24 Dec 2011

During November 2011 (1. Burning a Poem)

Burning a poem

in love with you

forsooth as

letters fragment a page

to breathe an eye

for an eye

a tooth for a tooth

Sans doute! Yo soy

letters in flight

the flame of tongues

the crackle of spit

the lunge of meaning

perceived by

a sheath of being

This flesh of doing

by shards of letter fall

a glassy perusal

the body in motion;

the enigma of a

sideways glance

one is reminded of an Eastern


for the vines throughout your corps

Tongue by tongue

our lives are handed down

During November 2011 (2. Our Mother Tongue)

Thought by thought

words are welded here

our mother tongue,

turn begin again

Rushing water chances its thumbs

petering gridlock

the motorway is still

folding onto running wind

a copse by chance

a glassy siren

pulsing yellow, brick red


badgering arabesque trees

give way to painterly verde

a scrimmage of

prehensile brushes

make a prose of entwining sky,

an intelligent blur

for your photograph.

Women for moments elapsed

in cars chasing tails

as if

predicting the Cutty Sark,

walking through pitch green

passing food

through fingers by hand

Standing by the night of trees

porous nigh to the welt of sky

a young woman as amassed

as lean

in flickering light her body carved

her face

etched by anger

mute yet visceral.

During November 2011 (3. The Intrusive Poet)

And this! And this!

is reason or something

dissimilar, erudite

or an empty vessel

worthy or meaningless

The truth, a truth

or not a truth at all

or something as strange as

Galilean, as everything


or something that may not

resemble anything

at all

The Dromedary has one hump and

the Bactrian two and this should

be as clear as it is true!

During November 2011 (4. A Dance for Horus)

Spliced by several cataclysms

Persephone is diced

and a Falcon

became our sexual freedom,

a longing for truth

that otherwise

should not be written

for an Owl is greater

than an Eagle

and an Eagle Owl is neither.

Roll the dice

your hand is gratuitous,

the ecstasy of the female


chessing as the leaves of

a book a Jazz hand

flamboyant at the carvery

a Pigs head, a la morte

de la morte, rings the

pain of parting

And dessert is an open wound

Sisyphean, Dionysian

beyond the scope of words

we should paint or photograph

this Shakespearian moment

as feeding our culture,

as being its downfall.

Ballerinas dancing, balancing

the table on our laps

a twist of fate

as a die is thrown,

a finger points a la asymmetrical

vaginas pivoted West,

pirouettes through pork

and sherry trifles

Apples fall to the floor

and bread is soaked in wine

and whiskey.

The dancers' beauty by some

implicit chemistry alludes,

allegorically to a guest

masturbating then spurting

onto bread

fickle sliced

by scissored hands.

By luck, as near intrinsic

as truth

to the duck and mushrooms

vinaigrette, salsa and

oranges soaked in white rum,

for the steel of an

Achilles tendon

feathers Apollonian

A stage, a theatrical performance

via CCTV

slipped into shadows by

covert snappers

for Flickr and Youtube

Facebook or Twitter,

Art is consumed like a

Jackal at a lamb

and art's traces are sold for

greater monies

than to put this poor project

beyond the realms of imagination

borrowed, begged or stolen

bruised or finished by the

ups and downs

of inflation.

We must only see with adequate


and enquire with open minds

to witness the truth

we cannot escape

that we are the prisoners

of our own devices.

11 Dec 2011

A Consequence of Post Modernity

Misanthropy is the most essential and ubiquitous form of prejudice today.  Rather than sexism, racism, discrimination due to illness/disability or class, human beings intolerence of humanness (the state of being human) and other human beings is more sinister and encompassing. 

10 Dec 2011

The new "Internet art" (or poetry) may well lie beyond the Internet. I.e. a return to real-life! If this is so, which it probably is, then art/literary theory will have to go back up its arse and return to cancel its self out and begin again! Never mind!

Poetry/Art rebelled against postmodern, real-life by utilising the Internet, which was freeing, but now seems passe, dull, consumed by Capitalism, legislation, censorship, mediocrity and ironic, narcissistic navel-gazing. Perhaps, even worse than this, is the desperation for "fame", whatever that is? A kind of ironic, non-famous kudos, that fails to dull the line between those who really are famous and those who are not.

