31 Dec 2007

Between Nothing and Something

Physics tells us that everything can be categorized into one of the following types of matter;


Of course, this is an oversimplification of human experience and reality. Since science still seems to be accepted as the main way of perceiving "reality", at least in the West, then it may be useful to point out that we may need to consider a fourth category of substance.

This substance could be called an "in between substance", a substance that lies between nothing and something, existence and non-existence.

Examples of this substance include the following;

spiritual experience
"dark matter"
the Internet (?)
"atmospheres" and "sensing"
body awareness
spatial awareness

Many of these substances (or states) we know exist, however we cannot say what they are or what they are comprised of. From a scientific point of view, they cannot be measured nor can they be proved to exist, however it is obvious that some of these substances do exist.

Considering these substances or states may help us to turn our attention towards them and, therefore we can better comprehend them. However, it may be useful to accept that, using established methods of comprehending ourselves and our world, we cannot understand them any better than we do. In this case we may have to adapt our methods of understanding "reality" to accept the existence of this "substance". However, not being able to explain the constitution of something does not mean it is not existent.

Interestingly, even though science has difficulty with these ideas/phenomena and, therefore rejects them, the layman readily accepts many of these experiences. Many people have a strong understanding of emotions in themselves and they are able to accurately read them in other people, yet they have no scientific training. Nor do they have difficulty with the idea that emotions exist, even though scientifically, they are essentially immeasurable and defy scientific scrutiny regarding their constitution.

People commonly and automatically use intuition, hunches and sense "atmospheres". People readily accept and practice religious and spiritual experiences. Of course, science cannot cope with such abstract phenomena; scientific method would reject these experiences as non-existent.

The occurrence of "in between states, or substances" is nothing new. Historically people have been aware of this and nothingness (including pointlessness) and "in between states" are common occurrences and themes in our Postmodern times. Indeed science its self, has come across similar states of matter, for example; neutrinos (that are both existent and non existent) and dark matter (also known as anti matter) that astrophysicists believe fills much of the universe.

In fact laymen (I use the term "layman" to refer to scientific laymen, in this essay) have a better conception of an "in between substance" than scientists. It is non-scientists that are turning to acupuncture, homeopathy and other "scientifically unprovable" types of health treatments, due to the failure of scientifically-based, allopathic medicine. Medical science is very slowly catching up with the more broad-minded attitudes of the general public. The general public are also taking practical steps to find solutions to Postmodern problems, such as increased immigration and increasing multi-culturalism, etc. Scientists seem to spend much time creating irrelevant, time consuming research and trying to convince us that phenomena is verifiable by scientific method. By this time, the general public have already found solutions.

The imaginative arts have shown curiosity towards nothingness, the limits of scientific method and the existence of "in between substances" for decades. Unfortunately, arts practitioners have often been labelled as incomprehensible by non-artists and completely ignored by academic and scientific disciplines.

Multiculturalism is having a more profound effect upon Western culture than many of us expected. In fact the influence of people from different cultures is turning established, Western thought upside down. This is a period of transition that can be difficult to adjust to. However, people from other cultures bring new experiences and perceptions to Western life. Multiculturalism is one factor of many that is causing people to perceive "reality" or "realities" differently. It is evident that people from non-Western cultures can have very different approaches to comprehending ourselves and our world.

Returning to the imaginative arts, I believe it is important to point out that they allow free thought, therefore arts practitioners can consider subjects such as "in between substances", the limitations of scientific inquiry, etc. without fear of ridicule. In doing so, the imaginative arts have brought comprehension and clarity to these subjects that, from an intellectual point-of-view, would not even have been considered.

Therefore, academic and scientific subjects need to apply more free-thinking, more creativity to their method and subject-matter. By doing this we can begin to approach less tangible subject- matter from more practical perspectives. Artistic (creative) thought should be applied to academic and scientific thought.

vespers 37...(fill-in-the-blanks attitude)

consciousness flutters to quiet
a small guide is seen floating upwards
now the gesture bird enlists space
a new pantheon is born, sofia

plans blend
the little Dracula paws the night scene attentively
inside the mind a window
into a honey & ivory pandemonium
just beyond the light, glass borders
onto puddles of hyperborean cold
intelligence evaporates with wince

tarnished postmodern mysteries on shelves
(shelf life of occupation polishes perception)
Hopi clay statues victimized

'when I close my eyes'
I see the shades of previous pasts with
some specific spirit
stuck deep into the Scythian night clay
powdery wings close ranks yes
yes, statues in search of continental thieves
in eternal groves where victim texts divide

to sleep appears unrushed
but continental interpreters in tails do sleep

room of text elastic as all summer

Vespers (37)

consciousness flutters to quiet


now the gesture bird enlists space


plans blend


inside the mind a window


just beyond the light, glass borders


intelligence evaporates with wince


shelf life of occupation polishes perception


'when I close my eyes'


some specific spirit


powdery wings close ranks yes


to sleep appears unrushed


room of text elastic as all summer

30 Dec 2007

Fire and Water

Thank you to the glamorous Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this image.

see what's new

26 Dec 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this image.

21 Dec 2007

to Sheila...

