31 Oct 2011

Shifting Meanings

Shifting Meanings, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

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Thank you to Julie Brocklehurst (XstockX) for allowing me to use her photo in this picture :-)



30 Oct 2011

The Moon, a Legal Tender Breaking in Pitch Water

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Baroque musings (and contemporary aesthetics!).

Thank you to Johanna Chambers for allowing me to use her photo (self portrait) in this image. :-)



23 Oct 2011

Interesting demo/conflict in New York (Occupy Wall Street).

1 Oct 2011

23/09/2011 (Deep Yellows)

Gestures, features, a face in a
this is an illusion.

I should play my hand.

23/09/2011 (Blue Tones, Purple)

Opus cunnilingus
a breath for a door
this is jurisdiction 1
Carved by plate tectonics
a name for a rock

and roll, CODA: persistent
ritardando to Beethoven's 9th
Monteverdi then a purple knob
the agora

testicles. Do you have your key?
Barbara Streisand. Monotony
monotony sophistication monotony
stasis new technology

regression. The child is all conquering
enfant terrible chastising
this implicit monotony.
One day they will rule the World
is your back door locked?

The Mona Lisa hangs in the Louvre
ambiguity is her clarity
its global appeal. In jurisdiction
5 we must faint at a cadaver
compliant like children

I can't help you with that.
Hang your key behind the door.

23/09/2011 (Red to Green)

Baroque becomes a consideration
incestuous like property
other than an answer
carved by propensity
money is unacceptable tender

during jurisdiction Zero
the pleasures of the flesh
baroque becomes an unambiguous tenure

I like Carp fishing four
memories explicitly

the Moon, a legal tender
breaking in pitch water
animal and justified, a
trout on the table, palpable

diction, reasons are

Classical by clear waters
a velocity, a room with a view.
Dionysion without borders
an answer to a baroque insistence
contrived by illusion

Make sure you lock your front door.