29 Jun 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux for the use of her photographs in this image.

28 Jun 2007


I do not own her majesty
she walks grace in the yard
where threads demean a closely held
indifference imposed by fact
just leavened toward a factor
traded in the heist
of overcome divisibles

unless a shade too dark the pavement
talls to meet these redwood overtones
and all the work of yards replays
commitment in the rapid rise of glottal
stoppage worked upon by decibels intact

now she becomes a mineral ingredient
to be preserved
and evidence whitewalls the tinge
of who she was before
slipping toward present tense
against some better jazz
for glyphs to be repaid to savages
made whole before disturbing nature
as informal grasp

27 Jun 2007


adrenalising propinquity of
violence flurries


Yellow Brick Mind

Yellow Brick Mind @ Flickr


flurry of propinquity
and yet these troubling flowers
pale to clots of earth
left there nobody moves

would a reach be slipshod sacred
even violent disturb the scene
one thinks not
shining although waters mean

some bristling thing
some lasting furnace even doubt
makes way for the Pacific
dampness to be sought

against improbability
lest there be window light
gone wrong and warming
changing other blooms

25 Jun 2007


incessancy remakes focus
into spare

matriculates as
you were considering

the long life
of legroom

prone in
addition to sequence

of referred glyphs
present and

resplendency equals
only half equations

the hard part
equals sifting

conforming brethren
as light is

effortlessly quenched for
what holds

a placement
of whole text

vexing as non
response to

spawned by
many more questions

tear spangled banner

tear spangled banner

a drop of clear
saline fluid
secreted by
the lacrimal

24 Jun 2007

Time, the Internet and Intellectual Freedom

Time has a habit of becoming a kind of habitat. An aujord'hui ou demain, a perceived place that one attempts to live in. Of course the irony of this is that time is intangible, a perceived construct rather than an actuality.

Where there are no real boundaries, or boundaries shift regularly and unpredictably, we must make them from the intangible. However, boundaries that are not manifest, that are not of substance, are no real boundaries at all.

Time is the human, solipsistic perception of flux. Time does not exist, but the alteration of things does exist and is perceivable.

The Internet acts as a kind of stasis that "transcends" flux and the huge rate of and amount of change that we experience in the real world. Ultimately, to attempt to transcend change is a way of creating immortality, a timeless, youthful, anonymous arena of no real cause and effect, no responsibilities.

From this point of view, the Internet becomes an alternative reality or utopia, or if one prefers, heaven.

Today, in the West we are an immature society, unable to value emotion or spiritual things. Obsessed with youth and physical appearance, the measurable and palpable and the immediacy of need, we create values that over protect children and demean experience and maturity.

We can no longer wait for "heaven", a christian heaven, an Egyptian "after world" or any other kind of religious heaven, we must have it right now! We must selfishly grasp at it in a vane attempt to experience immortality, while we are still living! Living with pain, accruing wisdom, patience and long-term relationships are strongly discouraged as they require time, self discovery and hard work. We should take a pill to relieve a slight, manageable pain, we often prefer casual sex or short-term relationships, rather than marriage or long term relationships, and so on so forth.

Perhaps we should ask why the Internet has become so popular with the public over the last decade or so, when it has been with us for much longer? This is not just to do with computer companies advertising their products ever more voraciously, it is a reaction to Western society - reality. Along with the increasing rate of change we have an increasing amount of fear, due to this flux. The change that was intended to increase freedom for everyone, has resulted in a reaction that attempts to halt this change. We have developed a situation, in the West, where we can instigate huge amounts of change, but we have not considered the consequences. In fact we cannot deal with the consequences because we have not prepared for this. We don't have the maturity, experience, time nor patience to cope with it.

This has resulted in a restrictive society, where freedom of self expression is compromised. The days of discussion groups, the autodidact, the free thinker have long gone and have been replaced by organised packages of "truths" that are force fed to us through colleges, universities, television, the Internet, etc.

Of course, the Internet is not necessarily a bad thing, it allows for a personal expression that real society no longer has any space for. But, the Internet is not everything it seems. Intellectual freedom does not come without its consequences. The ideas that are created via the Internet and may well influence the real world, should be viewed with caution and maturity. Human intelligence manifests, typically in creativity. It would be difficult to argue that the creation of a nuclear bomb was a good thing. Is genetic cloning a good thing? Creativity for the sake of creativity, so beloved by the Surrealists is not always a good thing!

Our journey towards greater interaction with and via computers has its own problems. The isolation that many people feel in our restrictive and over-mechanised Western civilisation, can be exacerbated by too much Internet usage. Indeed, the development of escapism into computer worlds, may simply exacerbate the problems of society, rather than allow for a mature approach to virtual reality and its link to the real world. The fleeting and hypereal freedom that we experience on the Internet can easily be controlled or censored by powerful Internet companies. This has recently been observed on the Flickr photography website (Yahoo).