Therefore, the Internet (in its burgeoning early days we had hopes of a new 60's, intellectual, creative and democratic) has become a reflection of the societies that it criticised and became a much needed escape from. Put in more cogent terms, the Internet has become stale. A flag for Western, High Capitalism, Orwellian, Big-Brotheresque paranoia, stultifying legislation/censorship and a Media driven, sex-fuelled mythology that speaks to our genitals, before legislation "castrates" us of our normal, healthy needs!

I suppose that the Internet, now subsumed by societies, is beginning to take its place as another rather useless, but somehow essential modern-day, technological or mechanical device. Just like the TV sits in your living room and spouts a thousand channels of crap (and the odd, good program), or your car cocoons you like a neurotic cyborg and speeds you into gridlock, these inventions hang about as if we couldn't live without them. Somehow the notion of a spurious "advantage" of the above and other inventions persists in our postmodern, artificial lives. Sure, there were advantages of the car, but today you're quicker on a bike. Unless your going very far and can guarantee some clear roads, you may as well pedal or walk.

What are the new poetics? How will art respond to the stagnancy of the Internet? By returning to the real? Probably, at least for a while...  After all our transition is from distinct societies to global economies and cultures.  We can see this unfolding before our eyes as leaders from around the world struggle to cope with a global recession.  Maybe reality is becoming sweeter than the virtual?  It is by addressing real problems that artistic individuals can reflect on the major difficulties that we are currently experiencing.   This is surely a more fertile ground for creativity than the stultifying Internet, that has always been compromised by excessive information and questionable quality?

6 Nov 2011

Altering Definitions

Altering Definitions, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Via Flickr:
Thank you to Julie Brocklehurst (XstockX) for allowing me to use her photo in this picture :-)




Untitled, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Via Flickr:
Thank you to Julie Brocklehurst (XstockX) for allowing me to use her photo in this picture :-)



31 Oct 2011

Shifting Meanings

Shifting Meanings, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Via Flickr:
Thank you to Julie Brocklehurst (XstockX) for allowing me to use her photo in this picture :-)



30 Oct 2011

The Moon, a Legal Tender Breaking in Pitch Water

Via Flickr:
Baroque musings (and contemporary aesthetics!).

Thank you to Johanna Chambers for allowing me to use her photo (self portrait) in this image. :-)



23 Oct 2011

Interesting demo/conflict in New York (Occupy Wall Street).

1 Oct 2011

23/09/2011 (Deep Yellows)

Gestures, features, a face in a
this is an illusion.

I should play my hand.

23/09/2011 (Blue Tones, Purple)

Opus cunnilingus
a breath for a door
this is jurisdiction 1
Carved by plate tectonics
a name for a rock

and roll, CODA: persistent
ritardando to Beethoven's 9th
Monteverdi then a purple knob
the agora

testicles. Do you have your key?
Barbara Streisand. Monotony
monotony sophistication monotony
stasis new technology

regression. The child is all conquering
enfant terrible chastising
this implicit monotony.
One day they will rule the World
is your back door locked?

The Mona Lisa hangs in the Louvre
ambiguity is her clarity
its global appeal. In jurisdiction
5 we must faint at a cadaver
compliant like children

I can't help you with that.
Hang your key behind the door.

23/09/2011 (Red to Green)

Baroque becomes a consideration
incestuous like property
other than an answer
carved by propensity
money is unacceptable tender

during jurisdiction Zero
the pleasures of the flesh
baroque becomes an unambiguous tenure

I like Carp fishing four
memories explicitly

the Moon, a legal tender
breaking in pitch water
animal and justified, a
trout on the table, palpable

diction, reasons are

Classical by clear waters
a velocity, a room with a view.
Dionysion without borders
an answer to a baroque insistence
contrived by illusion

Make sure you lock your front door.

24 Sep 2011

A Pulsar in Hyper-real Space

A Pulsar in Hyper-real Space, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Via Flickr:
Abstract Digital Art inspired by astrophysics/astronomy.


16 Sep 2011

I am the World

I am the World, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Via Flickr:
Thank you to the beautiful Johanna Chambers for allowing me to use her photo in this picture.



Apercu nella entre rotate stimmung

Apercu canto nella betwixt stimmung ruse murmur

tacit consaperolezza circulate falcon soar

Apercu song ruse proposition nella circ volver act

shun pastiche epidermis conquistador

pour la distance

“Innita spoils her 20/20 …. and it's not bad news”. The Moulin Rugit FM Radio-interview.

