31 May 2008

Thank you

Saying Something is looking fantastic at the moment. Just looking at May there is a wonderful array of different art forms and styles. I feel there's something of a unity going on - everyone has different ideas and styles, but there's a kind of oneness where styles and forms are linking.

Thank you everyone for posting :-)


juan carlos ochoa.


Vespers (61)

pale river
until darkness falls

around soft loam
the night

and unknown
receding into pause

when mind alone
refracts untidy

our speech
a new ontology

small frogs offer
syllables intact

30 May 2008

what about us

The original fractal I made in Apophysis and altered it in The Gimp.

The title is just the song I happened to be listening at the time. (From the Italian trip-hop band, Black Era)

Nighttime Reflection

How it happened:
I was inside a hotel room, behind the window. I shot the balcony at a weird angle, catching the curtain from inside in the reflection. It was also raining pretty badly that evening, so that may also help explain this image. That alongside some dirt on the window that can account for the misty look.

Coz we now create da media

Coz we now create da media
we shove emoticize sense
or we employ agents to redirect
intent shun the spurs

I shouldn't read this
I wouldn't if I were you
I probably shouldn't write it
my electronic publisher

rasped by decadent clitoral by-
standers, roaming as art moderne, I should
(realising now as if I should 'ave got it
twice as frank as you)

incensed by the incredible amount of media
not bovvvered whether it good
bad or indifferent i un
sense distance coz

we should have patented the whole
game, call it a new renaissance, we
should be more broad minded and
not so passive or broody

neurosis, psychosis, Alzheimers
OCD, paranoia - I wouldn't worry about this lot
I'd worry about Chicken flu and
sittin' the Sun too long

But I'm far too bloody-minded
for this game of soldiers
Cancer, isolation, illnesses caused by emotions
they bother me more than a

bit of worry by a thing that ain't
gonna happen, duck yes mobile phone
testosterone, see ca va? this is it
the whole fuckin shootin match

on yer interactive telly - you won't
think the same again my friend
these are the texts the re writing
of knowledge thought and its

consekwensez in action. hey!
yoo don't have to believe me
but if i shout a bit
your more likely to turn your head

and listen before some other fucker
gits the limelight, with a dodgy degree
and some time in the spot light
from reading this text here

*poem may need to be read backwards, however this is not necessary, but you may reperceive the meaning/intention if you do. If you prefer, you can read a couple of verses backwards and one forwards. But this isn't the thought-police and you can read it how you like!

25 May 2008

The End of Postmodernism


I found this wonderful article "The End of Postmodernism" by Dr. W.Large.
This is one of very few articles relating to Postmodernity that have had any positive effect upon me. Most seem to rehash the same (rather anxious) ideas, often concluding that Postmodernity is a kind of pointlessness of everything!! How ridiculous! Admittedly the changes we are going through are profound and occurring very quickly, but they are changes that will lead to societies that will identify with something more cohesive and certain. I love the way Dr. Large points out that "binary opposition" (of thought and categorisation of things/phenomena) is actually becoming redundant and leads to a position where Postmodern articles attack this mode of comprehension, when, to the general public, it is obviously inapt! By doing this, articles on Postmodernity actually continue the (static) position of Postmodernism and, ultimately argue against a Modernism that (like Ecriture) is no longer relevant, except to those that consider it!

Dr. Large also ridicules the idea that Postmodernity is about anything cultural. He describes it as being synonymous with capitalism. There is little doubt that Western societies are becoming more and more capitalist! He also describes it as a continuation of Modernity, rather than a distinct cultural movement. I strongly agree with this. His notes on the arts and capitalism, bring hope to arts practitioners for the future and an explanation of the current over-commercialism of the arts.


24 May 2008


Digital art inspired by Undiagnosed Lady by Angela Genusa. Thank you to Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this picture.

23 May 2008


Digital Art work, using one of Miss Bouxs' self-portraits.

18 May 2008

New Found Freedom

[Internet escapism]


Another Space Race required?

Strange Edit

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in response to http://www.flickr.com/photos/packageinsertofsorrows/2494088662/
by Angela Genusa


12 May 2008


robot messenger p2p

Vespers (60)

reason seeps away
languor taps out
brackets relax

is night merely
absence of routine

not the same
as prayer

the drift
of a secure
awareness glides
into a higher
ordered quiet

as the few things
that cut through
spaces between
that do not divide

10 May 2008


An art is creating inspiration
the blank page of esoteria.
Narcissus unfolds his lust
for examination

He wonders why now, he
cannot touch his reflection?

If he reflects his reflection
by a waterless prism
maybe his aforementioned flower
would be more pluckable?


The camera's eye, the novel
An eye by another's eye
would conquer a whole world of limitations

backed by legislations, the
squeeze and squash could rely
upon an eye for an eye
an automated artist

Spinning fanciful near realities
academic truths
a scuppered soul breathed
into an artificial arene.


