in sleep as a Unicorn.
She whispered that we cannot escape her
speeding faster, faster
by plane, train, car and
Internet spaces

We'll not lose her
as the land will identify
acknowledge and sleep
on knowledge.
I am the wolf

that craves her sunset eyes
that runs by her side.
For Atlas holds up her residence
and within this paradise
is the repetition of money

changing hands

22 Apr 2008

Vespers (55)

Tribunal evokes maturation in hypothesized lamps
offering smooth light upon the moment

May you find a soft place to be sheltered from
the natural inclination to seem

Summer has afforded you a respite from intentionality
belonging to those opposite all

Rampant legislation misses the true level of need
affecting morsels and a vast stretch of the

Per omnia secula seculorum amen
is how in unison

When a word has gone into the figurative hopper
there is nothing really left to

An hour or more of sleep, ribbons dividing unkempt air
from latticework in whole

Marry your integrity and stress the point of disrepair
until we have seemed lovely

20 Apr 2008


Artistic representation of the effect virtual reality is having on our perception of land and landscapes.



19 Apr 2008



how many cinemas
reside in your head

18 Apr 2008

Vespers (54)

what picture betrays
what is outside the lines
what is examined under sleep
what revokes the temperance
what encloses
what is sorted by these fingers
what accommodates a prayer
what has been affordable
what is resumed
what has been shared
what allows new wool to function
what defines the character of after hours
what applies asunder
what lucidity invokes dark drapes
what lapel pins seen through
what in the fire absorbs the text

15 Apr 2008

Vespers (53)

overnight sifts
ease of motion
through midlight

range of blessings seep toward

semper fi's
amended sacrifice
plucks mention

chance fends away the radiance

from worry
threads indelible
pen strokes dried

pumice in a strained toned span of

"mind your head"
revert to range
of motion's lull

entonces far from brittled toll

the document made
whole of sembled
parts as struck

repaired as new from forthright chi


13 Apr 2008

Vespers (52)

it is all too breathful to endure
soft sleep of yours
from here

I only dream apartness
the reality infused
into a whirlwind wheeling

straight line rationally
headlong with no thought
of pockets pocketing a lumbered wilderness

mornings now birds populate
the pollen and the lariat
of beesting

many plays are written in the head
and on the skin and in the morning
we defray the cost of never having grown outside of this

12 Apr 2008


"the things I value most in the arts are simplicity and
"I must be middle-class because I have some
spare time to
create art""Touche art your body

passion is a generic question?" "pense de la question? Beneath things and things-things are truths we all know and love not to hold"

"I am as a fish my totality of this banana world""Hedonism is our best science" "transience is a beautiful expectation it lies beyond the reach of trances of paper chase"

"Of all the words I've ever blamed

your value is pigeoned Apollo a wax of taxed breath and the room we charge to be in"

"Your breath is a clutch of flowers a charge quite loaned via a banks bullshit and claimed to Tuesday"

This "poem" inspired by "Dogma" by Roberto Jonata. You can catch his composition "Dogma" on his MySpace

let's kick some ass

let's kick some ass

9 Apr 2008

A Bite Off The Big Apple (America vs. Americana)

Foot turn to brow
Comment t'appele tu?
One to section Six
Sa Sa Sa get a good grip

An island off the sky;
Canada is a cool shade on
my editing program
Shadow 7 (photograph)

New York is New
York is New York is
New York is......
Madrid on a rainy day?

A fear of subways?
A play for a continent?
An Island offa Europe?
New York women are a shrapnel

off rustic slates (and)
An advert on cosmopolitairianism
An earthly Eastern European shade
Dice running close to
pancakes and potato chips

New York is in poverty
a culture via T.V. snakes
we aspire to
You're welcome (Pardon me)

anywhere and here (Visa Waiver Scheme)
So apologetic for our pitch
Uptown 29
Piet Mondrian

The Brooklyn bridge
hides in vast crevices of
lives stuck hardy to the
fearful bliss of

ne'er ending change. But
this is not certain
Plus ca change
Plus c'est la meme chose!

I shall finish as I began
'Tis yours to question why
the depth of Manhattan
is as "black as it is white".

For all our lives and airs
we shall change and change
for sure
And wit and wisdom hence

our lives are like puppets
free to spend!

Graffitiology, pardon me
Dali, roasted nuts
5th Avenue, Helen Mirren
Dunkin' Donuts

We'll still walk through and exit
the immigrants door
for, first you are blamed
And then, upon departure
You are quickly forgiven

3 Apr 2008

the rail-sitter

triumphantly as in Goya
let him sit on high
up to the rafters in tar and feathers
out to the state line

oh it was engineered so well
down the pipeline and it went
like clockwork like it was wired
just one time too many

neighbours get your eiderdown
go pluck a duck
and give him the goose

don't spare the chicken

a little emu-lation
will go a long way
toward improving the state of the nation

he's not our Joe nor theirs don't worry
fun for all is here
the one who tells you to get used to it
he goes first

come hoist him up
the yoke is easy
the burden light
lest ye be trodden under
with a sign here please and
don't bother reading it

do-si-do and away we go
with our bustard
coot or

By Christopher Mulrooney
This is one of a number of poems submitted by Christopher, that will be appearing on Saying Something over the next few weeks.

2 Apr 2008


Shame about the wool refusing to leave the sheep's back.

Anybody seen my leaflets (the one that I was wearing just a month ago)?

Until you've registered your life in slippers that fit me, you'll never know . . .

Her last words to me were "You don't know what you have."

I replay the melody she shelved near me it was not very slow nor was it dark.

Tomorrow will be holy and the veerage will contain what off-ramp we have parsed.

I think I want to tie together elbow room and formulate my own park.

On the matter of a labyrinth, look at who is posing where it is.

Let us pray, I told myself, and then I cell phoned you.