27 Feb 2010

text for a new (yet unimagined) picture

You can't (I) and then construe the robots like science thou secular morality
wears thin by technology and governed by politicians oh! false tyger, by this we conceive a place for humanity next to commerce

Turn your computer on
for religious compliance esoterica 72105 11-21.6 component 9 c'est rocks!
Our mothers were art moths cappuccino, myther glutinous vendors or windows carapace (you) delineate the forth stage of practice I am a shade of hue

Hang on I don't know you dominant do you live here? Well not in your flat! Really? 2 doors away... For 7 years! To think I've never seen you! Animal I thought you were a fucking painting something like what you get at Cyclops. I have one of those memorable faces. People think I am in adverts. Fucking! Yes, fucking! :-) Well friends cost money I can't afford it. Did you say that? Yes, it was me! Time is so expensive now. Yes, I know friends are much cheaper on the Internet.

Drinking causes damage that you can't see Autumnal driving causes damage that you can see but can't afford to preach as there is no evidence of cost-effectiveness. Mesmer do you remember before the partners and minors act? We weren't paid to oppose parentless minors... Do you remember? I can't seem to remember any more but music helps to fill in the gaps where ideas once roamed.