the smooth outcast

is whispering

head down

the place of truth whispers

about the truth of place

as it sees it


make an account of my syllables

all over the story 's whispering modes

: inference :

a blatant blond unison

unisons me

with force

my story is heavily formatting noises

heresy matter

i am

castaway on a much lower place

for ever practising

emblem noises

Vespers (36)

in my head
a dance nobody
does now
matter comes
to life

whisper someone's
sleeping and
has been for hours
the voices have kept
down to a whisper

come morning
we will feel outcast
on account of all the unison
or noise approximating

tell me a story
whispers the open
being subsumed
under an emblem heart

some ritual takes the place
of blond and stress free
while other modes
allow in inference
with bells on
one might say

a quiver on her lower lip
and I fill in the blanks
with maybe heresy
or blatant truth
or simply syllables
to hold my place

18 Dec 2007

Vespers (35)

tonight the traffic singsong
breezes by
smooth shine of tires
simple sacrament of small facade
the errand's center obvious
with repetition
shell game juxtaposed with
clear intention
inattention fuels unconscious flow
turned episodes
and miles away
some snow clouds
and grace note clouds
and thread clouds
with a yellowing and pink
with haze of lavender
and gray mix
cat fur beneath the hand
span of attention melted
intuition where shrill thought would be

15 Dec 2007

Seven of December

sunlight sparkles on
the cities

thinning daytime
seven of December

two thousand seven
on delayed

lived once
my beloved Tom


Thank you to Miss Boux :-) For the use of her photographs in this picture

he he he, crescent

porn sexual knocks down media emotionally. My manners
like the artists /the people with hypereally sexual minds.
art over laughable selves.

porn for ever.

viewers, naive, porn of porn porn that purport simple skills won
phenomenon: decorative porn via Internet selves.

and complete content is art quasi-spiritual photography of experience- sexual
purpose rather art / virtual attitudes of viewer/audience vs. sexual art experience

i am line.

Ultimately cerebral photographers/digital People are makers
cognitively arousing photography to prepare
porn life and art of porn

they gradually sense art


hypereality photography
editing the surrounding sexual mind

14 Dec 2007

Art and Porn (brief notes)

- Art and Porn
I felt it was time that someone addressed this issue. Pornography is becoming more accessible, more popular. Of course, this is largely due to the Internet and it is gradually having a knock on effect on culture, off line. I believe it is important to distinguish between reality (off line) and on line experience, which is hypereal beyond the extent of the hypereality that we experience in every day life, off line.

Ultimately the Internet will cease to amaze us so much and will become like the car, telephone and television. Important, but part of every day life and, at times rather dull. Bearing this in mind, porn is used by more people than ever. I find the idea of a complete virtual experience of porn, perhaps leading to quasi-spiritual experience via computer interfaces naive, shallow and laughable. Maybe, the most important concern surrounding porn at the moment is in art and photography. When does art become porn?

My opinion is that porn is art. People that create porn use all the skills of film production/direction, photography and photo editing that accepted film makers and photographers/digital artists use. Conceptually, porn equates with other art forms, in the sense that it is an attempt to communicate human experience and elicit a response in the viewer/audience. It could be argued that porn only attempts to arouse sexual feelings in its audience, at the expense of other mental experience. However, I am not won over by this argument. Whereas art can be a cerebral experience, eliciting all manner of emotional, cognitive and spiritual phenomena in viewers, art can also be purely decorative or it may attempt to say something simple and one-dimensional. It seems to me that the current debate over art and porn can only be answered by ourselves. Are we prepared to accept media that conveys sexual content purely for the purposes of arousing sexual feelings in the viewer, as art? This argument is not really about art, it is about our attitudes towards emotions.

11 Dec 2007

finical logic ( LOL)

success is pray
the said successor - prayer

all the centers in the preposition writhe
with fever
and little energies explode in quiet black
in vagrant window black sparks
that blindfold

he said that preposition travels down in rainbow fashion- arc-like
a rainbow unexplained
that sudden fever is emerging as distant unsaid ribbons
as cloudpuffs. directional. as ghosts.

futility of better energy in better prepositions
may happen.

a pantomime of fever, i wonder ?

criteria successors
survey free space in dialect
like bats

new patent

Vespers (34)

intention gathers energy to emerging centers of the self left out
to space. one writhes in being
what one has become. one has bequeathed to the unlikely successors
(whose criterion is to last)
employs a list of fated tools
and documents what happens next.

for now I think
my sleep once watched
differs from its own act.
I am an evidence who has slept poorly
due to travel next in line.

directional futility is better left unsaid.
ribbons confine shared preposition
to unlikelihood.

what kind of window do you think you will miss moist.
oh rainbow ones, she said in dialect.

put simply, no one wants to practice
anything. one wants unexplained success
to fiter down or to to have been perspired
into a consciousness for better
or for worse.

slide into home is not a prayer.
nor is a simulation of the lord.
nor is a pantomime one talks up
to aspire.

the fever one has notice must come back
will aftercare its way to points
just distant from the faintest notion
that made our helping fit the definition of suffice.

