10 Jan 2013


This blank page worries me as if I'd
already said that,
that I am about to say and this would
incur meaninglessness
as if to say "start again"

If we are honest art isn't really
about art at all;
art is about politics and
the fact that you know that,
possibly before I finished

saying it, further implies
politics as if politics
were representations and echoed
a concept of human relationships.
As if we could engage in relating
yet find ourselves askew

from relationships, estranged
from reality.  Facebook was created
to enable the world to keep in touch,
but we could already do that through
various simulations of relating.

Invariably strange, Facebook touches
the senses but keeps very few in touch,
to sense one another becomes
insoluble.  Distance is the key
to fiscal simulacra, distance

if only a representation of something
that lies between things and is measurable
by representations that evoke and
represent emotions.

No longer a blank page
this page instills a feeling
of purposelessness; which is the
Internet its incredible
imbalance with

a much more productive
real life
despite economic malaise.  Poetically
speaking, cliche and plain

are far more rewarding than
flowery prose that
evokes an impression of confidence
Entre nous
I've resisted lingua franca to

evoke clarity
so the reader can just "get it"
without tackling disparate metaphors
but I can't promise I won't
return to conventional poesy

to evoke optimism a la
histoire.  Really, this
isn't a poem at all
as poetry is something
we used to do

so this is a collection
of ideas in written form
text art I s'ppose
other than literature
and connected Western connotations of