31 Mar 2009

Philip Glass - "Train/Spaceship" from "Einstein"

Just had to share.....!

"Einstein on the Beach" was notable for it's experimental music, dance, video and "theatrical experience". Mind-blowing and, perhaps a little too long in total, for musicians, dancers, directors and anyone else connected with the arts.


30 Mar 2009

Vespers (95)

Sleep off selves
Link spines with whom you love
Imagined enemies blend into storied sleep
Sketch artists lose ephemera

A pretty window goes to black
And candlelight imposes drift
Upon the restful prayer
Wan light defrays the cost of autumn

Gold leafage falls to paths
They stain with chance finesse
Until the thought of diary
Relentlessly includes variety

Like this mellowing in which the body
Comes to feel itself as seasoning
Into warm wisdom parsing
Vision and habituation mornings, afternoons, all evening.

28 Mar 2009

As the Moon glows

Thank you to Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this picture. The moon is from a recent photograph of I took of the night sky. The abstract background is entirely synthetic, formed from layering and manipulating colours and textures. The picture of the model (Miss Boux) has been much edited, however it still retains a photographic "feel" to it.

Vespers (94)

Shear sheep (fleece pieced
whole to bounty up
need via holdings)

Held things (this minute)
elude eventually every
present moment

Whatever music is made
possible encounters
probability along a scale

(What are you telling your children
and yourself? What are you making
into statements to match actuality?)

A sinecure remains pure theory.
Someone feels responsible.
It is night again, an empty, picture-free exterior.

17 Mar 2009

Woman as an Art Object

.....woman as automatic art work.....
...her movement by proxy equates skill...
..emotion via media..
.post modern reality/unreality fear/paradox/conundrum.
a return to solidity, flesh
ove you cyborg

is she media? / method
is she real? / procedure
is media real? / mechanize
is reality real? / ignorant

Does she have immunisation against possible
viruses caused by fear of fear of feeling, /Immunity
these artificial, shallow lives /Artificial
make a lake in my rolling hills (stars are /Fear
avenues, clouds are teaspoons) /Money
I feel the neck of the womb /Animalism

a church spire, space junk. /infectious
disease is a metaphor for love. You, my love /non-meaning
have chicken flu and I may well have it /arbitrary
too /Authenticity
She has been reported as an amphibian, people stopped /Rootless/ Taste the tea spoon
and stared to revere the crazyness /Nomadic
of her birthing. /androgyny/ bureaucratic

She is mad, she is bad, /compliant
originally and most certainly, ferile /baroque
child beyond and beneath the stars /expedience
Who is she? Who are you talking about Simon? /parody
You must need psychotherapy /democratic /pilfer

or literature, philosophy /culture
back in society, counselling to return /sci-fi
to this fiction of reality /eat
this removal, by proxy /sex
to push up status /equality

hold on money /conform
cyborg /animas
revenue. The detritus of /suppression
stars in sperm and eggs /art
I feel rockets erecting / spirit

Our new science / taste
souls unwinding...... / peace

16 Mar 2009



pronunciation: \?tri-g?r\
function: noun
etymology: alteration of earlier tricker
date: 1621

2: something that acts like a tricker in initiating a process of chain reaction

Vespers (93)

Line apart from dance
alloys swift
the divinity
holds sway:

for understanding to be

may assume the form
of friction
tabling an other
wise innocent

7 Mar 2009

Vespers (92)

I refrain from breathing the whole story
for mutual imperfect understanding
already apprenticed to habitual mistakes

Land mass, land lease, land held
handiwork askance remain in keeping with
so many rivers known to drizzle through pure rock

Each night I possess only incoming discussion
to repair, each succeeding day I answer
what I thought you asked, in keeping with respective roles

Lavender tea makes recognition play though
the variety of sounds shining on sea salt
where the waves turn shallow silk

The waves are parts of us that leave the hearth
then come back as if commanded in the privacy
of our own homonyms made palpable again

6 Mar 2009

Vespers (91)

Veneer upholds the dream until dissenting weather tastes away the inference of depth in surfaces. Plural as daylight, experience brings on divergence toward self service or devotion. At the beside, a chalk-toned book, The Scala Santa. I know from birth. Today has turned tomorrow prior to my sleep. She left us seven years ago, we learned two days beyond. How is it possible to hold the reach desire attempts to do, by rote, across the moments priestly and still plain. A dowry of fragility comes late to consciousness. In a quality of attention one cannot unlearn. Expensive as a belief in safety.

5 Mar 2009


Turn your speakers up for white noise and footsteps!


4 Mar 2009


Procurement or to
professionally cure mental anguish by money
thee ol' yoke Pension pot
alias soup spooning revere politics (deck)

Terror remaking thunder emaciated
limbs, a heart in a shell
Tinkerbell perpetuate Predicament
to predict a mental state of anguish

lost in words works numbers fumbles (remedial)
the imaginary empire irascible ipse dixit
voracious uterus
Spring fall,

looser in ferile psychopathy, @kernel
imprisoned embellishment calling (jingoism)
Sun strapped cash back embroiling sex soaking madness
loony news rung by Paxman (sanity)

looped by impossible hair and make up (dream state)
the sheen of the flickering screen
and studio lights blue all colours (Thatcherism)
lead to blue

a tornado to crush this flux
6 figure sum are hand span
deliver concise (action by metaphores)
flux concrete a Monaco dividend

creation myth, solopsism of enemies
pithologism Intertainment (felony)
the loose star of dreams
shattered by change (verses for public money)

within habitual change

~ Along with many other ideas, this poem adresses the huge pots of money and bonuses that top business people take, even when their organisation may be propped up by public money. Other's have taken six figure bonuses when they have underperformed or mismanaged events.