30 Jan 2008


Thank you once again to Miss Boux for letting me use her photograph in this picture.
I think she looks a little like the Mona Lisa, here?

Snippet (choose your truth)

les fauves!

29 Jan 2008

25 Jan 2008


not that I was wrinkling anymore
th'kefir here she's plent
and justice tr'eyes
to belt tune tongued out
lace lain crostic upon
shawdy should(erst)while
darling of the damby drines
young sinecure with drapes
gone drawled in mind
against the rind

22 Jan 2008

vesperial comparatives

that act of surface whispering

a minuet


lifted to softer ground
lifted around this person
with his late[midnight gesture

light softer lifted off
the emerging of morning whisper softer
than a morning soul

19 Jan 2008

distracted by words..

distracted by words object 19th January 2008
object object object
object object object
object object...

we are a sub5 extraspections.... pleasantly I've been distracted by words counterpoint and chess pheasantly the stroke diminishing og language mis take and Carla who perpetuates slat and pepper s re: fall out

50 faces per day I am currently pressed to the myth funny how, dear dancer, everyone is looking clearer the same as everyone else yet I appear less able to distinguish my self?

Face book Your space I guess or mine people say dreamlike sheep
I am 50 faces per day you are all alike....
familiarly I am a supermarket ulna femur theoretical psychosis idiomatically ideas

yesterdays pith or primitive man and NO AUTHOR REQUIRED
Can I email this?
Theoretically we are all psychotic, but we're not
light light light
one wonders at the mirror
rinse, it's all vanilla

Light object light object
light object face measure men
t object light object light
face object light men
t al
wo man t

I could end this any where I know you don't believe me

dis tance
f/w operations manager
I've never seen such cleavage! Could you pass on the post He lost the key
594 then sir I thought you were going to say 800 from the way you said it

22nd January 2008
re: dis tance
Simon do you know there's a typo in your email. Yes her cleavage is great I'm mafde redundant from 17th \Dec. I just saw the email from HR My neice is having a breakdown I feel the need to walk in the rain through a big city get laid and then go to the nearest bar and drink the night away

Remember to post your file to me ASAP


[strange how I felt that way..... the less I dance the more I write.... I have a photomanip. to finish[

18 Jan 2008

Vespers (41)

not to be a morning person

[midnight as starting pitch]

with light a softer minuet

protective filters for the soul inclined to move around

as if
to whisper
with free will

this surface
that gesture
these emerging sundries

lifted off
the act
of faith

16 Jan 2008

Ce Ca

Miss Boux wrestling with light!

15 Jan 2008


chance amounts
to probable

leaves or icicles
purported to seem

Leviticus when read
supposedly spawns
havoc smattering

of forecast
choiring its way
toward uninventing happiness

as a condoned familiar
to be

I think so
yes and no

13 Jan 2008

orphic tab 040



Vespers (40)

present tense appoints
itself new morning
already past the point
of being palped

I notice you here
in my field
of spree
now I define you

as close to me
as spring is
the beginning yearly
poised to romp

and thus I simulate
beginning every day
midnight perennially
past forthcoming

8 Jan 2008

Vespers (39)

oh the river and I am irrelevant again
this purse these division problems
and the dark sky capable of better blue
injurious midnight is the reel unplayed
to simplify would mean the giving in the sleep
and tangents made into a main road
purpose equal to an accidental path
whose drive whose capture whose possession
waive my rights again
as I afford the random access tense
to glide through windows I have measured
having made an entry for them in my book

4 Jan 2008

Vespers (39)

all the boy sopranos populate my dream
these olive trees protect the measure of distraction
when soil changes there are sports to play
lit source of sunlight renegade the caveats
blend or be untimely drained
it is never morning anymore
the pale light sifts through spare trees
curtains separate an urgency from sight
the power of singing winds me
I will offer alto voice encompassing more vibrato
than is wanted in this stratosphere
where violet in due course comes down
to weigh a litle something once
our happiness is dry

2 Jan 2008

Vespers (38)

first midnight: wind
shuffles olive leaves.
contentment in practice
holds this house.

calfskin gloves somewhere.
keyboard the same.
letters on good
quality paper, beige.

beginning with you
and your purity
I write necessity.
I write you.

I take safety
not in stride
I walk home.
this is home.