30 Aug 2007

Fiction 2

Thank you to the beautiful Miss Boux for letting me use her photograph in this image :-)
Image best viewed large or can be viewed on Flickr for better quality image.

29 Aug 2007

Industrial Action by UK Prison Officers

The ever-reliable BBC reports on industrial action taken by Prison Officers in the UK. The national strike is concerned with pay and conditions.

This is the latest unrest in public services in the UK. A growing number of public services are facing job losses and experiencing vast amounts of change. Together with the pressures that the private sector are experiencing, I am left wondering what will happen to the UK economy and employment, in the future?

The private Sector are facing job losses and employees are facing a shortage of full-time, permanent employment. There has been an increase in part-time and temporary work. Employees in both sectors have experienced an increase in over-time hours. It has recently been reported that the divide between rich and poor in the UK has widened.

Is the population of the UK destined to become "benefit-dependant", unemployed (or under employed) and seeking new ways to activate their leisure time? Or will the UK become a nation of entrepreneurs, seeking to stimulate economic growth in original areas?

If this is the case, what are the areas where business can thrive and grow? My money is on the arts and sport. Traditionally seen as economically unviable, these areas contribute to social inclusion, both have potent links with health and the arts (in particular) encourage creative thought, which is useful to business, particularly now as the work place is bogged down with governmental red-tape. If there is a growth in peoples' leisure time, then meeting this demand would, naturally, be financially lucrative.

Of course, the Internet is another potential source of income and economic growth. However, can electronic media sustain the kind of workforce that, traditionally the Industrial Sector and, more recently, the Service Industries have employed? Only time will tell....

Link to BBC Article

A Note


Just to say thanks to all members for their recent posts. The diverse nature of the posts is making the blog look really interesting :-)

Thanks - I appreciate very much :-)


26 Aug 2007

a note to ek rzepka

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// $Id: Prediction.cxx,v 1.4 2004/01/14 22:46:01 fisyak Exp $
// $Log: Prediction.cxx,v $// Revision 1.4 2004/01/14 22:46:01 fisyak// clean up
//// Revision 1.3 2000/06/10 23:15:12 fisyak// Add new W.Loeve table with Laser tracks//// Revision 1.2 2000/01/31 15:14:52 fisyak// Try to find out memory leak//// Revision 2000/01/29 16:23:07 fisyak// First release of StLaserAnalysisMaker//#include "Stiostream.h"#include "Prediction.h"ClassImp(Prediction)Prediction::Prediction(Int_t LT, Int_t Id, Int_t Sector, Int_t Padrow, Int_t PadNo, Int_t TimeBin, Float_t tY, Float_t tZ, Float_t Y, Float_t Z){ fLT = LT;
fId = Id; fSector = Sector;
fPadrow = Padrow;
fPadNo = PadNo;
fTimeBin =TimeBin; ftY = tY; ftZ = tZ; fY = Y; fZ = Z;
void Prediction::Print(const Option_t* opt) const { cout << "Prediction for Laser Track #" << fLT << " Id:\t" << fId; cout << "\tSector:\t" << fSector;
cout << "\tPadrow:\t" << fPadrow; cout << "\tPadNo:\t"<< fPadNo; cout << "\tTimeBin:\t" << fTimeBin << endl; cout << "\ttY:\t" << ftY; cout << "\ttZ:\t" << ftZ; cout << "\tY:\t" << fY; cout << "\tZ:\t" << fZ << endl;




25 Aug 2007

january shot

Text Me Soon

The beautiful and enigmatic Miss Boux features in my work again. Here she is cloned and in need of a message!! Original photograph by Miss Boux

double dutch

dykes stop holland from flooding

24 Aug 2007

The Woman of Stone

The Woman of Stone @ Flickr
I take photos for a club promoter friend and one chick refused to be seen. Maybe she thinks she's made of stone...

23 Aug 2007

Collaborative Art and Photography Group


I've created a group on Flickr (photography website) for people to display art work and photography on. It also provides an opportunity for people to collaborate artistically. If you are interested please join!!

Link - Collaborative Art and Poetry


22 Aug 2007


no personality
women strike their flesh
dance is everything we've ever learnt
I machine
alive in that that isn't there

zeus' first word

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Don't Let Life Pass You By

Inhale every Earthly moment...

Don't Let Life Pass You By @ Flickr

from a text by david-baptiste chirot

21 Aug 2007

18 Aug 2007

Vespers (10)

very nearly morning
you are

refashions dream
into grainy daylight

the point is
is not

neighbor or
thyself in her

in him as
further self

exacts whispers
to feed itself

thus poise overtakes
the soft

furnished play
in new arrangements

it is morning
repeatedly pale

what happened
that did not

preferring time tables
flexible and

the hurt
of daylight lifts

thus and perhaps
can be

hushed gentling
as in plant

life made strong
as flexible

lightning and
accompanying noise set

to convene mid-
brain to

and spoken
to nearby haloes


Thanks to MissBoux for letting me use her photograph in this image
This is a technique I'm going to call Crystalising or Crystalization, that is somewhere between "Fractal Art" and "Cloning".

