"It’s not that long ago that I made a not dissimilar discovery. Quite innocuously
and in a very aleatoric way, I observed the temporal nature of waves
gently sweeping across a small lake. Thinking about the nature of things,
cause and effect and indeterminacy, I decided to throw a pebble into the
lake. I observed how the motion of water altered from waves to
ripples that pulsed outwards towards the edge of the lake. This alteration
of time, in the sense that molecules where traveling at a different velocity,
meant that on a molecular level there had been a significant temporal
change. Even more intriguingly, the ripples started to appease and the
water molecules returned to their previous state of a wave-like motion. I could
only conclude time had altered and then reversed this change, by returning
to the previous wave-like form. However, I should note that I did not travel
back in time and then, suddenly return to the present day. But, of course
it would be foolish to make such a solipsistic assumption, that 
because we observe temporal alteration in our environment it will
necessitate time travel. Wouldn’t it?"