9 Dec 2007


Psychedelic digital work

6 Dec 2007

patches of this

come to be
serious about

and sure
sugarish root lime

spackly dreaded depths
and sorghum

up you
practical joking spud

I wish you
would jeririg

mine but
the borrowed one

you claim is
yours alone

what waltz
lies under vertigo


vouz en dance movements

a glamorous memory partner that steps in

crushing my pauvre inuit events

my extravagant lit elbow pose


his video movements

thoughts masturbate rising an elbow tent in minutes

the ready insiducessence of sex in 2 posit- ion kicks

walks disjointed into posit- ion


figures recently evacuous figures explain the movements alien

the Freudian intended arm is trope clean regulation

it connects yes 2 lungs, echoes that extraordinary LoLing moon that steps out

from behind the shed

kicks cascade man's irregular mystery

partner with concubines on hard shifts squash position

partner with glamorous fallacy in a runaround combustibule quantum

concubine figures watch

and squash

discolour that memory partner


his masturbating heart

I' m position

5 Dec 2007

elicit figures have distorting
ceased to explain recently
the any trope posit-
ion de objet nous

flack is intended to squash spirit LoLing Freudian echoes in moon lit tar pert in entertainment 4 releases evacuous head 4 6 figures reminder to cascade in init intuit inuit. Par terse cunnilingus post

A welder by heart, I find implicit in dance roofers thatcher the usefulness of footsteps particularly in a crowd of 3 people

recent videos have implied that a full masturbate should echo regulation of sunbeds and other devices that may discolour ones lungs, intoxicate clean as rope and other mothing insiducessence of glamorous dirty sex

par vouz extraordinary events
since elbows are steps pose event in a tent
93 yellow is the future and the memory
partner for business or sex or scoot
atomos concubine corrugate cumulate
marriage to alien

parboil escent abscension felis vulpes

mostly when writing I create numerous hand movements or walk then shift my arm to an irregular position

Jazz lunge and kick walk around don't stay at the side because your partner will receive an elbow in her face! I know! and ladies watch your 6 inch heels on the cha cha cha moves yes that's 2 and a half turns for the man. No I'm not fucking ready 2 minutes man 2 minutes

the first page should
be on the right
the second on the left
the third is the mystery
of the pigeon
apathetic fallacy fellatio felicidades
the fourth an action an reaction
complex disjoint
the fifth scream
6 calm happiness Reiki head massage
the quantum nexus
pour vous
runaround runaround
is a thought orbiting
blue colour blue

4 Dec 2007

Vespers (33)

May your eternity become the window,
and the deftness of your human heart
be safely free to vary there
with compass to afford you grace.

Pagination once injurious should be contained
now with irrelevance of weather
and assumed names that invoke the decibels,
all summer auspices of made peace lingering.

A fortress from the quiet of the snow
may you have hundreds of light points
gathered that remain the crux
of your certain divinity.

You should be spared the sacrifice
of how your spirit ventures into
frontier capture with the simulated
chastity amounting to pure thought.

All daylight rests within
a chiseled winter, statuesque
that draws longing from each space
between contrasting glints of ice.

2 Dec 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux and CGRob for allowing me to use their photographs in this image

29 Nov 2007

Vespers (32)

releases syllables
until our silences

begin to match
the unknown,

of central
tendency, as if

and only if
the known

meaning without
recourse, thereby retraction

permanence unwhittled might
drive daylight

shadow of
nightfall, mellow twin

both resisting and
accepting contrast,

26 Nov 2007


(paginationsymphonizes (deconstricted squirrel with tail
caught in mid-air

fuckartmachineindeepsleep sleeptalks to the insight machine
tense schizophre (pastwind -entre drives -trafficwind)
magnifies time exoskeleton

(pagination with
meltdown elbows

I'm a star pieced here

(somebody stole my EXQUISITE cadavulator....wanna it back !! i am a nobody without it ...)

25 Nov 2007

My Signature Tastes Right of Way

tenacity is what
you bought when
you fought me
or four-fold
light rail
pulsing city dots
to here and
letting go of us
to venture
there and helms
with shutters near
I challenge
clear signals
to make flight
openly declarative
when morning
within morning
seeps into
whatever depths

Crescent/Sheila Murphy

wind different (safety
lean page (of sleep
to bear on (surface
this (yet pieced


wind neoplasticism
(past tense
this now (pagination symphonizes
mercy (matrilin

the white page the not a white
white page

a4 [spgfdo it's

not arthur 'er i

I luv cigarettes

anxiety loose schizophre
of sleep to bear on
past tense to mood that drives (a riven
choreline (magnifies

yow film star yoo
pornographic art

fuck off I'm smoking them

dreams 697 xm
port a feld
en'tre 7
push a bad thump for insight

machine I luv you
this is the best I've eva known it man

economic meltdown

elbows in
core skill 23 dream machine
corrus post u cum here to c u
94 eroor G
plague of herrings happiness moon shine 59

23 Nov 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux and CGRob for allowing me to use their photos in this image. I really enjoyed doing this one!

Vespers (31)

simplicity (preached locus
braves sweetness (filled
and the shrill (fate

sixty six degree (uncombed
morning by (way of
contrast (knowing

and (rejoinder
pain made (plainsong
vivid at center (hear

depth settles in (command
one locates (commencement
sleep (upon a lovely

ritual (trail
healing past (lumbering sun
the ritual cleanse (drops down

I treasure while (holding
you reassure (the present
intaken (handsome

then (weightlift seeds
released warm (caveat
clarity once placed (whole

against clean cotton (here
and lifted (forward
from (learning

relic (each
peace with (a pleasure
comfort and containment (bless

18 Nov 2007


anecdotally quotable brigands
telescoping into
to ramificate
blessings of democracy

Vespers (30)

daughter embellishes the brittle mother
night amounts to branches
that insist upon these windows
in succession

if a conversation were split open
part of it would equal
monologic breath transisting
toward thought also lifted

speaking acts upon the silence
with another in the room
somewhere a world enclosed
in being slips into a deeper world

this is how one reaches
to encompass the approaching
place of cool moist
time of heart when heat is left behind

17 Nov 2007


Psycholdelia, Abstraction and Realism!! Thank you to MissBoux (mysterious and charming) for allowing me to use her photographs in this picture :-)

