16 Jun 2012

Wind Swept Landscape

Wind Swept Landscape, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

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This shouldn't be! I mean, Winter in Summer, Summer in Winter..... Should it? Winter is back in June, or should that be Autumn? Summer curtailed, perhaps or interupted by Northerlies and Easterlies, I mean Winter coats and winter caps, umbrellas and boots in June!
The landscape hasn't suffered though; more dramatic for Autumnal winds, lightning and Continental rainfall; darkness at 4PM and cars surging into pools of water and crashing into one another; the splay of car lights and a swollen Moon like fairground rides twisting in high winds.
The recession bites as Europe riles under artificial, fiscal mechanisms and the distraction of Euro 2012, tennis tournaments, the Queen's Jubilee and, to come the pinnacle of all events, the Olympics! The weather has no remorse nor empathy! Queen Elizabeth was sodden on the Thames but not relinquished! Even in the Ukraine footballers were hurried from the turf, evacuated from rude, electrical storms.... Is all of Europe being blasted by Winter in June? Perhaps us Brits can take some cold and sodden comfort from a continent in meterological turmoil. Perhaps another welcome distraction for politicians, Europe-wide, from another turmoil, yet more chaotic and blunt! Still, we shouldn't knock these "distractions", the arts and sport are noble where politics and business are weak and lacking pragmatism and courage. The Ancient Greeks knew this way before us and fortunately, we retain their intellectual and rich culture that may even protect us from that, that we have no control over whatsoever at all? The savage weather, or could these be thunderbolts from Zeus?

A colourful interpretation of a Windy Summer in UK!
Simon (Words and Art)

14 Jun 2012

Notes For Pan

Notes For Pan, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

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Abstractions, impressions and reflections about nature......