25 Nov 2009

Perception of Movement

Thank you to Johanna Chambers for allowing me to use her excellent dance photograph in this picture.

13 Nov 2009

Global Media and Untitled

Global Media (top) is a visual representation of "information overload", that we experience through various media. In Global Media the textual elements of the work become muddled and opaque, which can be seen as a representation of truth being buried under a mass of information. Untitled takes influence from Asian and, in particular Indian art forms. The Asian influence is unapologetically digitised and merged with Western art styles. It can be thought of as an example of a multicultural hybrid, or as an example of "Global Art". Untitled includes an original photograph by Miss Boux .

8 Nov 2009


Text Art.
Simon Harris

7 Nov 2009


Balloted Dionysus black card
calls to both sides of the Renaissance
with aspects due to due regard
printemps accruing its duality

by birth admass sincerity, nicotine
slippage, detritus and allergen
a flower, premortis, dispossessed
you would fear the fear of fear

and those who see you fearful,
fear their fear of your fear, that you
then hide through fear of fearing
fears hidden, fearfully next to

television screams our botox youth
to patter the blade of survival
disincriminated and bold like amino acids
wanton for the features
of fluidity

in carcinogen emotion a fix of twittering
solipsistic, jingoistic feverish punch
twilit gymnasia, fleshing ropes
and dumb bells, cornered by happenstance

engraved by reason's repetition

a hyper real fiction