15 Nov 2007

Vespers (29)

wheel conforms to (figured
winter forms (past tense
this now (pagination symphonizes
mercy (matrilineal
gives way (alterity
to mood that drives (a riven
choreline (magnifies
the river (yet
once forwarded (these feathered lines
voiced (toward choice
my place (tipped
sorted (vain
wind different (safety
lean page (of sleep
to bear on (surface
this (yet pieced

14 Nov 2007

Vespers (28)

I drive it is dark
My advice closes
The tacit reverence
For what I hear

I hear what has become of sleep
Translated close to child
With summer always summer's
Rare park maintained wide green

Ground smells cropped
Who is awake who tastes the cusp
Of night with morning
This hour of our depth

Makes easy lift away of qualms
For night and morning
Sifting difference between a smile
And a shouldered sadness just released

Grow Tall

Grow Tall


Breeze through
These particulates;
Obfuscate the mass-
Your system of
Point A's to Point B's
Dilutes the gas
Tank. The heart's
Tangled and soiled,
Soaked in dust-
The mind's field
Of thoughts,
Rattle in
The half-truths
And mistrust.

13 Nov 2007

krasny kolya presents"Araeallia", instrumental.

hola / hi :

krasny kolya, integrante de la banda "Araeallia" presenta el debut de la versión instrumental homónima :
krasny kolya, member of "Araeallia" band, presents the debut of homonym (instrumental version) song :

bon apetit.

No para Innita

12 Nov 2007

innita is back ..... from the dead?

Innita is alive again? Not really, Innita is more injured than ever from her death back in 1906. Now (1) she’s more like a pink nightmare appearing in this collective dream, she’s cupid, an angel of death, an angel of love, flying through this collective madness, a surreal bird, a winged sweet hunter, but innita can’t kill what is already dead; she just makes empty ghosts disappear. When the undead ones die in the Rawwar battles, innita erases them from this dream; she’s a dream inside this undead dream. She’s kind of lethal yet she’s kind of innocent; ‘cause, anyway, love gives us birth, love gives us death.

Innita series:
1. “ginotropia”: No without Innita
2. “hermafrocita”: Faking Innita
3. “astroenteritis”: The encounter of Innita & No, and the World War III.
4. “1906”: Innita and No living happily 7 months, back in 1906, and then die.
5. “innita no para”: Innita without No

(1) World War III: April 16, 17 & 18, 2006: Planet earth is undead.
This is the real state of the world right now -2007-. The world as we see and perceive it right now is a dream, we are dreaming this living-ozone state, but in real life we are in the middle of a raw war. It’s present time and when people see people die, it’s only a dream, it only remains undead people: omnivorous zombies and veganvampires.


Vespers (27)

where you dwell it is conceptually mid-daylight stretched to last

the I-beams flourish

patricide (the thought of) long erased becomes you now

a necessary softness fills the set

the flow of nominative reaching makes perception

first person is impossible neglect

unless there are partitions

11 Nov 2007

Personal Material

A big thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her photographs in this image.

9 Nov 2007

The Secrets of Time

Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her photographs in this image

6 Nov 2007


Everybody is the same yet nobody is-
Trying to be uniquely normal
While fitting in to their differences;
Wanting to be noticed, recognized, celebrated-
And left alone.

Electric Bolts Within

Concentration leaks through
The surface.
In mighty drips,
Banging on the doorway-
In search
Of vague notions
Scattered amongst
These electric
Bolts within.


a paperchase
must give up smoking
legal compliance

a paperchase
must give up smoking
legal compliance

a paperchase
pig and whistle
purros tape


blood pressure


fill up

human condition


no money

can't pay mortgage


a paperchase
head in the sand
knights move thinking

a paperchase
must give up smoking
legal compliance

night on town
what was I thinking?
*this is insanity*

must give up smoking
pack up and go home

5 Nov 2007

vespers 26 : an answer

this sudden copter moment

is color safe

and moonlightwhite
reflection traces past

the noise

and breath transcends Indifference frame
and cleanses
and gives


look at my new endurance



4 Nov 2007

Vespers (26)

Safe to say that moonlight cleanses. Watch
reflection take its own (measure of) life.

A copter traces past.

Her new love is a garden; is the breath an art.

Look at the contents of this frame.

Look at the freshness in that moment before everything had to be taken back. Look at the effect of black and white where color used to be.

Indifference transcends passion on the matter of endurance.

She prides herself on holding back.

October 2

Thank you again to the wonderful Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this picture. Short poem by me.

31 Oct 2007

As the Light Shines I Shall Seek You

A painting with light......
Original photograph by the beautiful Miss Boux

a telegram to araeallia

brains of ozone /War (2007) / zombies - like quick vampires of earth III/time now quarrels with ultraviolent zombievampires/ Sunlight middle is devoured/lethal Real for humans , losing majority/ woman -"un-zombie-ing" time/April world killing her, contained/ Araeallia- counting earth stages/aftermath destroyed/omnivorous / Sister Raeallia living-hope - raw

30 Oct 2007


World War III, the quick international devastating war in april 2006, is over; the aftermath is a destroyed/killed ozone. Planet earth is undead. Sunlight is lethal and human race has been world widely mutated in 2 stages : a huge crowd of omnivorous zombies and a minority of veganvampires.

It's present time (2007) and since then, there's an ultraviolent quarrel between mentioned zombies and vampires:
zombies want to devour vampires' brains and insides, and vampires are defending from them, killing them in self defense or biting them for injecting them blood and so, "un-zombies-ing" them. it seems veganvampires are losing but there's still one hope to earth: a girl where remained life-essence is contained.