Year One, 95.
Paris, France.
Monday, September 12, 2011.

(note: unpolished English)
This is Maurice Rugit on Moulin Rugit FM. This morning we have a liveradio interview with Guitar-riff-lover Colombian rocker Innita presenting “Blueless” and a detailed plot of her upcoming second album called "20/20".

In a bold move, you released “Blueless” yesterday, a guitarless synthpop song as the first 20/20 single . We know you love rock hard with guitars, so what is behind this strong change of direction?

Well, It's not really a sound change, it's more a wider spectrum of tunes in my work. I really like doing concept albums. My debut album, “Rockanrose” was a concept album too, but this new one is larger, four times more. The narrative background is more detailed this time, with more changes of moods in the story itself as well as in its characters. So, “20/20” could be perceived as a kind of soundtrack, and it means the need for composing in a eclectic way. Although it's mainly an electric guitar-driven rock album, I include some piano songs and synthpop songs and acoustic songs.

“Blueless” have that 80s synth feeling, and its space-age themed lyrics let us know some of the thematic involved, or am i wrong? I could tell it's a sci-fi story.
Not really. 20/20 is about being clueless in this world. 20/20 deals with vanity, money, lost loves, lost friends, blurred hopes, the pursuit of success, and of course the naivety that brings having dreams. So, I want to include that naive-happy longing-love song type, and yes, very 80s as you said, in the predominantly dark tune of the story. 20/20 has that pink emotional peaks and deep-blue valleys, as the 3d cyan/magenta pair. That's why I called “Blueless” this first single. This song is a light upbeat peak lost into the wild deep valley of the human condition. It's optimistic.

Yesterday you also released the complete 20/20 tracklist, 40 songs-lenght compendium divided in 10 chapters. Huge! With the titles, I confess I 'm pretty intrigued about the story. Can you give an exclusive synopsis to our listeners ….. and to me as well?
Ok, Ok, but you must know I know you Radio show hosters use their listeners in a polite way of having guests giving exclusive previews for yourselves (Laughs). It's not that I'm not Ok with that. In fact, I'll give you an extended synopsis, if that term makes sense (Giggles).

I'm dying to hear it.
20/20 has 3 main characters: Polly Wood, San Diego-Born Rolls-Royce crasher actress, she has that Lindsay Lohan-esque vibe. Magenta Rojas, a money-troubled Tijuana-Born Writer, the older and best Polly's friends in her childhood, 4-5 years older than Polly, she had that Kafka-esque hard luck life. And Cyanne D'arc, a Parisienne Ballet dancer, Magenta's ex-girlfiriend, same age as Wood's, 20.

Same age as you.
Yes, but it is not a kind of autobiographical story.

Please, go on, I won't interrupt you anymore. I can't wait (wink).
(Sneers)All right. The story begins with Polly Wood surviving her aforementioned Rolls Royce crash, as a result of a deranged emotional collapse by being dumped by her girlfriend days ago. And days after the crash, Polly learnt her childhood closest friend, Magenta, died by starvation. It's like her old friend did it on purpose, mix of economical and emotional depression transformed in a slow suicide by stop eating, and Polly wanders about she having survived and being rich and sucesssful, in contrast with Magenta, dead poor. In Magenta's apartment, Police finds an unpublished Spanish-written manuscript of her, an autobiographical novel called “Hambre” (Hunger). The book is published and it's a huge sucess, best-seller. And so, a Hollywood adaptation of the book is on the run, casting Polly as play the role of Magenta.

Yes. The film is a blockbuster. Magenta gains posthumus both cult and mainstream fandom. Polly found herself in a guilt trip since the film started and in a higher level -or lower depending of the viewpoint- now, feeling very uncomfortable being richer and more famous by using the Magenta's life, as if her own life was empty itself. And rubbing salt into wounds, Magenta's ex-girlfriend, Cyanne, ends up knowing Polly personally, and then dating her and falling in love with her. Cyanne sees in Polly as Magenta's live sequel (Innita darkly giggles).

Definetely a rock opera vibe so far. Please go on.
Thanks! ( Innita shows him a big smile). Academy Award for Best Actress is winned by Polly for her role as Magenta, but even with that, the Polly-Cyanne relationship is victimized by both paparazzi and yellow journalism. And TV industry sees profit on this, convincing Polly of doing a Larry David-esque self-mocking sitcom of her life, with dark humor situations about being sucessful at expenses of her friend's death as well as having her dead firend's ex-girlfriend as a romantic gain too. And then …. at this point I've happily spoiled too much but I don't want to spoil all of it by telling 20/20's conclusion. Of course, if I was a writer I hadn't tell you nothing but a few words of the plot. But this is only Rock 'N' Roll, and I like it that way ( winks).

