31 Oct 2007

As the Light Shines I Shall Seek You

A painting with light......
Original photograph by the beautiful Miss Boux

a telegram to araeallia

brains of ozone /War (2007) / zombies - like quick vampires of earth III/time now quarrels with ultraviolent zombievampires/ Sunlight middle is devoured/lethal Real for humans , losing majority/ woman -"un-zombie-ing" time/April world killing her, contained/ Araeallia- counting earth stages/aftermath destroyed/omnivorous / Sister Raeallia living-hope - raw

30 Oct 2007


World War III, the quick international devastating war in april 2006, is over; the aftermath is a destroyed/killed ozone. Planet earth is undead. Sunlight is lethal and human race has been world widely mutated in 2 stages : a huge crowd of omnivorous zombies and a minority of veganvampires.

It's present time (2007) and since then, there's an ultraviolent quarrel between mentioned zombies and vampires:
zombies want to devour vampires' brains and insides, and vampires are defending from them, killing them in self defense or biting them for injecting them blood and so, "un-zombies-ing" them. it seems veganvampires are losing but there's still one hope to earth: a girl where remained life-essence is contained.

Araeallia, a veganvampire, is learned about the existence of that woman but she didn't believe it, even when she saw her face to face .....

This is the real state of the world right now. The world as we see and perceive it right now is a dream. We are dreaming this living-ozone state, but in real life we are killing us in the middle of a raw war.


Vespers (25)

museum quality peace
pool view

filed under
romance of idealism

shape of bell
tower clocking

transposes two
perfectly articulated notes

one write love
into cadence

individuation as
imagined the way

mother used to
prophesy full

waits for
no one whole

this night equals
every other

my take
on honesty multiplied

28 Oct 2007

dungeons and dragons

You are in a bright cave.
A small yellow bird sits in front of you
A mean ogre is approaching rapidly

What is your command? attack

Awwwwwww you just killed the small yellow bird :(
A mean ogre is approaching rapidly

Carmens post on old 8 bit games brought this very traumatic d&d memory back.

The Art of Rewriting Old Games
October 19th, 2007 by Geoff Draper in

Take some of the 8-bit games you enjoyed as a kid and update them for the new generation.

The opening lines of Nellan Is Thirsty (Figure 1), an old text adventure game for 8-bit home computers, say “You are in a room called the Bank. A giant carpet on the floor says Welcome....The BANKER, Mr. Klinkoyn, looks sleepy.” If you don't recognize those words, you're not alone. It is one among thousands of open-source programs written during the 1970s and 1980s that have gone out of popular play.

The Art of Rewriting Old Game
October 19th, 2007 by
Geoff Draper in

Take some of the 8-bit games you enjoyed as a kid and update them for the new generation.

The opening lines of Nellan Is Thirsty (Figure 1), an old text adventure game for 8-bit home computers, say “You are in a room called the Bank. A giant carpet on the floor says Welcome....The BANKER, Mr. Klinkoyn, looks sleepy.” If you don't recognize those words, you're not alone. It is one among thousands of open-source programs written during the 1970s and 1980s that have gone out of popular play.

27 Oct 2007

based on crescentpoem

deciphersaurus groans
about the slurring rate of
metaphoric bilinquency

an apt floater he is
-flat, clever, hyperpernicious-
who switches places and opens the claw...
et voila !
a virtual garden-garage
an idiocarpark
a neat domicile - a Gamelan esodrone


the kernisphere of the phloem-
like a deft knuckle bone - metatarsal ??
a fiddler-peddlar
scary mello/vibraphone juggling tricks
for the public

mortgaged convictions

a dust motleyhat

26 Oct 2007


The deliciousness of causing people
untold convictions
switch turn Gamelan Creole knuckle bone
vibraphone deciphergroan touchstone
mellophone pornophone get garage
fiddler esodrone
of'ted saurus hyperpernicious
flat rate mortgage