"chance" "remedy" "malaise" "mechanize" "image"
"daughter" "histoire" emphasize cr ate
imp icit " ember cache r depl y Literature
late p rt Ts lev r ""p] ti he
ECR676iTuTT&Re ""abso ity fqeiCkred
ACDENic sic s ck
"£ "
I need a new art movement
Sappho? Morgan?

I feel his armour rushingthrough tangles of trees

I need a new art movementSappho? Morgan?

I feel his armour rushingthrough tangles of trees

(A big pay cheque would

make my poem a film)

Mordred, son of a sorcerer

and sorceress

Maddened by spells and evil.

He rises when the king is

sick and the land is as barren

as artificiality.

Once we have driven for miles,

when due New York weather

in pepper-clouded English skies

we catch the spell of a rainbow

bold, visible yet, quite impossible.

Before the Sun sets deep red

like in oriental skies

our rainbows appear, momentarily

Orange white and green

As if the "yellow brick road"

lead (by some strange apparition)

East, East and further still!

Fish out of Water

All at Sea

Vespers (59)

dreams left off mid-breath remain mid-
I sentence myself to living home
the what we called the woods
where small animals
and you could hear birds betray their own
unhappiness projected by young
minds at the window
gathered at the double-paned
glass barrier
(let us pray)

the sorting room remained unsorted,
still, the levity attached
itself to shadows
and the wind brought low
each branch

golden were the syllables that lingered
now I have a body that belongs
to my maternal line
my heart is safe by virtue
of its placement amid
branches casting shadows
this small experience rides low
within the psyche

within the psyche are these marks
made by chalk purporting
to be everlasting
glyphs make good on urgency
once splintered into these discrete

we repeat ourselves when we have said
precisely nothing
to each other and ourselves

7 May 2008

Vespers (58)

I told her yes I worship.
Yes I practice.
Yes I walk I practice
walking and I pray.

I told her beyond light
against the outer eye
that I am sure we each walk as we pray,
that night is a receptacle for whispers.
That we can hear them
and say nothing back.
Nothing past our generosity
applied to pathways
full of sparkling cinders.

5 May 2008

Vespers (57)

Let us


Delirious soldiers

To save


Souls imperiled

beyond stasis.

No matter

enough to

Words give

a reason

portray in

with other


While motivation

obvious enough

Mere penury

as pulse

a byline.

ball embodies

cinders framed.

in retrospect.

3 May 2008

4 Faces

Here, the female form acts as a medium for emotional expression and ideas. All images are digital art, using an original photograph (self portrait) by Miss Boux
The female form also allows an "automatic aesthetic" that inspires, or acts as a generating force far artistic expression. For me, it is always difficult to justify a divide between popular/commercial and high/serious art. Here, I am being somewhat didactic, in the sense that I am trying to express my knowledge of both traditional and digital art forms in these pictures. Hopefully, this informs others about the possibilities of digital art and it's links to traditional art forms. I also hope that it exemplifies the fact that commercial art forms and high art forms are currently, in constant flux and it is virtually impossible to apply any kind of value system to new art forms. Indeed a crafts person may use far higher levels of technical skill than a contemporary, conceptual artist. Unfortunately, the powers that be cannot keep up with contemporary experiments in the arts, and therefore they hold on to outdated value-judgements that exclude many, with ever more voracity.

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1 May 2008

Otoliths 9

Otoliths issue nine is live.

This issue marks the beginning of Otoliths' third year, & once again contains a great variety of text & visual work. This issue is dedicated to Rochelle Ratner, who passed away on March 31st.

In this issue are Rochelle Ratner, harry k stammer, Adam Fieled, Bill Drennan, David-Baptiste Chirot, Joel Chace, Michael Farrell, Reed Altemus, Andrew Lundwall, Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy, William Doreski, Duane Locke, Stu Hatton, Joe Balaz, Jeff Harrison, Raymond Farr, Esa Mäkijärvi, Bobbi Lurie, Julian Jason Haladyn, Simon Perchik, Suzanne Grazyna, Eileen R. Tabios, Diana Magallón & Jeff Crouch, Jeff Crouch & Matina L. Stamatakis, Thomas Lowe Taylor, Glenn R. Frantz, Angela Genusa, Randy Thurman, Philip Byron Oakes, Mark Cunningham, Geof Huth, Andrew Topel & Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett & Luigino Solamito & Sheila E. Murphy, John M. Bennett & Scott MacLeod, Scott MacLeod, Robert Gauldie, Adam Strauss, Marcia Arrieta, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, William Allegrezza, Ernesto Priego, Ed Schenk, Irving Weiss, Mary Kasimor, Christopher Major, Derek Owens, Paul Siegell, Daniel f Bradley, Daniel Morris, Steve Timm, Mary Ellen Derwis, Thomas Fink, Louise Landes Levi, Toni Simon, Martin Edmond & Kirsten Kaschock.

Otholith issue 9