27 Oct 2008

Vespers (78)

allow fallow to melt
into the gestured breeze

till whereabouts amid
even the weeds the latch

the silver the inflection

tender how the breeze
sifted through screen

comes spoken as if rain
had rinsed the daylight

wash this first neglect
of conscious thought

by same release of thought
until time joins space
as it is felt

transformed into
a purposed meaning

light as feathers bled
upon the cloth and skin

just rest upon the quiet
autumn colors of the drying leaves

22 Oct 2008

Vespers (77)

wheat stems unlock autumn yellow sacrifice
until releasing of the light tames green
pageantry on line with lake and shed
and sea breeze

where we are is how you are and seeking
shapes the lateral view of kept things
vaulted into quiet
that repeats itself

along where breezes sequence thought
one after another
places in between
are states of mind once mentioned

grasped and homed in on then held
to self to form a definition
of the lumens and the likelihood
of young change to lighten hold

21 Oct 2008

casualties of rawwar.

World War III (april 16th,17th,18th, 2006) separated the spiral (non-physical) plane and the spatial (physical) plane on earth, because of the destruction of the ozone. Mankind mutated in veganvampires and omnivorous zombies, battling each other. Some months ago, Canadian veganvampire Araeallia discovered the spiral plane (it is, the collective dream state plane where earth seems to be still ozone-contained and inhabited by no-mutated humans when WWIII didn’t happen) separated from the physical plane where she lies. Since then, occasionally worldwide veganvampires make involuntary –and some times scary- apparitions in the spiral plane.

In this case a post-beaten trauma involuntary apparition of a veganvampire seriously face-damaged by omnivorous zombies in the middle of WorldWar IV, the RawWar, Monday October 20 th , 2008.

casualties of rawwar.

Photo: Carolina Monroy.
Art Co-direction: Cristina Guevara.

“A.y.b.i.l.” (all.you.bleed.is.love) Mask :
Design/ Made by: Cristina Guevara & No para Innita.

Vespers (76)

glass from which to look upon
diminuendo and the crush of dark leaves
where her breath would show
beneath moonlight

spherical pallor now in darkness draped by cloud
a window open on the cool yard
pale parchment rectangles
reflecting symmetry

17 Oct 2008

In Skies Sees

An old pastel and pencil work completed about 15 years ago. I've added digital effects that make in more interesting and up to date. This one is up for collaboration - derivatives OK as long as you mention my name.
:-) An attempt to move towards "Global Art".
Feedback appreciated :-)
Thank you

16 Oct 2008

Responses to the "Credit Crunch" - David Lewis Baker

2 Digital Art images by David Lewis Baker, in response to the "Credit Crunch". Top image entitled "Monument to the Unknown Trader (Market Failure #1)" and the lower image entitled "Not to Scale (Market Failure #4)".
It's great to see an artist addressing contemporary issues that affect us all. Here, David shows us that art can address practical problems as well as abstract concerns. This is a great example of art acting as a stimulus to reflection, idea generation and, potentially problem-solving/creative solutions. I also like the accessibility of Davids' images, for example the text "Lessons of History (Forgotten)" and "Bonus Culture" in "Not to Scale" graphically portray central issues connected to the "Credit Crunch", reflecting an awareness that many of us can relate to. The shattering of the sculptural images in "Monument to the Unknown Trader" also clearly reflect the recent collapse of financial institutions and the inability of Capitalism to escape its own weaknesses. I believe the image also reflects the artificial constructs of a Hyper Real age, subsumed by technological communications, artificiality and "mass hysteria", via media saturation. There is no doubt that recent events in global markets have been exacerbated by the knowledge that problems exist!
The full "Market Failure" series can be viewed on David's Flickr page
Both Images are Copyright David Lewis Baker all rights reserved.

14 Oct 2008

shorten 75

i feel myslf tryng
I a a a a a a
I rain my tnight
a night shaper than the green shots of dylight
litle thoghs lingr rubbe-like on-site
a brning filed the a a a a charcter to
i repet my a a a a in AM relible rerise
i prtend i a m an on-sie charater
that cased exaspratingly swft smlls whenplayingwhentrying
I am evning anges trnslted into nwly little moning laves
angls leavs
new facts worty of my rubber mnd
rubber line
sprng falls sumer in witer

the would-be wman has a fee will

13 Oct 2008

Vespers (75)

night lingers mid-morning I adopt the treble clef
a menacing repeat squeezed between signs
I feel attention pointing to reliable reprise
pretend then to have caused it
the treadmill sweet with honey
an exasperating woman dusting my newly shining windows

duration is a little rubber band translated to a banjo
I mingle with the signs of authenticity I take into my line of work
each of the would-be mothers having sharper angles than the actual
whom I resemble free in thought a mind she knows the way to work
it is always a spring morning always equally an evening in the fall
the smell of leaves burning the smell of shoots trying

I am ready for tonight when ledgers will be filled completely
with the character my fingers manufacture
slowly stolidly the rain will gather itself into a facet
worthy of remark and there will be another character in this play
this play will have been made for mental television
now I lay me down to on-site traffic in a swivel world of sweet swift logic

12 Oct 2008

The Credit Crunch - What Can We Learn?

