30 Jun 2008

Vespers (63)

new lamps
slim with
curvature firm
tile matte
pale shiny
perhaps right
for salt
lamp across
the room

from far
away you
enter sleep
my sleep
soft thought
as if
itself sky
holds still

deepening present
moment found
not learned
not heard
touched only
from within
and resonating
in this
multiple of
just one

29 Jun 2008

Any Colour U Like

Thank you Miss Boux, for the use of her self-portrait in this picture :-)

26 Jun 2008


  intuitive fractalists
attractors along


21 Jun 2008

Vespers (62)

did not like very many

times I went to sleep

did not sleep

appeared to while

a prayer perhaps

did not like

lying parallel to

my sketch

artist's rendering

as seascape maybe sea pearls

seasoned selves away

a creche for each

this prospering this

dance of elfin thinking

melded as in drum's pale thrum

with distant

tiny melody


Digital Abstract.
Now available to buy. Please click link below
Thank you

19 Jun 2008

Tho' Yo

Tho' Yo kant (cant) mean strand
ed. like faces 1,2,3,
along a shore of meaning any
thing you like it sea

(except sea) Tho' Yo
don't think we'll (narcissist) and
arty fish al a bye bye trilobite END OF SOLOPSi s
lose interest in (animal)

the bodily?


Oh! Betsy
How I love you
you are like a cat chasing pigeons
we should make our testimonials

We must sit by the sea
(which is your toe)
and indulge in high tea
Mackerel and curds for you
and for me

Testicular to jugular
the punch of your teeth
Do you remember trees?
I'm so forgetful
You must have
Alzheimer's Disease

I have a telly in my belly
and this is why I have Tourette's,
this or financial traces.....
A life by unreal beaches.....


I shall turn to my dictionary, as usual to try to find something inspiring to write about. Other than, that is, I say, to sound rather literary, the usual concerns of Internet poets. You know; images, sound, John Cage, Pop Music, video, experimental poetry, and social, predominately Western issues such as overtly scientific cultures, the increased use of technology and the effects of "globalisation", etc. etc. And, of course poetry and the Internet!

I could use Wikipedia (TM(?)) but I prefer to use a real dictionary. I like to touch the paper pages and the feel of it. I wonder what will happen after people get fed up of video, sites such as YouTube (TM(?)) and others may feel the pinch of a square inch. Ironically, or not "streams of consciousness" or "automatic writing" is just rambling. They didn't evoke the word "prolix" for nothing. I've only ever read the word prolix twice and the second instance is here.

Now that I am an artist and not a poet, even though I arrange letters like some kind of painterly pattern, I find the best poetry I write is immediately after dancing. This is because when I am dancing I am happy, so then I am able to write something happy rather than the usual boring groans and grimaces of poetry.

The problem with symbolism in writing is that we don't need symbolism represented by words any more. The symbolism that is conveyed by literature is now a pitch here or a pitch there. The automatic novel of the Internet (Television and mobile phones can be included in this equation), although best regarded as a theatre, by its artificial nature, has tried to reproclaim the experience of the subconscious, dreams and symbolic imagery, therefore rendering the "authorship" of writers unnecessary.

Why should an author tell the audience what it is like to experience something, that the reader can either create for himself (in a more apprehensible or "pure"(see Surrealism") way) or experience via the Internet, cinema, advertising, etc. in a similar, if vicarious, manner? Text is now better employed as a form of the visual arts, giving a cogent directness to concepts.

Of course we will write, as I am now, because of its directness, its clarity of expression. But writing changes as the times change. Although our times all too often change rapidly, in a rather circular or senseless manner, creating poetry that reflects this by creating a nonsensical, complex pattern of rambling half-suggested ideas, only reflects (and to some,exacerbates) this phenomenon. If poetry forgets that it must communicate its messages (poets' concerns are the concerns of all of us) then we may have no new poetry at all!

Fitting then, that I should end my poem here......

“por no”: Shocking first long-album of Colombian singer Innita.

“por no”: Shocking first long-album of Colombian singer Innita.
Current mood: artistic
Category: Music

Wednesday, june 18th, 2008.

This early morning, the Colombian singer Innita do a short comeback to public arena and shock-press-conference at Santa Marta, Colombia, releasing officially "por no", her first long album, following the successful 2006's debut EP called "innita". Her new album's tunes are stronger, heaviest, more in styles like ebm, joan jett's riffs, long guitar solos and thus, less in Pop. In the cover of this conceptual album she is wearing nothing but a pair of vegan boots, which have created all kinds of comments after her daddy's ballet-dancer girl image 2 years ago. "por no" is now all-free download, featuring today the first single "Mozart was a lesbian" which is the opening-song.