Araeallia, a veganvampire, is learned about the existence of that woman but she didn't believe it, even when she saw her face to face .....

This is the real state of the world right now. The world as we see and perceive it right now is a dream. We are dreaming this living-ozone state, but in real life we are killing us in the middle of a raw war.


Vespers (25)

museum quality peace
pool view

filed under
romance of idealism

shape of bell
tower clocking

transposes two
perfectly articulated notes

one write love
into cadence

individuation as
imagined the way

mother used to
prophesy full

waits for
no one whole

this night equals
every other

my take
on honesty multiplied

28 Oct 2007

dungeons and dragons

You are in a bright cave.
A small yellow bird sits in front of you
A mean ogre is approaching rapidly

What is your command? attack

Awwwwwww you just killed the small yellow bird :(
A mean ogre is approaching rapidly

Carmens post on old 8 bit games brought this very traumatic d&d memory back.

The Art of Rewriting Old Games
October 19th, 2007 by Geoff Draper in

Take some of the 8-bit games you enjoyed as a kid and update them for the new generation.

The opening lines of Nellan Is Thirsty (Figure 1), an old text adventure game for 8-bit home computers, say “You are in a room called the Bank. A giant carpet on the floor says Welcome....The BANKER, Mr. Klinkoyn, looks sleepy.” If you don't recognize those words, you're not alone. It is one among thousands of open-source programs written during the 1970s and 1980s that have gone out of popular play.

The Art of Rewriting Old Game
October 19th, 2007 by
Geoff Draper in

Take some of the 8-bit games you enjoyed as a kid and update them for the new generation.

The opening lines of Nellan Is Thirsty (Figure 1), an old text adventure game for 8-bit home computers, say “You are in a room called the Bank. A giant carpet on the floor says Welcome....The BANKER, Mr. Klinkoyn, looks sleepy.” If you don't recognize those words, you're not alone. It is one among thousands of open-source programs written during the 1970s and 1980s that have gone out of popular play.

27 Oct 2007

based on crescentpoem

deciphersaurus groans
about the slurring rate of
metaphoric bilinquency

an apt floater he is
-flat, clever, hyperpernicious-
who switches places and opens the claw...
et voila !
a virtual garden-garage
an idiocarpark
a neat domicile - a Gamelan esodrone


the kernisphere of the phloem-
like a deft knuckle bone - metatarsal ??
a fiddler-peddlar
scary mello/vibraphone juggling tricks
for the public

mortgaged convictions

a dust motleyhat

26 Oct 2007


The deliciousness of causing people
untold convictions
switch turn Gamelan Creole knuckle bone
vibraphone deciphergroan touchstone
mellophone pornophone get garage
fiddler esodrone
of'ted saurus hyperpernicious
flat rate mortgage

Untold convictions causing metaphoric
bilinquency phloem neat floater
kernisphere (piddle)
Sasquatch umbilical
peddler domicile
clever go left buy a diploma

Hear skean
scary metatarsal
scrawn 2 a bit
slur garden
virtual exacerbater pornoplex
idiocarpark softness promonier taff

24 Oct 2007

Vespers (24)

even rhinestones locate sleep

the shelflife of attaction
falls, a season's shining

winter approaches
as the point
of needing nothing

one limbs along sans leafage

behold this accidental portrait
looming in the psyche
that attests to valid golds and reds
and pale sweet yellowing

ceilings form an overhang
of shelter

threads of wind brush surface
thus insinuate another sphere

22 Oct 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her photograph in this picture.

Flower 2

Thank you once again to MissBoux for the original photograph

19 Oct 2007

vespers (23) equator

another probability until
we invent

words by Sheila Murphy


Everything in these walls
That confines my thoughts,
Tramples the systematized
Files I wish I never sought.

The rush coagulates at once
In piles of decaying debris;
I embrace everything 'cause
Everything envelops me.
strange tautness

lessonserase what dandelions do : always presentpressure
in storytense
listen to the stonemotioninnature
it lessens this /loosens that /everything invents probability
yard -offers- story- child
for thirst minted /imagined



Thank you to Miss Boux and Intergalactic Hussy for allowing me to use their photographs/art in this image.

Vespers (23)

tautness of equator
loosens now

child offers
a story told

in present tense
everything is

sky everything
in motion changes

what if life
were newly

left whole
in the yard

no wine from
each imagined

company for
joining being one

everything is lesson
listen to

second nature
the story erases

another probability until
we invent

18 Oct 2007


la vie est comme une danse anglais
la “redundance”


my institution is back - for essential re-consideration.

you have taken economy, radio) my quality -

a strong, massive governmental Mail.

unbiased inner health appears to determine all my treated daily documentaries,

My outer health - retained service.

you, my generic you , abysmally false as action bearer ...

always cutting BBC news short

hand and looks and economy with the same argument :

drama of poetic strikes with cuts over all these standard decades.

live your letter media bureaucracy compromising tradition....

have superb view) over BBC ....

redundant, my generic u , take care of my individual

oh, my multi-channel suffering

on the long-term Journalism forefront......with the public as public.

- making redundancies redundancies we redundancy redundancies

17 Oct 2007

The BBC in Trouble

So, it appears that even the world-renowned, British institution - the BBC is not exempt from government cuts, redundancies and (in my view) a resultant lowering of quality. Inevitably industrial action looks likely to follow.