After addressing the problems that occur from the continuing privatisation of British society and the effects on democracy, in my article "Brief notes - Commerce Based Democracy" Link
and after writing my more recent article "Article on Capitalism and Today's Workplace" Link
I felt it was time to suggest some solutions to recent problems that have occured. Foremost in my mind, unsurprisingly is the "Credit Crunch" and the recent collapse of banks in the US, UK and Iceland.

Before I write these solutions it is worth mentioning that recent economic events are not particularly surprising to me, and I expect to many others. The events that lead up to the recent economic crisis can be traced back quite clearly. For example; the need to save money in British public services and the lack of public sector funding to new and existing projects.

I believe that we can learn from events over the recent years and endeavour to act more purposefully and positively, when faced with financial difficulties in the future.
It is important that the Government listen to experts in public services and other areas of employment, rather than continuing policies that are evidently not working. By an expert, I mean someone who has worked in their field for a considerable period of time or someone who acts as a representative for the views of the majority of individuals working in a particular field. The way that the current UK, labour party has pushed forward with policies that have damaged many areas of public service, when expert opinion has warned, time and time again of the consequences, is quite remarkable.

The government should listen to public opinion. Public opinion should not be noted, simply to gauge the electability or popularity of a political party. Public opinion in direct reaction to Government policies should be considered as a way of monitoring the effectiveness of policy.

It is important to realise that many areas of public service do not benefit from privatisation. The value of, for example, healthcare or education cannot be measured in financial terms. The aim of healthcare, education, sport, the arts, etc. is not to create profit, or only partially to create profit. The aim of education is to prepare children for adult life, in terms of literacy, numeracy and to help them move towards their chosen career. This may sound woefully obvious, however in times of financial difficulty it is worth reminding ourselves of the purpose of our endeavours or we find that we experience a situation that is unworkable. Many employees today feel that the original purpose of their employment has been replaced with duties concerned with providing evidence for funding or implementing funding cuts. Emphasis should be on a mixed-economy, that values benefits to the public that are essentially, not measurable in mathematical or financial terms. However, without excellence in these areas the economy would suffer, both directly and indirectly. By excellence I mean the provision of services and the short-term and long-term benefits to the public. I also mean the consideration of employees, their morale and their ability to provide services, services that benefit the public and are commensurate with their role.

*Article to be continued - author suffering with flu!*

10 Oct 2008

requiem for a dead bike

ne sorga snotor guma
urban dwellers have sacrificed the required relics 1)
journey along the fragile interdimensional Styx
your next life might be as a Harley Davidson

requiem for a dead bike

1) proceedings of trashtology. A dead bike needs attributes; newspapers to read during the journey, a bottle of spa to drink and a can of bacardi coke to bribe the ferryman

9 Oct 2008

Not a Poem

to take the piss
right out of it
would be to take a sip
of Ulysses. Fools are harder

than robots and adventures
are the Pyrenees. Girls are made
of Cloves Larks Wing and Peppercorns.

to make a scene right
out of it surveillance carves
motionless borders dans

movement. Treason fallows opposite mud
kernel the key spacey Martian Earth
wanders ears.

Into the body Out of the body
In out shake it all about
Jurisdiction 1
Jurisdiction 2
Jurisdiction 3
Jurisdiction 5

Not a body Nobody
technology machine
no humanities
money money money money money
money money money money

'arder than you money
money no

out of the body you've
lost your history
surveillance liver motherboard me

8 Oct 2008

Article on Capitalism and Today's Workplace

I found this interesting article (via Wikipedia) relating to Capitalism and today's workplace.


I am off work with a flu-type virus at the moment, and this article seems to describe my working experience. What is the solution, I wonder? Is there one? Does anyone care enough or have enough courage to attempt to reform the current situation?

Interestingly, Modernism is often cited as being about dichotomous thought and therefore limiting perception to black and white stereotypes. However, as mentioned in the article, the Post Modern workplace seems to enforce dualities and contradictions even more than the Modernist workplace. The difference, it seems, is the theatricality of these cognitive contradictions (and their manifestation in behaviour). Indeed, the laborious reducing of reality into contradictive labeling, has resulted in the workplace as a theatre for emotional expression as occupations slip into artificiality, or representations of occupations. Similarly, sophisticated advertising and marketing often represent poor services and products.

Indeed, the human side of industrial relations (!) or the workplace has been replaced by a computerized, bureaucratic and measurable reality. Therefore, a theatre has emerged in reaction to this, whereby employees express their human nature. With the current "Global Recession" (this may be more accurately described as a Western Recession(?)) emotions are often running high in the workplace and the theatricality (suppressed humanness) of employees is creating a real drama in reaction to an artificial and real crisis.

7 Oct 2008

Digital Artist

Self Portrait. A little bit Warholesque, I think! Original photo taken with an analogue camera:-)Simon

6 Oct 2008

Vespers (74)

Mercury in retrograde spoiled and spawned an otherwise perfect day.
Cool for a change, car windows open
all the way to the places we saw twice,
parking in the same location both times.

I often have no chance to hear you laugh.
Sky today rained down its creased blue.

At night now, I read a beautiful account
of a retreat minus the adjectives.
Assemblages of art forms
come to live behind my eyes.

It's time to pray again.
There will be wild lace light over farm skin.
Once we have shown favor to cloth,
a quiet will conform to my soft face.

Happiness is just like voiced insinuation minus trebling.
Playthings left out in the yard,
As close to clarity as breath intends.

Good guess, one thinks.
Silver under light.
Metallic shy and charm warm.