Untold convictions causing metaphoric
bilinquency phloem neat floater
kernisphere (piddle)
Sasquatch umbilical
peddler domicile
clever go left buy a diploma

Hear skean
scary metatarsal
scrawn 2 a bit
slur garden
virtual exacerbater pornoplex
idiocarpark softness promonier taff

24 Oct 2007

Vespers (24)

even rhinestones locate sleep

the shelflife of attaction
falls, a season's shining

winter approaches
as the point
of needing nothing

one limbs along sans leafage

behold this accidental portrait
looming in the psyche
that attests to valid golds and reds
and pale sweet yellowing

ceilings form an overhang
of shelter

threads of wind brush surface
thus insinuate another sphere

22 Oct 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her photograph in this picture.

Flower 2

Thank you once again to MissBoux for the original photograph

19 Oct 2007

vespers (23) equator

another probability until
we invent

words by Sheila Murphy


Everything in these walls
That confines my thoughts,
Tramples the systematized
Files I wish I never sought.

The rush coagulates at once
In piles of decaying debris;
I embrace everything 'cause
Everything envelops me.
strange tautness

lessonserase what dandelions do : always presentpressure
in storytense
listen to the stonemotioninnature
it lessens this /loosens that /everything invents probability
yard -offers- story- child
for thirst minted /imagined



Thank you to Miss Boux and Intergalactic Hussy for allowing me to use their photographs/art in this image.

Vespers (23)

tautness of equator
loosens now

child offers
a story told

in present tense
everything is

sky everything
in motion changes

what if life
were newly

left whole
in the yard

no wine from
each imagined

company for
joining being one

everything is lesson
listen to

second nature
the story erases

another probability until
we invent

18 Oct 2007


la vie est comme une danse anglais
la “redundance”


my institution is back - for essential re-consideration.

you have taken economy, radio) my quality -

a strong, massive governmental Mail.

unbiased inner health appears to determine all my treated daily documentaries,

My outer health - retained service.

you, my generic you , abysmally false as action bearer ...

always cutting BBC news short

hand and looks and economy with the same argument :

drama of poetic strikes with cuts over all these standard decades.

live your letter media bureaucracy compromising tradition....

have superb view) over BBC ....

redundant, my generic u , take care of my individual

oh, my multi-channel suffering

on the long-term Journalism forefront......with the public as public.

- making redundancies redundancies we redundancy redundancies

17 Oct 2007

The BBC in Trouble

So, it appears that even the world-renowned, British institution - the BBC is not exempt from government cuts, redundancies and (in my view) a resultant lowering of quality. Inevitably industrial action looks likely to follow.

In the UK, we now have to accept that our health service (NHS) is a poor version of what it was, compromising patients' health and suffering a massive increase in bureaucracy and making redundant, essential health and care workers. We have seen strikes from the civil service and, more recently from the Royal Mail. The current Labour government are determined to cut back on all public services, opting for profitability over quality of service. Individual workers and users of public services have been treated abysmally - their views and their lives are not taken into consideration.

The BBC has been at the forefront of television for decades. It has provided superb documentaries, unbiased news reportage and has retained quality in areas such as drama and film. In today's multi-channel environment, where quality is often compromised for the sake of quantity, the BBC has acted as a standard bearer of quality. The BBC has a tradition of educating the public (both TV and radio) and to lose this would be disastrous for the status of British Media and Journalism and for the general public. I have seen the quality of health and care reduce immensely since "essential" cuts and redundancies have been made in the NHS and related health providers, to "improve services" as it has been claimed. I believe that the same will occur with the BBC.

It may be argued that these cuts are to enable a strong economy in the UK. My argument is that this is a false economy, that does not consider the long-term effects of reduced quality.

Link to BBC article


Thank you to the wonderful and sexy Miss Boux and the very talented Intergalactic Hussy for allowing me to use their photographs in this image.