In the UK, we now have to accept that our health service (NHS) is a poor version of what it was, compromising patients' health and suffering a massive increase in bureaucracy and making redundant, essential health and care workers. We have seen strikes from the civil service and, more recently from the Royal Mail. The current Labour government are determined to cut back on all public services, opting for profitability over quality of service. Individual workers and users of public services have been treated abysmally - their views and their lives are not taken into consideration.

The BBC has been at the forefront of television for decades. It has provided superb documentaries, unbiased news reportage and has retained quality in areas such as drama and film. In today's multi-channel environment, where quality is often compromised for the sake of quantity, the BBC has acted as a standard bearer of quality. The BBC has a tradition of educating the public (both TV and radio) and to lose this would be disastrous for the status of British Media and Journalism and for the general public. I have seen the quality of health and care reduce immensely since "essential" cuts and redundancies have been made in the NHS and related health providers, to "improve services" as it has been claimed. I believe that the same will occur with the BBC.

It may be argued that these cuts are to enable a strong economy in the UK. My argument is that this is a false economy, that does not consider the long-term effects of reduced quality.

Link to BBC article


Thank you to the wonderful and sexy Miss Boux and the very talented Intergalactic Hussy for allowing me to use their photographs in this image.

16 Oct 2007

15 Oct 2007

These are Barren Times (Emmigraton song)

These are barren times
You gotta go headfirst into the
Put the boot in
when your colleagues down

Up end your mobile phone
found traces in motorway glitches
You gotta duck 'n' cover
while the holes in the net
get bigger

Ooh! That expressionless cyber sex
relationships by proxy, via
mechanical suggestions
that someone else is out there
Harsh and clever on the surface

Beneath, as lonely and frightened
as you are

See the land
the clearest indication yet
We're farther from the beasts
The beasts that we will necessarily meet

14 Oct 2007

dresscode: no shoes

yes YOU can be a     psychonaut

dresscode: shoeless

Vespers (22)

an open window lets in seventy
degrees a beat before midnight

Indian School Road, now wide enough
to accommodate the range of pitch points

I imagine the coordinates of named stars
can be seen a few miles from this place

these walls enclose the change of season
houseguests come to represent

I continue to erase what interferes with
spontaneity in taking breath

late night nanosounds resemble
insects jumping rope with dental floss

11 Oct 2007


concepts nous bla-touffent bla
que tu est blabla -je suis une habla
que poètes sont des con conceptuelles ??
les blaparole blapoésie la dedans la poésie

{Emotic(shoot2)} {Emotic(grin2)}
{Emotic(baby)} {Emotic(chainsaw)}
{Emotic(ill)} {Emotic(blow)}__________________



10 Oct 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux and Intergalactic Hussy for letting me use their images in this picture.

8 Oct 2007

sheila's vespers

unsafe safe
and a root under

live whispers cover the place with ribbon filaments that slide pretending to listen to the light
heavy free filaments marvel & shine
while new playful identities safely travel to re/flect
chance light upon
light's reverse slide

there are voices there for ever -

pray symptoms

(20) and I sign in as carmen to
2:24 Sheila
to trace Murphy choiceful walks

no catacombs with 0-near darkness

Vespers (21)

we live
consentingly as free

marvel at
travel a reality

slide after slide
pretending each

each although
identities are blended

walks of
living blood passed

on to other
ribbons of

for crest
to match crest

rest not to
stop ever

reflect root
under the evidence

manifest this once
where safety

7 Oct 2007

Vespers (20) for Carmen

light has a place
with light near
darkness listen
to it shine
or slip
the many filaments
that trace
chapter made choice
there are redeeming voices
there are whispers
there is tacit

watch the light in music
hover with rest
and dampness play
into the light
the quiet
and the safe
or unsafe whispers

6 Oct 2007

Light Vespers (19)

first Choose a particle

constructed/ caved

a mere point

and give it to the undressed night

muttering the nauseating pacem vobiscum

to each other

actually time stuck into appended print

hit / lift / relief concept from premises

one inclusion story resplendent with explicative host thoughts

sky text ions that round off shoulders-

the night -

upsurgical retreat

4 Oct 2007

Vespers (19)

premises in print
divide conquest

ions apart
from base hit

first to third
explicative undress

thoughts lift
to the sky

dizzy appended upsurgical
retreat into

each one
resides in pacem

why not host
a shoulder

not impede
this blithering story

it is night
again time

into thought
for its inclusion

to the point
of caved

in repeated
fashion always primed

3 Oct 2007

Light Vespers (18)

the young breathing green

young (18) dew is in text evidence

text renewal

the modesty of garden mist is fathering

still gate commitments

a midnight /(a talisman) dreams

heavy and open)

emblems turn censure along /across standpoints comprising Platonic beliefs

misconforming Vespers expand while

(hot steam prayers evolve

others than the stillness of (hush)

please, choose your text

1 Oct 2007

Vespers (18)

censure (hush)
arrives at garden
and the gate is warm
is heavy with standpoints

midnight prayers evolve
into commitment as
stillness conforming
with a modesty Platonic

one would dream then
keep the fathering
of mist to turn
dew breathed across the green

young evidence comprising
emblem of a happiness
held still and seen
and loved (a talisman)

showing renewal (would
breath open) for others
along the stream
this relay of belief

30 Sep 2007

Shatter 2

Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her photograph in this picture.
A reflection on the "Postmodern identity".

