30 Apr 2011

Donnington Castle

Donnington Castle, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

The ruined remains of a Castle in Donnington, Southern England.


2 Apr 2011

Spring Flowers (A Call for Peace and Unity)

Via Flickr: Essentially, a digital art abstract that was created in reaction to events that are unfolding across the world. The global disruption, economic down-turn and frenetic rate of change are worrying trends in the early 21st century. Hatred and selfishness seem to be endemic and the brutality is shameful. Even though there are positive changes, the rate of change is unprecedented and this leads to stress and, sometimes violent reactions. It seems that wars are an inevitable part of human nature; indeed it is better to fight than to be killed by your foe. However, it is worth remembering that working together achieves far more positive results that confronting each other in violent warfare. The "Cold War" of the 1980's taught us that a global holocaust is a sick and pointless possibility, where the human race could succumb to the dark side of its creative and ingenious nature. In this scenario all sides are losers. Simon