17 Jul 2010

Poem July 2010

Tutti au fait accompli?
C'est ca, rien fait
a la busca faux
a jaune futures reform arabesque
canto des couleur

No promotion export fallacious
serial stasis
ethereal exogeny

Cantus de la mode
empire de castillo dans la ciel
a natural disposition
and dispossessed

Capoeira ferile, entwining cartography
a sudden sunshine
a la mode de rigueur
et lens per favore

Oceans sparkle
under the dunes du choix
Tondu, a backwards step
4 clear thoughts
are ribboned in pink
Arabia, philosophia

Kunst; the language of dance
and reflection via distance
perimeteric screens 2
dice a fuelled, insistent portraiture

The fluidity of love
cannot be bought, only its
skull the shores are blunt
and u r my understudy

du complicite
With money our sculptor
aesthetics are bones
air travel en masse

we should fuck each other senseless
precognize a renaissance
struggle under little despots
to interfere our journeys

Simon Harris

This poem endeavors to capture the global, multicultural flux that many of us experience today. This is a worldwide phenomenon. Conceptually, I have reflected these concerns and, most notably I have mixed Indo-European languages to reflect these concerns, stylistically. For example; "a jaune futures reform arabesque/ canto des couleur". In the English, yellow futures reform arabesque/ song of colours. The words "jaune" and "des couleur" are French, while canto is Spanish. Grammatically, there may be "mistakes" simply because this is a novel approach to mixing languages (often mid-sentence) in poetry. However, I believe "mistakes" should be tolerated and seen as contributing to a global culture, rather than evidence of grammatical errors. I have also included some "text speech" or "Internet speech" to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, linguistic and actual uncertainty, that is today.

Briefly, I wanted to state that this "poem" is as much a form of Text Art, than a poem (artistic work of literature). All art forms are crossing over today and I don't see why poetry should be limited to the page and to public readings.