28 Aug 2009


Our collective esoteria?
by destruction revealed
by juxtaposition sold.

Eh bien, tout fait, tout suite
jamais por favor?

Woman is our envelope
our catalyst
our construction (quel couleur a t'il?)

Our weakness and by her power
her weakness

Por favor? (quel idiom?)

Is there a rehearsal this Sunday?
You can't give jobs to a woman
so a man mustn't have one
ou legislative chivalry (hymne national)

Western children are a niche
The largest mass of money and power

Por favor?

by that, that we create
by this we must deny
by those we nurture
we must stasis (Sun dance, bees knees, danse mortir, danse du vie, danse d'amour, dance of light, danse du nuit)
and still, decay.

Angleterre Angleterre Angleterre?
The Angles' terrain is a lusty animal (a la nouvelle Victoriana)
anima animate voyage (Vive souche!)
by terra firma,
incognito, terra incognito
terra agua

Pluto voyage quel raison d'etre?
Je suis eh bien tout fait
bien fait tout suite allez vite!
Compris Compris

We are this way by money (1984)
Uh ooh eeh aah (animal instinctive)
We are this way by "knowing".

Our biggest fear for the status quo,
We are all a bunch of spoilt and greedy
kids. (crime, obesity, neurosis)

26 Aug 2009

molto allegrando

generosity reminds me often
of the present tense
and then I breathe
what I just lost

22 Aug 2009

Culture is culture by displacement
and class is its review
not its practice

Art is the lowest human endeavour
and the highest, rebellious
yet conformist

As an artist, counter-cultural
You are intrinsic to culture
essentially removed

the creator of establishment,
implicit explicit

as defined by the established
we find prestige by tangents
and move by moving targets

The lowest is reported into
the highest and that that confounds
and frightens

is merely us
reported, perhaps
via beauty