24 Sep 2011

A Pulsar in Hyper-real Space

A Pulsar in Hyper-real Space, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

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Abstract Digital Art inspired by astrophysics/astronomy.


16 Sep 2011

I am the World

I am the World, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

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Thank you to the beautiful Johanna Chambers for allowing me to use her photo in this picture.



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“Innita spoils her 20/20 …. and it's not bad news”. The Moulin Rugit FM Radio-interview.

Year One, 95.
Paris, France.
Monday, September 12, 2011.

(note: unpolished English)
This is Maurice Rugit on Moulin Rugit FM. This morning we have a liveradio interview with Guitar-riff-lover Colombian rocker Innita presenting “Blueless” and a detailed plot of her upcoming second album called "20/20".

In a bold move, you released “Blueless” yesterday, a guitarless synthpop song as the first 20/20 single . We know you love rock hard with guitars, so what is behind this strong change of direction?

Well, It's not really a sound change, it's more a wider spectrum of tunes in my work. I really like doing concept albums. My debut album, “Rockanrose” was a concept album too, but this new one is larger, four times more. The narrative background is more detailed this time, with more changes of moods in the story itself as well as in its characters. So, “20/20” could be perceived as a kind of soundtrack, and it means the need for composing in a eclectic way. Although it's mainly an electric guitar-driven rock album, I include some piano songs and synthpop songs and acoustic songs.

“Blueless” have that 80s synth feeling, and its space-age themed lyrics let us know some of the thematic involved, or am i wrong? I could tell it's a sci-fi story.
Not really. 20/20 is about being clueless in this world. 20/20 deals with vanity, money, lost loves, lost friends, blurred hopes, the pursuit of success, and of course the naivety that brings having dreams. So, I want to include that naive-happy longing-love song type, and yes, very 80s as you said, in the predominantly dark tune of the story. 20/20 has that pink emotional peaks and deep-blue valleys, as the 3d cyan/magenta pair. That's why I called “Blueless” this first single. This song is a light upbeat peak lost into the wild deep valley of the human condition. It's optimistic.

Yesterday you also released the complete 20/20 tracklist, 40 songs-lenght compendium divided in 10 chapters. Huge! With the titles, I confess I 'm pretty intrigued about the story. Can you give an exclusive synopsis to our listeners ….. and to me as well?
Ok, Ok, but you must know I know you Radio show hosters use their listeners in a polite way of having guests giving exclusive previews for yourselves (Laughs). It's not that I'm not Ok with that. In fact, I'll give you an extended synopsis, if that term makes sense (Giggles).

I'm dying to hear it.
20/20 has 3 main characters: Polly Wood, San Diego-Born Rolls-Royce crasher actress, she has that Lindsay Lohan-esque vibe. Magenta Rojas, a money-troubled Tijuana-Born Writer, the older and best Polly's friends in her childhood, 4-5 years older than Polly, she had that Kafka-esque hard luck life. And Cyanne D'arc, a Parisienne Ballet dancer, Magenta's ex-girlfiriend, same age as Wood's, 20.

Same age as you.
Yes, but it is not a kind of autobiographical story.

Please, go on, I won't interrupt you anymore. I can't wait (wink).
(Sneers)All right. The story begins with Polly Wood surviving her aforementioned Rolls Royce crash, as a result of a deranged emotional collapse by being dumped by her girlfriend days ago. And days after the crash, Polly learnt her childhood closest friend, Magenta, died by starvation. It's like her old friend did it on purpose, mix of economical and emotional depression transformed in a slow suicide by stop eating, and Polly wanders about she having survived and being rich and sucesssful, in contrast with Magenta, dead poor. In Magenta's apartment, Police finds an unpublished Spanish-written manuscript of her, an autobiographical novel called “Hambre” (Hunger). The book is published and it's a huge sucess, best-seller. And so, a Hollywood adaptation of the book is on the run, casting Polly as play the role of Magenta.

Yes. The film is a blockbuster. Magenta gains posthumus both cult and mainstream fandom. Polly found herself in a guilt trip since the film started and in a higher level -or lower depending of the viewpoint- now, feeling very uncomfortable being richer and more famous by using the Magenta's life, as if her own life was empty itself. And rubbing salt into wounds, Magenta's ex-girlfriend, Cyanne, ends up knowing Polly personally, and then dating her and falling in love with her. Cyanne sees in Polly as Magenta's live sequel (Innita darkly giggles).

Definetely a rock opera vibe so far. Please go on.
Thanks! ( Innita shows him a big smile). Academy Award for Best Actress is winned by Polly for her role as Magenta, but even with that, the Polly-Cyanne relationship is victimized by both paparazzi and yellow journalism. And TV industry sees profit on this, convincing Polly of doing a Larry David-esque self-mocking sitcom of her life, with dark humor situations about being sucessful at expenses of her friend's death as well as having her dead firend's ex-girlfriend as a romantic gain too. And then …. at this point I've happily spoiled too much but I don't want to spoil all of it by telling 20/20's conclusion. Of course, if I was a writer I hadn't tell you nothing but a few words of the plot. But this is only Rock 'N' Roll, and I like it that way ( winks).

“ Too Much Information”, citing Duran Duran, but in a good way. This was a super sized-gift.You left me too much to think. Althought I know you stay here on Paris for several months, I will long for having you again, soon, maybe next week, in a live sessions of “Blueless”.
Oh la la, Cést trés chic. Of Course I'll be here.

OK! Well, Innita, I have to confess we on Moulin Rugit FMmake the Innita live session poster already, Au revoir!
(Laughs) It's Ok , as long as you don't put [sitcom style] laugh track on this live interview!


"Blueless", first single of "20/20", can be listened here.