28 Dec 2010

Love Triangle.

Triangular, 63. Guitar Love Triangle, 2.
Monday, December 27, 2010.
London, Uk.

“My world since Tuesday, August 31, 2010.
My beloved biologist sacrificed our company so that both could survive. Since then, we live in a bizarre love triangle. My loneliness is the symmetry's axis that leaves a bad taste. My love: Where am I in the world that you move? Where am I in the world in which you draw me?
- Innita para No


“Mi mundo desde el martes, 31 de agosto de 2010.
Mi amada bióloga sacrificó nuestra compañía para que ambas pudiéramos sobrevivir. Vivimos un extraño triángulo amoroso. Mi soledad es el eje de la simetría que deja mal sabor. Mi amor, ¿Dónde estoy yo en el mundo al que te desplazaste? ¿dónde estoy yo en el mundo en que me dibujas?”
- Innita Para No


continuará .....
to be continued .....
à suivre .....

24 Dec 2010

Mathematical Skies

Mathematical Skies, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Wishing all readers and contributers to "SayingSomething" a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :-)


11 Dec 2010

Danse de la Vie Danse de la Mort Danse de Naissance Danse de Combat (Le Danse du Tout)

Thank you to XstockX (Julie) for allowing me to use her fantastic photo in this picture.
The image of Julie is layered with photos of the sky, that I took November 2010. And much editing!



Title inspired by conversations with Solea

3 Dec 2010


Sleep, originally uploaded by crescentsi.