Legenda Luceafarului

27 Sep 2007

Vespers (17)

light the color of champagne
invents morning in response
to morning here within
the current tense
sheer curtains veil young colored
atmosphere from inner
light frail as a photograph
in sepia
the slim parsed light
away from here
becalms the spoken genuflection
now the hour and at our beck
and comma because
falt lines simmer in the breath
and ponds are there
the stream also
as if clean daylight
led to other moments
traced to this
and we can gather
every moment of the pacing
and the transitive
miscues and bloodlines
where the veins run
sweetness also fuel
also configured to mean
supple in the way the mind
can choose to parse
what comes in feeling form
and patches places
already repaired
and chooses from
a gathering of haste and moisture
larvae and venting to come

26 Sep 2007

light vespers 16


do construed Syllables count in the worktext ??


the tons of moss in me

require more rain

consistent , but transparent moss-slick surfaces cover cheek bones and eyes


in open open daylight


child droplets slick, child droplets slick

rain again

rain chooses her footsteps carefully home

joining Platonic vegetation

Vespers (16)

The child of the infant man
construed another path
in footsteps
over driveway moss
slick, rained upon
by harsh rain.

rolled across.
They did not work
in daylight.
Did not mesh.
These droplets of Platonic
rain across a moss-slick surface
of a place to drive home.
Close to vegetation that requires
buckets of rain,
consistent rain. Rain
you can count on.
Rain joining other rain.

25 Sep 2007

Rainbow Trail

Rainbow Trail @ Flickr
This is an image manipulation; the spectrum was added in processing. I used The Gimp. The original image I took in the yard just outside LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art).

I am a forested variety of depth



the couplets are enough evidence

the everlasting logs are, too

only ways are snapping along prepared magnetic beams



Vespers (15)

for everyone who might next catch a beam
of what I send
I wish you full receipt
and fuel from what is there
and the variety the arithmetic (accent on 3)
bandwidth broadcloth to append
invigorating justice and bequeathage
and purposeful delirium wanted
for repetition's sake
and all forested magnetic kiln
prepared to make and make again
then generate
and in the way of doing depth
afford and spawn more than mere evidence
in everlasting ways
the scent of snow from faraway
along this line mid-heart with warmth
mysterious as logs snapping in rhymed couplets
sparklingly affirmative

23 Sep 2007

not yet, first burn

the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice

not yet, first burn

22 Sep 2007


Continuing experiments on a photograph by Miss Boux

20 Sep 2007


and @
and @@
and @@@

and we dance
we lose experience if we don't Dance
we are non smiling
we need a/n @ Dance like surgery
would say, words have lists of absences
that waltz and swirl and circle and spin and twirl and wheel and then spin and turn around and round and the drops of sweat on your left eyebrow and the motion poetic as it is sensuous and the ripe corn under the undulating air undulates like an ocean shelley and the @ and the @@ and finally the @@@ feminine OR masculine because you look at the world with perverted eyes, and it is suddenly turned upside down perverted and you find guilt outside always outside put the blame on it we are multicultural by birth but write conventions looking into facial traffic again!! and the man restrictive (mirroring, perceiving that constant dance) touches upon transexual empathy here was Woman, with a capital W, tricky and awful, inconstant as the weather Styron and political - Fuck! and - legislation is basically feminine, Flickr - I don't know - male? wickedness...masculine? it is a feminine noun in Romanian..the errors he made in pitch and in language would be so amusing that the geishas would giggle with delight Mailer and the monuments and sheila and discipline and absurdity and eric and /t/ed/crescent and panic and then david/matina/clifford/harry and unsteadiness and marco/xavier/jukka/runran and prochronism till she felt the heart within her fall and flutter tremulously tennyson ...

i like David E. Patton

19 Sep 2007


@ the moment Flickr obsess e motion we're perceiving ourselves again!! Transexual this transexual that - this taxidermy,this cosmetic surgery gone too far no? Some post Victoriana I guess the more haptic we get - did somebody say non substance, no it was the traffic a constant boring bore in the background the more poetic one gets one must lose the "poetry" of poetry. They won't let me perform dance, I'd accept it but dance is the main way in which we can stimulate new language to describe multicultural experience. Fuck! I'll have to write a to do list. Dance language allows the transformation of culture, in a way that words would only hamper.

For example:
I, 1 man alone
U I plus I, me and U
T, a crucifix, to stand with arms splayed
O to inspire, an absence of, or two c's, somehow feminine.
S to slant, snake like, submissive perhaps, or smiling (mirroring facial expressions).
F, feminine an extended arm to denote empathy.

and so on so forth. Dance also allows touch and breaks down social conventions and allows experimentation between differing cultures. This has to be more important than the political approach of squeezing our behaviour by restrictive legislation, here, there, everywhere!!

To Do List:
Buy a video camera
Do some dancing
Stick it on the Internet.

continents, sheila

i coded this scrap
and made it a canary story
an animation room


animation rooms recall hungry texts somewhere
include needs

texts shouts texts shouts cheap

prayer rudiments riveting
on metal spokespeople
night this is the night zone of prints
the air balance gone

displaytalk with heavy skin
given to repertoirline

FontArialCourierGeorgiaLucida GrandeTimesTrebuchetVerdanaWebdings ha
SmallestSmallNormalLargeLargest ha


Vespers (14)

many of the repertoire
gone hungry why is night
another time zone
the canary pounces on
a stick of gristle

faun line somewhere felt
prints cost hominy
this room includes
a punctuation shouts
maim into recall
coded language
animation givens

planks of prayer smoked
turn our thoughts to
riveting expressions
for another who in need
wants to have read
a self-mourned script

when balance kismet
there are rudiments
of how skin takes in
night air
also scrap
books metal continents
on maps held
in excrow

whose property is this
display things start
to slip the story
becomes who did
while the people
and spokespeople
watch and talk

