17 Apr 2010

Don't tell me I'm not haunted
I'm a ghost I'm a ghost
in a weld in a mesh
a kernel or animal

My old man, air is full of caffeine and this inertia
as for global art; to shake post modernity
and find its only originality, its "sweetness and light"
would be testament to disconnecting your broadband

Do I know you?
If so then
who the fuck are you?
Bella! Bella Nella?
Bella Nella D'ella betwixt
the curtain and the stage
fright, night, flight of
tragedy and comedy (between, of her)

And don't you
I couldn't tell you knows
alright with out doubt
par journee pas jamais
any raison at all (ne)
(I) other than knowing of your
selfless brigand of Surrealism
Potented (pointe)
pissed by numerical codes
shitting up the hole in art
clunky of it
and you don't!

Welkomme select a product to view
like a goat cackling erst its own(ership) coat

fuck off E