Innita said she abandoned her studies 3 months ago after a happy incident , , and then it was inspirational for working in full time of composing and writing of this 20-songs album, which deals about "mental nudism, emotional menstruation and scarlet fairy-tale characters as veganvampires" in her own words. About the explicit photo of the cover, she says is a "universal homage to nature and personal homage to 'Puss in Boots', one of my favorite tales".
"por no" : the uncensored cover.

A long interview will be published anytime soon.

In her myspace site, from today, there is available 5 tracks (3 of her debuting 2006's EP), free to download.


to be continued .....
continuar√° .....

14 Jun 2008


Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her self portrait in this picture.

13 Jun 2008

Reply to Carmen's Reply, Slumbers

After all purple, paid
sleep dawns intrinsic
cast Bayeux elementalism
funda //fecundity// emoticon

part 4 (yellow) decent thing/parenthesis
grab a Grammy dark
Ox. Sheep sleep a luxurious
inbetted unreasonably

content shush sleep!
the buzy never sleep// lax beside
not deep crazy lovely

just several tides before work
marketing is the middle sheep// the seaside
dozes her austere legs
for emaciated primroses// risk assessment

before the dragon
Celtic and beyond a stuffing
turns round// your a risk
features in Chinese


12 Jun 2008


lay zee ness is
the twi lit turn, could
Mordred fahrenheit

Excalibur; Heck! That's ex
pensive Vietnam
purros back
stroke to front

scissors, sidewind suture massage
to break a leg fractus is a lack of oestrogen
a bridge to a brick
a broken cloud

to a town a sliver
ring lining. Jaguar
Some time off would be nice
in lieu paid?

of course, but yesterday
could have likened your
to history
misanthropy anna

Conda abstains
from anything lazy
like Beethoven
or reporting history, feministic

yesterday I could have been
in nice or naples
my niece has nipples
a heist implies pimples, solipsistic

dribbles past the escort
Tina conned roast mutton
brazil nut
button, Pippistrelle, three minutes

brake pad aloof
an instant leafy
folds Flickr dither
dongle trickle

pickle insight
outsight Austwich
light switch
stabbing mugging, two minutes forty nine

living loving fucking
So lazy you couldn't do your coat up;
this lazyness

is catching like footinmouth dis
easy chairs premier place
Philip Glass sucker punch
you went to a disco

lazy lazy lazy
your pigeon hole
(lazy expression)
is full of work, 3 minutes late

There is no measurement in deed.
The more I write the more
I realise I have no beginning
middle nor end

Immortality? A strange road
that doesn't lead to roam.
Finesse sounds final
like tranquility, fiscality

not all roads lead to Rome
but words travel
to the same start, end
and middle

sleep, 8 hours, nightly
irreverent, ballsy, contentious
deep and luxurious sleep, deadline
where time

melts like the whores in
the Bayeux Tapestry
and with ease slips
down curious windows

widows, back-lit spiders
a drama greater than PhotoShop (TM)
words get muddled
a sleepless sleep (marketing)

a bad place to somnambulate
our island off the East Coast
of America
slumbers in dawns

that speach
the repetitious, the repetitious
page after page after page
I'm lazy slumbering

dancing, talking, smoking
drinking, eating,
fucking, reading, learning

not working

I never mentioned it!)

7 Jun 2008

British MP talks of New Renaissance in The Arts

Recent article from The Guardian, concerning arts funding in UK. Astonishingly, the MP in question seems to have a profound understanding of the arts and even talks about a "New Renaissance"! Well these are strange times and anything can happen! He even talks about a multi-million pound investment in UK arts! This is difficult to believe in the current economic climate, however we can only wait and see!

Oddly, there have been snippets of good news over recent weeks, common sense that in the UK we haven't witnessed since the beginning of Tony Blair's reign. However, these are only a few instances of positive news amongst reports of impending recession, public service funding cuts, redundancies and increasing home repossessions! One must remain forever hopeful!

It is also important to recognise that the Renaissance in the 1500's, largely concerning the rediscovery of Greek texts, affected many more areas of intellectual life than the imaginative arts. For example science and the humanities. In fact, its legacy has probably affected all areas of Western life, ever since. Indeed, an artistic Renaissance would be very unlikely to remain independent of other areas of thought.

My new group on Flickr, reflecting the views expressed in the article.

New Renaissance


6 Jun 2008

Fast, Ambience

Short animation, taken from one of my digital art pictures. No sound.

-Unfortunately uploading an AVI file to Google means that I've lost some of the animation. But it still looks quite good!

Thank you

4 Jun 2008

Virtual Model

Of course! The beautiful Miss Boux!! Comment on how "virtual reality" has altered the model/artist relationship. Thank you to Miss Boux for use of her photograph.

1 Jun 2008