20 Dec 2018

December through to January

No mustn't! Diluting familiarity to the point of saturation we will empower those who remain disempowered echoing genetic codes increasing anonymity by striving to be famous when consciousness wanes to ordinariness we must!

16 Nov 2018


Trumpeting Brexit bureaucratic schreckgespenst by proxy, a governance of computer lead irony. A contradiction equates correlation, media becomes the protracted severance, representation le coeur of the malaise, the pith of the botched up, bodged together, incompetent, obfuscated bullshit.

Post-competency, a heart beat in the trees-fold le crepescule of (rustle of breath) a topography of words-fold the page; a neo-lingua franca! A cultural identity born from the land, the sea, this topographical identity, where words have no familiar meaning is a most frightening, severed place to be.

13 Oct 2018

October Two

You're thoroughly motionless global cooling indicates binary opposition apercu and religiosity Pandora's box is a constant via a climatic heliosphere 
We are excited about the inevitability of Winter and a politicized conception of global warming we could call it love
love it call could we warming global of conception politicized a and Winter of inevitability the about excited are We cynical advert surreptitiously pugnacious a panpsychist cultural expressionism or a projection of solipsism?

7 Sep 2018

September Through to October

Ne'er oft' stead(ly) seen here, misandry is a common theme, 33 out of every 78 percentages evoke a reaction vicariously minted. Mental health; sweep it right under the carpet, right under the carpet sir, the worse the funding gets the harder we sweep it right under the carpet, right under the carpet, right under the carpet like Freudian denial. 18 out of every 90 provoke a response simulacra and sensationalism marry/exported trope symbiosis culture clash(ed) cornucopia. An endemic epidemic pandemic supra-specific exact arbitrariness of location(less) the very point I was trying to make was lost in the words I used to communicate. Oft' seen ne'er err somnolence.

Cliquesque like catholicism permanence is a radical breath

11 Aug 2018

Morning at Gorey 2

Morning at Gorey 2

Photograph "Morning at Gorey 2""all rights reserved" 2018 Simon Harris.

August Through to September

A souvenir perhaps? A collision of chance, coincidence upon coincidence, we build a fragile construct. Something to remind me, fragility, beauty, delicacy; an intrinsic evocation, a light at the end of the tunnel.
Then you must be hope and the beauty of you, your awkward impulse, your childlike demeanor, your searing intelligence, your hair intricately woven and your powerful spirit, is the light that forms the fragile construct that we call friendship. That we could have called love.

18 Jul 2018

July through to August

Thought must follow fiscal idiosyncrasies as if money were sentient, although intangible: a la human consciousness.
Computers designing for computers, given alienation, given an inherent misanthropy; solipsism appears to necessitate a very human self-loathing.
Set up to fail throwing numbers at a wall, the creation of debt redefines profit as a measurement of ghosts, a raison-d'etre, a soul.

30 Jun 2018

June Through To July

Internationally out of touch with reality, a semblance of metaphoric misnomers, a miscarriage of justice, compliance is a drug company's debt to Plato. Or so it would seem. Mimesis speaks volumes about the immutability of politics; the simulacrum of Trump; a parody of the Political; a pastiche of advertising; Crows use tools. Indebted to the ghost-like manifestation of time; secretly cryptic, labyrinthine systems; an incessant dirge of legalities; obfuscation rewards High Capitalism and its despotic leaders.  

1 Jun 2018

May through to June

Way too much information the whole thing went tits up
onomatopoeia we could elicit crimes from (faux-)authenticity 
we know we cocked up now we can't do fuck all about it
too late to shout out about it

it's like a needle in a haystack, you can't see the wood for the trees we've been trumped by money a despicable cronyism,
nepotism, your nebulous computer an automated dada
we should leave culture for the masses.

14 Apr 2018

April through to May

Pangaea panacea

hyperreal agora, neo-pangea
transient fixation, homeopathy

Delphinapterus leucas vicarious; a fiction of money

algorithmic, cathartic

Terra nova 

30 Mar 2018

March Through to April

Market forces undemocratic trumping

"Terrible Lizard" Ichthysaurus Rex, a fish out of water
Gondwanaland, fiscalus, "emerging economies"

power-tilt, Cetaceans at open ocean.

Ultima thule 


14 Jan 2018

January through to February (2018)

New technologies equal new (un)realities.

Social media less solipsistic, more mechanistic.  Immerse upon the actuality of metallic parts conducting electrical charge.

A concept of misandry ever more pertinent; a quiescence beneath a hyper-real, frenzy of media-strewn, self-centered women.  Misappropriated chivalry, a Western endgame; a frenetic response to give aid to war-torn or famished countries.

A chimera, an aberration, a semblance of something indistinct, a fade, a diary from the corner of your eye.  A concept of homogeneity; an absurdity manifesting as substance, Trumped by fake idolatry.