Time passes, or at least the perception of alteration and atrophy is accurate. However much we attempt to escape atrophy and change, it will always be a human reality. Science plays with cryogenics and genetics, hoping to cheat death. The acceptance of aging and death is a far easier thing to achieve! The Internet poses questions and frees us, but it's promises are often compromised.

Perhaps we should look to ourselves and our individual and collective common sense, maturity and wisdom, rather than taking a passive role, swallowing the biases and half-truths of education and the media?

23 Jun 2007

New from Sheila E. Murphy (Otoliths Press)

The Case of the Lost Objective (Case)
by Sheila E. Murphy

This vibrant collection of new work by Sheila E. Murphy encompasses both lineated and prose poems. In addition, for the first time, selected prints of Murphy’s visual poetry, some included in private collections and in gallery exhibitions, are presented in book format. The range of work within these pages attests to the versatility and depth of this poet, and invites being read aloud to reveal the full range of perception and innovative use of language.

Product Details:
Printed: 84 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, full-color interior ink
ISBN: 978-0-9803-6592-4
Publisher: Otoliths
Copyright: © 2007 by Sheila E. Murphy

21 Jun 2007



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Duality on the Road

Duality on the Road @ Flickr(I love how the light reflecting creates a dual image. No photomanipulation.)

Same Ol' Tricks

Same Ol' Tricks @ Flickr
(She's a friend's dog.)

20 Jun 2007


listen to white
tea be

cannot shift
quality of lingering

quantity of soft
interrupted buds

fresh cup
center of living

conscience plays viaduct
to new

heaven purgatory
at last passes

knowing being valuing
and valuing

whole truth
and nothing but

19 Jun 2007

His Eye, That Mouth, Her Hand

Thanks to Neon, Aroonda and CGRob for allowing me to use their art in my picture

18 Jun 2007

The Muse

Thank you to Miss Boux and CGRob for letting me use their art in this image.

14 Jun 2007

reasoning to contradiction equals surreality equals hypereality equals human condition (all rights reserved) equals animal anima animus animalism the (a)pathetic sexual fallacy equals human rights equals movement chord equals hypothetical thruthfulness conjecturous apple equals momentary fixation equals the need for immortality the need for flesh the need to flesh out emotions thought and other things I cannot see I cannot feel I cannot hear I cannot sense not even through spatial awareness? only consciousness inexplicable and I am conscious therefore I am (displacement slippage) 1122133583
reason = consciousness

12 Jun 2007


when wildcards become
a daily
the deck
live some more

laser 3.14 tarot death

casey spooner + warren fischer = fischerspooner

To Sheila Murphy, with love

9 Jun 2007

strewn runes

I pick up a rake
and I begin
the act unshuffling
what is
already compromised

I want something
to tell you
when I'm overcome
by dollar signs
and you break fast

I mean the fast
you started last night
when a prophet held out
a mineral and you guessed
vegetable being
the animal you are

now I think
I'm concentrate
on just this versus
its many implications
for you that have nothing
to do with me

6 Jun 2007


when Copland gave assent there was a pause
and in this pause was never evidence
of anything complete one does not co-locate
with beating heart and expectation

one advances with the tone and one delays
oncoming muted known phenomena
in which waiting is a kiln and there is clay
there being formed into a thought

unlike the act of healing a momentum
seems to hum the unspecific magic
thrumming in the inner ear if that
where weather is an act

and precipice defines the ice reserved
for other times of year when one of us
is never here and there are oceans also
not a part of this equation's invocation

5 Jun 2007

Ya mean
yow can't sleep you
can't eat yer carnt walk U can't pork cream cakes with
health warnings is
somebody missing religion (neurosis) yer cain't work yer
cant breath

dance yer canto sing yo yer carnt blink for missing the insanity
health warning
this poem makes sense buy space on t'internet
which is no
space at all is
it? to
feel a fictional freedom like a dromedary's hump
smoke on the moon you
can factualize (fixate) time (pro sexua) l
l l

reserge corrupt
and malifest
I'm scared of fucking mama I'm
scared I'm
animal, pro rata (robotic functional)
recherche redo fuck
fuck up
destroy balance? balance? balance tips the
scales into
treasonable season the sea my sun is
metaphor for

2 Jun 2007

Unfinished (as yet)

Thanks once again to MissBoux
This is less commercial than I've been doing, recently. Any feedback appreciated. Not yet completed.

a lively miss boux...

1 Jun 2007


Thank you to the sexy Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this image :-)

9868ker pla 98 effu ruuuuuus 2
m 46

to broken joe


the man merchant with his images fixed on theTalking explorer

thoreau explored amateur ponds

jacques also explored vastest vastest sea beds

america in

not a Broken america ....robert amerigo henry... yours ....frank

named america

no law landmass fighting for a found sailor man,

or for a horizon and a way

--- shirt: paper spread darkness

--- sound: club music

--- loc: vastest darkness paper spread above