“ Too Much Information”, citing Duran Duran, but in a good way. This was a super sized-gift.You left me too much to think. Althought I know you stay here on Paris for several months, I will long for having you again, soon, maybe next week, in a live sessions of “Blueless”.
Oh la la, Cést trés chic. Of Course I'll be here.

OK! Well, Innita, I have to confess we on Moulin Rugit FMmake the Innita live session poster already, Au revoir!
(Laughs) It's Ok , as long as you don't put [sitcom style] laugh track on this live interview!


"Blueless", first single of "20/20", can be listened here.

8 Aug 2011


After watching the news on television today; the possibility of a double-dip recession in the US, much concern about the economies of major European players, rioting in London, UK, massive cuts to charities (UK) and continual uprisings in numerous countries across the World, I believe it is time to seriously consider cancelling out global debts in as fair a way as possible. If this prevents an economic depression then it would be very worthwhile, we only have to read modern history to realise this.
Cast your mind back approximately 15 years ago, when public pressure helped influence the G8 countries decision to cancel out debt, owed by developing or undeveloped countries to Western countries. This proves that the strategy of cancelling out debt is not "pie in the sky" but a plausible and sensible option. Of course, it all depends on those who are already powerful and wealthy and whether they wish to see a fairer world for the majority of people, rather than upholding a series of national and global systems that only benefits themselves.

Comments appreciated....

7 Aug 2011

Chateau Versaille 2: How a Pilgrimage to Chateau Versaille Causes La Danse Automatique

Chateau Versaille's juxtaposition of crowds of tourists from the world-over, beside 17th Century architecture, art, design and pictorial representations of French Royalty, really "struck a chord" with me. Indeed, Chateau Versaille is a work of art and the "Post modern phenomena" of global tourism creates its own aesthetic. Both together made me think of a theatrical performance on a global stage, a "danse automatique", unchoreographed and oblivious to a third juxtapostion of art; the "Postmodern photographer" reflecting on contemporary life and the state of the arts.

Pictorially, my main concerns with this photograph were to exploit the 3D elements of the photo, enhance the light (source and reflections) and to capture some rather strange, dance like movements of the tourists! Hopefully I've acheived this! :-)


3 Aug 2011

Poem 03/08/2011

Ultra ecriture
what's the deadline?
cochon ou chaconne du plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose
then Egypt("ology").
Cumming art

30 Jul 2011

Problems have a habit of forming
circular arguments
a route well worn by Sisyphus

A number of circular arguments
form a holism
and the breath of life
forms a portal

Education cleanses us of the need
to ask why portals form
and breathe new life
into contradictions and
waves of falsity
that barely inhabit cultures
alien to a media generated

reportage upon reportage upon reportage;

solipsism for second guessers
a prism for the blind

The sea inhabits creatures
this portal is a refusal to see
the sea as the land and
birds adopt the sky and this
portal binds mankind
by a refusal to see the blackness
of Space

Women are oracles that warn
or suggest (im)possible futures
we should stagger them lightly
but for the plight of Armardas
to come and far gone.

I turn the page
for not understanding
may bind us to wisdom
for wisdom is truer than knowledge
but far rarer

Wisdom is neither construction
deconstruction nor destruction
it is the poverty of mind
in the face of the consequence
of mankind

And this is neither something nor
nothing but the fruit upon
earnings. And this well trodden
path is learning, a game far
truer than knowing

Nature is our condition
and our condition is natural
like Icarus, we wish to fly
before we can walk
amongst ourselves

I turn the page
for less this
we may have learnt nothing
and by wisdom
we would be foolish to be wise
when we are as star struck as children
as blinded by knowledge
as a mole to the Sun

The will to fly is not
flight but the attempt
to soar
to observe all meanings

Then it would be wise
to reinvent the wheel
as those before us
have travelled by
different guises

Simon Harris 2011

15 Jul 2011

The Impossibility of Postmodernism

Via Flickr:
Original photo was taken at the Louvre, Paris. The statue in the background is of a Roman goddess. Thank you to XstockX for allowing me to use her photo in this picture, that I layered over the top of the original photo, adding digital effects.