16 Oct 2007

15 Oct 2007

These are Barren Times (Emmigraton song)

These are barren times
You gotta go headfirst into the
Put the boot in
when your colleagues down

Up end your mobile phone
found traces in motorway glitches
You gotta duck 'n' cover
while the holes in the net
get bigger

Ooh! That expressionless cyber sex
relationships by proxy, via
mechanical suggestions
that someone else is out there
Harsh and clever on the surface

Beneath, as lonely and frightened
as you are

See the land
the clearest indication yet
We're farther from the beasts
The beasts that we will necessarily meet

14 Oct 2007

dresscode: no shoes

yes YOU can be a     psychonaut

dresscode: shoeless

Vespers (22)

an open window lets in seventy
degrees a beat before midnight

Indian School Road, now wide enough
to accommodate the range of pitch points

I imagine the coordinates of named stars
can be seen a few miles from this place

these walls enclose the change of season
houseguests come to represent

I continue to erase what interferes with
spontaneity in taking breath

late night nanosounds resemble
insects jumping rope with dental floss

11 Oct 2007


concepts nous bla-touffent bla
que tu est blabla -je suis une habla
que poètes sont des con conceptuelles ??
les blaparole blapoésie la dedans la poésie

{Emotic(shoot2)} {Emotic(grin2)}
{Emotic(baby)} {Emotic(chainsaw)}
{Emotic(ill)} {Emotic(blow)}__________________



10 Oct 2007


Thank you to Miss Boux and Intergalactic Hussy for letting me use their images in this picture.

8 Oct 2007

sheila's vespers

unsafe safe
and a root under

live whispers cover the place with ribbon filaments that slide pretending to listen to the light
heavy free filaments marvel & shine
while new playful identities safely travel to re/flect
chance light upon
light's reverse slide

there are voices there for ever -

pray symptoms

(20) and I sign in as carmen to
2:24 Sheila
to trace Murphy choiceful walks

no catacombs with 0-near darkness

Vespers (21)

we live
consentingly as free

marvel at
travel a reality

slide after slide
pretending each

each although
identities are blended

walks of
living blood passed

on to other
ribbons of

for crest
to match crest

rest not to
stop ever

reflect root
under the evidence

manifest this once
where safety

7 Oct 2007

Vespers (20) for Carmen

light has a place
with light near
darkness listen
to it shine
or slip
the many filaments
that trace
chapter made choice
there are redeeming voices
there are whispers
there is tacit

watch the light in music
hover with rest
and dampness play
into the light
the quiet
and the safe
or unsafe whispers

6 Oct 2007

Light Vespers (19)

first Choose a particle

constructed/ caved

a mere point

and give it to the undressed night

muttering the nauseating pacem vobiscum

to each other

actually time stuck into appended print

hit / lift / relief concept from premises

one inclusion story resplendent with explicative host thoughts

sky text ions that round off shoulders-

the night -

upsurgical retreat

4 Oct 2007

Vespers (19)

premises in print
divide conquest

ions apart
from base hit

first to third
explicative undress

thoughts lift
to the sky

dizzy appended upsurgical
retreat into

each one
resides in pacem

why not host
a shoulder

not impede
this blithering story

it is night
again time

into thought
for its inclusion

to the point
of caved

in repeated
fashion always primed

3 Oct 2007

Light Vespers (18)

the young breathing green

young (18) dew is in text evidence

text renewal

the modesty of garden mist is fathering

still gate commitments

a midnight /(a talisman) dreams

heavy and open)

emblems turn censure along /across standpoints comprising Platonic beliefs

misconforming Vespers expand while

(hot steam prayers evolve

others than the stillness of (hush)

please, choose your text

1 Oct 2007

Vespers (18)

censure (hush)
arrives at garden
and the gate is warm
is heavy with standpoints

midnight prayers evolve
into commitment as
stillness conforming
with a modesty Platonic

one would dream then
keep the fathering
of mist to turn
dew breathed across the green

young evidence comprising
emblem of a happiness
held still and seen
and loved (a talisman)

showing renewal (would
breath open) for others
along the stream
this relay of belief