19 Jul 2008

Patterns of the Landscape

Thank you to the glamorous Miss Boux :-)
Variations on the theme of "Landscape art"

18 Jul 2008

Deconstructing Contemporary Art

This is what we'll find.....
Image Copyright - All Rights Reserved Simon Harris (aka Cresent)

12 Jul 2008

Boring ephemera ejaculate
Dissed easy night [Internet art is about objections] pissed raison
de sox

Saxophony the truth, in wending
balks, corrugating impressionistic
Savoir faire

Girdered Creole fuck etc. dot com
lithing in straight-jacketed impossible
in di vid u ality

like videos and other dogmatic
whinging [art is bureaucratic] stand up sit down walk
talk cohabitate this three minutes
to environmental statement

Buy your new home is the Internet
dancing with ninety percent a woman
a haven for you Country boy

engendered flesh is a non-machine
in conversion and recommunicate

The traitor of the dark that
lives on borrowed time
our art

Is a squeezy thing that balks
at the very sign of incest [Internet art describes an inability to communicate]
Run to the East

Mobile homes are scattered
about our nubile landscape
your nomad

fudged the whole meaning of existence,
Pissed at a shrinking distance
Me and You

Must make this stance.
And walk 2,3....

Thoughts on a New Renaissance

Thoughts on a New Renaissance, from my group on Flickr. Any thoughts appreciated :-)

Group Pool

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10 Jul 2008

the palace is inside

the palace stays inside
the palace braves the honest that holds inside
the palace offers brevity
the palace is replete
the palace is imparted
the palace rivers on

he knows
morning next
maintain a relation ?
she said

you = (symbols + colors)^(echoes of deja vu)


if overload <=
she says

he knew

9 Jul 2008


"Recherche amour....avec amour....that, that we must find....is lost"
Comment on the artificiality of contemporary life. The connection between human conception and nature is pivotal to our understanding of ourselves and the way we relate to others. This is evident in the way that relationships have suffered at the same time that we continue to build our technological "empire". Obviously, there are advantages from technological development. However, it is also important to realise what we are losing from this profound change in Western life.

8 Jul 2008

Vespers (65)

neck hurts with
the uneven twining
of this night
approaching daylight missed
until new morning
this matrix holding

as a cave
a taken test
of shoulders' sturdiness
conferred upon already
angels whose beatitudes
march to tunes
as yet unheard

allow attune afford
admit confused new
minting of pure
facts aging already
in small versions
of tipped selves

6 Jul 2008

Philosophy Debate

Currently having fun debating Subjectivity, Objectivity and Wisdom. Please join in :-)


4 Jul 2008


Odd awareness how did I not think of that?
I'm not sure I wish of flowers not (perennial)
much to say average height and religious

l'arene chance
I could have asked you for a photograph a dog or cat
something alive to move a (money much is told) subtle shifting

a multiplicity of familiarity. Not strange not
now yesterday maybe? Thinking of Brahms Illness is similar
to the Internet that strange dislocation

emotional numbness or sincerity -too much
honesty for even poetry, whose
lies wait an interpretation closer in

to truth (Evergreens). An apron a viscosity of movement stands upright
against a tide of bullshit. This shit is clarity that presupposes
or desequins a holed on arpeggio of disinterest (reason is emotion)

cascade evolve turn spin
Your illness is a metaphor for life
We must worry, for else we succumb to

your power
And we are fragile far too fragile for that

Vespers (64)

sang softly he
went home to
where dreams live
pre-recorded sleeping
draws down story
to be taken
past itself deliberate
characters mere presences
beyond one size
fits all notions
north of avenidas

mere word maturation
stuck in theory
verbs live long
in limbs held
still or recovering
range of motion
range of attitude
made to hinder
hurt the hinterlands

what seems renewable
affords its own
divisible informed danger
apart from anger
equally distant from
"older woman" "younger
man" syndrome upon
synecdoche mayhaps and
land owned in
the words of
the unformed naive

mist to come
still yellowed with
the view from

hunger and stilted
redaction of misnorming
stalled fact stripped
angle sorted vials
of fluid answers

once sleep opens
place to concept
large measures broad
cloth and saxons
small to overwhelming
gather here on
purpose to propose
new lingering inceptive
carte-blanche yes
tones purified as
though a winter
magnified toward morning