15 Aug 2007

never | grant | mind

Plant a flag

The heads of state have decided to plant a flag on the north pole. To sustain the claim to the northern pole of the earth magnetic field. This action supports the ongoing War On Peace, however it requires a budget raise.

Your opinion is valued. Your opinion will be reflected in the one-liners supporting the upcoming elections.
Plant a flag to claim resources
yes, the flag is sufficient to support the claim
yes, but adding a fence would help
yes, but only if we issue north pole postal stamps too
yes, we have to send colonists to defend the flag
yes, I trust my government. They will spend the budget wisely
no, I am from another dimension. please explain what a flag has to do with a magnetic field
= see results =

heads of state plant a flag on the north pole

Pieces of Journals_02: "Sometimes Annoyed"

Asking myself in empty echoes, bouncing sounds fade and dissolve.

No answer.

(Original post)

New Lining

Shut my eyelids; the lights are blinding
And crashing into my fuzzy outline.
Destroying vessels of time with poor timing,
I will open wide and inhale the new lining.

(Original post)

13 Aug 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her photograph in this image :-)

should the War On Peace (WOP) be dirty or clean?

heads of state
the heads of state are contemplating about the ongoing WOP. Should WOP be dirty or clean? Your opinion is valued. Your opinion will be reflected in the one-liners supporting the upcoming elections.
should the War On Peace (WOP) be dirty or clean?
yes i agree WOP is indigenous to mankind. However we are civilized now and we should agree on rules.
yes I agree we are civilized. And WOP is only indigenous to other mankinds. We should force rules upon them.
yes I trust my government. They will choose wisely.
no, I am from an other dimension, please explain the concept of War On Peace
= see results =

11 Aug 2007


these are clairvoyant times

these are clairvoyant times
we can predict the future before
it arrives chaste ego fore
go realism romantic potion
idiomatic as in spell out runes this is
like early internet art
Loch Ness Monster or to crave a real audience
is IT eclecticism that computer boffins do in their spare time
You can get a job if you have a sex change, don't look so worried a bank loan will cover it and you can get 50K easily and you'll get loads of benefits
1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1
1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1 1+1+1+1
Enter the valid figure
size 0 or not really here disappear
apparition like virtual soul you are
e t i o imbroglio
mango ice cream ecriture autocracy rules of the toilet
objet moi et vous? Who are you
objet vous communism commune dot com
these are edited times we shall see
the sense of opposition before we have reasoned
the sense of being
before we have been ordered how

9 Aug 2007

if I liked you (and I do) here is

what I would give I would give water in a glass
and I would watch you take it I would watch
what happens when you take the water
I would hold in my heart how you were
with water I would try never to think
just to be there while you
I would try never to relax or to work
I would try to be invisible
I would be invisible
I would believe you and the water
I would be the pores receiving water
I would make the pronoun go away

white painted over

"nothing really" inhaling
fog's overcast humid
(ity) kicking
grass rocks 'tony
(abstract) left foot
kicking (coals) red
"refuse to cohere" flame
up offset boot heel (becoming)
nailed in "refusing
to eat it" again
narrow (er) drawing
sponge (like)
variety possible brick
stack "between every
obscure, unreadable piece
of crap" two over
two logs literal
"thrown away" painstaking


not the cha
ste ad fast
of be

words in place
in place of
what words
h id in me

do you k
now who
I am
to be

8 Aug 2007

the purple bride

pur p pur p l ll l e tth e ple
[le p u r p e pur lthepubr
d ep lr i bri pd e ri pde
ri e prlru rebr bu A r rb[ ]
the rupel p drbei the

5 Aug 2007

turn vehemently blue

the crew cut sugar mattress
lives for me said the first
person out of ear

the elastic is my brief hosanna
said the northern whim

the lack of play
is give synonymous
said the polecat

drive me home say I
it's everywhere with you

4 Aug 2007





2 Aug 2007

Miss Boux (Gold)

Thanks to the lovely Miss Boux for letting me use her photographs in this image

1 Aug 2007

blood (up) 'locate

and 'ugged
reaching over moving
(x/y's) meters leg
length (right/left)
(patting content) elbow inner arm(s)
(melting) "wait,
use it again, reach'd"
relocated during ambulance
(stops) swing/swing/swing
concrete (lands) linen blood red
"drip it, drip it
out, again
swing it" pencil
written (ing) swing around
facing "swing it,
to nothing used't"


New Media mehndi poe3458 product validation code 44.9hhb
class 7 structure 4
Mr Brown

Lewis where's that video gone?

Krru multi epystemol

re form echance elbow



I want to fuck the computer

Inforush reconstruct demean

glean corpus multihue distances ever distant i love you so i

love your mobile phone your distances#

are ever closer = close tag


to put distance between us is to cope with the essence

of humanity with nonculture with the very things

I could never tell you or talk about/ flavour

I want to worry constantly, because this is meaning, love

I want to worry about global warming or chicken flu

I want worry so I can feel closer to you

3-0438 9 tenths of the world are under water 34687.i 77 miles

to distance this is global sex or measuring by numbers