17 Sep 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her lovely photographs in this image!! :-)

14 Sep 2007

Vespers (13)

air conditioning prolongs the sound of storm within the confines of this house.
within the confines of this house are fine slabs of absorbent wood.
fine slabs of absorbent wood help one remember why the quiet here makes sense.
the quiet here makes sense always a blessing is in process.

a blessing is in progress that confirms about the lake all that we bring here.
all that we bring here concerns portability that goes with feeling.
portability that goes with feeling shapes us into better beings.
better beings prepare for better lives shouldered by early versions of perfection.

early versions of perfection help an individual find sleep.
an individual finds sleep after incessent seeming daylight.
incessent seeming daylight comes to fruition that remains half small.
fruition that remains half small epitomizing commitment distinguished from indulgence.

commitment distinguished from indulgence paves the avenues.
the avenues define how we are viewed by others living on this block.
others living on this block whisper to pictures of narcissus.
pictures of narcissus are the only moment to improve on the original.

13 Sep 2007

Hallways in the Sunset

Hallways in the Sunset @ Flickr
Which one to choose...

Vespers (12)

prayer kisses
deflect the error
of misplaced light

roof pops
I forget to write
it down

summer lifts
the way a curse
is severed from view

no matter how still
intention proctors

meeting you
I lose color
of your eyes

if I write
I will remember all
but what is written

12 Sep 2007

Back from the Moon (The poem "To the Moon" backwards)

By discontinuity I am original
this is hapax legomenon
drop the phrase, Matthew Arnold

We're all fucking omniscient
looking at Google Earth we see
how moon 10
from it is said

and done, I don't expect no money
feminism is its opposite after all
(I leave that to women)
by acting out to animals I don't compare women

Its condition sucks! But I'm further from human essence
my director is an eighteen year old girl
neither animalism (perennial slips)
histoire (slippage 2)
scientific or that otherwise makes fuck all sense

we must matyrdom of anything vaguely
to affect us from the immigration
discrimination of females
construes a robot age

is in hay hay gay a witless half an ounce
is a compromised other self (mismatched) try to be gay
(needless or quietly needy) self
sooner or later a compromised

3 degrees to drum my fingers is to
status, by the way I cock and sneer
fucks sake I ain't no snake
my presence I would talk about

but slippage (she liketh wan and pretty certificatage)
a degree like any profession
means nothing level without
a career change dancing to perform professional

suffrage a good groan you must have a dance degree
half cocked and where has you been,
taxidermi appropriateness de rigeur
this is cinema

10 Sep 2007

Vespers (11)

over the litany daylight paths its press point

in a mint of field

in a field superimposed on choice of blooms one upon the other prompt


selenium york pincer

sprawl awake to farthing

adage lorn prose

soy machine






chance fraught with









flaut brass

8 Sep 2007

Mechanism 1

"Crystalisation" technique with mechanical flavour!
Much thanks to MissBoux and CGRob whose photographs are somewhere within! At this point abstracted out of any recognition.


To the Moon

appropriateness de rigueur this is cinema
half cocked and where has you been, taxidermi
suffrage a good groan you must have a degree
to perform dance

a career change dancing at professional
level means nothing without
a degree like any profession
(she liketh wan and pretty certificatage)

I would talk about slippage but
fucks sake I ain't no snake my presence
is status by the way I cock and sneer
or drum my fingers

to 3 degrees or sooner or later a compromised
self (needless or quietly needy)
is a compromised other self (mismatched) try to be gay
yah yah yag a witless half an ounce

of female construes a robot age is in
to affect us from the immigration
we must martyrdom of anything vaguely

scientific or that otherwise makes fuck all sense
neither histoire (slippage 2)
animalism (perennial slips)
my director is an eighteen year old girl

It sucks! But I'm further from human essence
by acting out its condition - I don't compare women
to animals (I leave that to women)
feminism is its opposite after all

is said and done I don't expect no money
from it moon 10
looking at Google Earth we see
how we're all fucking omniscient

drop the phrase Matthew Arnold hyperperplexiaparadoxium
this is hapax legomenon
by discontinuity I am original

4 Sep 2007

paternity is influenced by breeding synchrony and density in the common yellowthroat kevin

morose you vend
your west end
corrosive flith un
toward becourse

the monody in yellow
paint thrift dumbs d
own fence city
alongside leavening

synchronously commodious
stylishly wide
concentric as an oval
wannabe oh yes and mild

lab ratatouille gives
bratlight to the masses
singular whose opacity
threads dark with pearly flight

1 Sep 2007

is it a job it is a job

to be
to do
to think
to be
to do

natural not natural
synchronous not synchronous
accurate not accurate
clear not clear
pure not pure

Yell Saccani

Occasionally I find an artist whose work fascinates and baffles me. Yell Saccani is one such artist. I have never seen anything quite like Yell's work, it strikes me as very original. If I was an art critic or historian in the West, I may describe Yell's work as "Outsider Art, composed using digital means with an accent on the macabre" or something similar. Of course, this labelling is rendered completely irrelevant when attempting to comprehend and appreciate art by Yell or similar artists from outside the West. Yell's art and work by other,similar artists will lead us to rethink our conception of art and art history in the West.

The above picture is entitled "Me Trying to Choose...Dark or Light?" by Yell Saccani (Copyright Yell Saccani - all rights reserved).