Distance breeds contempt breeds distance

12 Jun 2011


Solstice, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Thank you to XstockX (Julie Brocklehurst) for letting me use her beautiful photo in this picture. Here she is obscured by my digital effects! ;-)



8 May 2011


Essentially, an "indeterminate" or Dada poem created from spontaneous ideas, overheard conversations and "found objects" via the Internet, television, etc. I layered this over a photograph of the British countryside to create an impression of "ownership", however uncertain and ironic, during uncertain times.

The photograph was edited to add to the impression of irony and uncertainty.


30 Apr 2011

Donnington Castle

Donnington Castle, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

The ruined remains of a Castle in Donnington, Southern England.


2 Apr 2011

Spring Flowers (A Call for Peace and Unity)

Via Flickr: Essentially, a digital art abstract that was created in reaction to events that are unfolding across the world. The global disruption, economic down-turn and frenetic rate of change are worrying trends in the early 21st century. Hatred and selfishness seem to be endemic and the brutality is shameful. Even though there are positive changes, the rate of change is unprecedented and this leads to stress and, sometimes violent reactions. It seems that wars are an inevitable part of human nature; indeed it is better to fight than to be killed by your foe. However, it is worth remembering that working together achieves far more positive results that confronting each other in violent warfare. The "Cold War" of the 1980's taught us that a global holocaust is a sick and pointless possibility, where the human race could succumb to the dark side of its creative and ingenious nature. In this scenario all sides are losers. Simon

20 Mar 2011


Floral, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Thank you to XstockX for letting me use her photo in this image :-)



11 Mar 2011

11/03/2011 (The Red Sun Will Rise Once More.....)

Eerily O'reilly something strange and then cartograph
ousted as music your Faustian topography Sunning
Whimsically Proust benign in suffrage cloisters
ravishing Devonian

Sisyphus Cartesian embryonic Catholic preacherman
Causality Utopian Bahia genesis surreptitious
isotropic amino acids scouting perverse logic mammary
viscose bubbling

abstraction carcinogenic mucus product sweeps //arabesque//
foot to star face as visage, coda poco meno mosso Copernicus et Picasso
etre atomic affect consultant choice Delacroix
Excalibur neotopian buziness ma fleur elle conc
sense rebuke reform recapture privileged (es)
sans doubt (rien/tout)

calling out bazuke re domes assess assess a point ceci
red sun a carcinogenic Freudian slip in a paradigm
great waves dream time prefixed spasmodic rhythm en pointe
chassis turn step right per favore and pyramidal arms right a digit

Murmur deuterium nuclear force parallelogram
matrices concision hemispheric rumbling Earth costly
affects cars in the air careering trees spoiled brat
conscious unconscious preconscious paraconscious

broiling fortresses of little monsters a caveat
of unfathomable inhumanity a reasons so insane
hand to mouth reach turn and stare at the audience
//arabesque// colloquialism dada pointing towards
the (abrupt)

Southern Hemisphere We Winter here Nunnery
consumed by Jupiter metronome=80
Mosaic midwifery text message advertising
pornography crushed by water

in this great city a tumultuous sea
crashing through me reining in sunshine
the sky we thought nothing of
and my family straining my eyes my mind

quickly and unexpectedly facing

Simon Harris

Video from BBC

6 Mar 2011

True Confessions.

The Making Of Rockanrose, 1.
Innita's makeover.

Saturday, March 5, 2011.
(Excuse any flaws of my broken English, again.)

Back in , June 11 2010 I did make a kind of back-to-the-basics feeling about Innita when I picked her new album's title: “Rockanrose”: rock as thornes, love as roses, the synopsis of my Innita's attitude (by the way, the lack of the “d” in the title was purposedly avoiding male item if it could had been “Rock-andros-e”). It has been a long road since then. Weeks before that, my manager had hired a couple of female creative consultants. We have lots of meetings. They were like producers for a musician/band or like curators for a fine artist: it is, lot of healthy laughs but also lot of headaches. The best advice they gave me was focusing the face of Innita in one single model. For years the face of Innita had several models, from then-girlfriends to anonimous faces found on internet and printed magazines. Their advice was great, but making it real was another thing. I couldn't achieve to draw the right face ….for weeks! simply I had no satisfaction. I was stressed those weeks, even I was close to given up all Innita project, as pathetic as that I felt. Until one early november night, via Facebook friends' posts, I watched Taylor Momsen, singer of The Pretty Reckless, on “Makes Me Wanna Die” video-clip. I youtube-ed more videos and I watched her singing on Letterman's show and I was hooked-up with her onstage voice. Minutes later, I did read about the making of “Makes Me Wanna Die” video, and its original narration was Taylor Momsen, band's frontwoman, singer and song-writer, walking in a progressive striptease till get naked in a cementery and die, but Taylor is 17, so legally impossible to do it, she, a nudist-at-heart!

I didn´t know nothing about Taylor Momsen. I knew about her for that video-clip. I just remind one single photo of Gossip Girl's cast, but I never watched that series before. That night I knew she was an actress because Luis Fernando, a close vegan friend, told me that same night, along with sending me another video's link, “miss Nothing”, where she represents Mary Magdalene. A couple of weeks later, I decided Taylor being my “official” reference-model for drawing Innita. I even reduced Innita's breast again inspired in Momsen's body.

Being Innita a rockstar in the vegan-dream radial-world, some of actual Innita's-story-followers had naivedly related Innita with the superstar Lady Gaga of this world. But no. Sorry but comparing the boring Gaga's “Born this way” with Taylor Momsen wearing “I F*ck for Satan” T-shirt, both news of these days, Taylor wins Gaga by far.

Finally, I did want to release “Rockanrose” album today, Innita's birthday, but the chair for Innita's voice is still empty, so back in December I realized we ( me and Esteban Martinez, the composer) couldn´t make it, so I picked Taylor's birthday for releasing it in a symbolic heart-felt 'acknowledgment'. The quest for Innita's voice is still on the run.

continuará .....
to be continued .....


model / modelo: Taylor Momsen

3 Mar 2011


NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (NHS), originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Unnecessary complexity, chaos, financial woe and a gradual erosion are all symptoms of a sick NHS in the UK. However, most of us who reside in the UK already know this, so I opted for a more subtle conceptual approach that can be compared to a mechanism of infinite complexity, that cannot do the job that it was originally created to do.

I also attempted to address abitrariness and the intrinsic nature of the NHS to British culture/society, both conceptually and actually. I won't expand on these ideas any further in written form, because the perception of the viewer is intrinsic to the arts, particularly to abstract art.

The idea of inserting text into the already complex visual forms, was to attempt to render the text partially unreadable and to partially cohere text with the visual forms. Some words retain an identity seperate from the visual forms and "shout out" phrases, some that appear to be abitrary and others, such as "Whistleblow" "Car Crash" "Corporate" and "illegal" that have a direct relevence to the overriding concept of the work.


22 Jan 2011

4 (back/fore)

e ti myzze car poll a' con de ti rope fa cloak
sew ri et et/ et et de pope car
soo ja com be set tete quest ci
pour do car glo seek sin t ed. proof
car jam

Car k k k cha cha cha chakra
a la per favore de cultus yeux fait accompli
sa sa (ba) seperate (ba) ici la'
the internet is shite


If, like me an app. is work then
you are a powerful subjectivity ought
to be caught counting remedies
arbitrary and implicitly stupid

a trace of potency by proxy (policy)
shards of the Western empire (defines)
like an insane history reeling (humanness)
before your eyes (fearfully)

Counter-slippage, your body its
resonant subjectivity, animalistic beauty and
a crime of movement
resolves democracy

powerful and beautiful you confine
such personal activities to the Internet
and espouse its freedoms
as corporeal yet

slippage contracts by spaces improbable
money is driven and is parried by the actual
your finger is free by a lonely individuality
to touch your vagina

and by this intense
a sex for the sexless


Red Red

Red Red, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Thank you to Julie (Xstockx) for allowing me to use her beautiful photos in this picture :-)


A Moments Sleep

A Moments Sleep, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Abstract Digital Art :-)


2 Jan 2011

happy and healthy 2011

happy and healthy 2011

als |
ik de |
macht zou hebben |

dan |
zou ik |
jou geluk geven |

ik |
heb die |
macht gelukkig niet |

daarom |
wens ik |
jou dat geluk |
i wielded
the one power

i would
give you happiness

i don't
have that power

i wish
you that happiness

1 Jan 2011

Trace 2

Trace 2, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Thank you to Julie (XstockX) for letting me use her photos in this picture.