26 Dec 2009


Conceptual Art dealing with Multiculturalism and Politics.
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25 Dec 2009

"I might venture to say that my new album, though it won't be thrash metal, will be a female companion of 'Reign in Blood' ".

Review of "Coitoris” press conference. (Part 1 & 2).
Sundance Press Office.

All men are extinct. The moon makes combustion into a small sun. Her translation is reversed with the earth and makes the planet orbiting the fiery moon, which makes their female inhabitants live 24 hours of daylight. No, it’s not another one of those doomsday movies. Quite the contrary: it is a musical, a celebration but with tunes that are closer to Ozzfest than Broadway. Coitoris is the third film of the Mexican-Irish director Guadalupe Smithye, for the second time that incorporates the Colombian rocker Innita to deal with the soundtrack. And for good reason, the argument is adapted from an unpublished draft of short story written by Innita.

We are in this winter Sunday, December 20th, at Sundance Resort, where Guadalupe and Innita provide the first official press conference on Coitoris, whose premiere is scheduled for Sunday July 11, 2010. The event begins with a batch of questions and answers, some frames of film’s stages and costumes, and ends with a short presentation of Halo Limia, live keyboardist for Innita’s band, playing some advanced score with her Reactune. After an elegant little ceremonial greeting, Innita starts the press conference: "I can afford to be spoilers (spoiler) of my novel ROMA and read the last paragraph of the final chapter, Love."

After the freckled nude read paragraph, the questions begin:

Q: What new developments can you tell us about the story?
Innita: Coitoris happens 19 years after the extinction of the male, and the male gender in general, on the planet. The first generation of Coitoris women, it is, women born of lovely intercourse of two clitorises, have already spent their childhood and adolescence is being finalized. Extinct, men begin to be historical, archaeological stuff, like dinosaurs. Many things have taken new direction. Technology, now in the hands of women for nearly two decades, has advanced and environmentally progressive way that when developed in the company of men, and the space age unfolds and grows more interesting than sports. It is in this context where the story starts, when the moon makes combustion into a small sun. Telling you more would spoil surprises. "

Q: The rumor is that Coitoris is a musical that is not a musical ...
Guadalupe: But it is a musical. Even when it contains extended scenes of dialogue and monologues and thunderous action scenes, driving narrative that premium are the melodies that actresses and actors sing, which are the 10 songs on the eponymous album innit. If you mix "12 Angry Men," "Chicago" and " Sunshine " here you got a cinematographic idea of Coitoris.

Q: Dominique Pavlanova and Sunny Asgrez are recognized and award-winning actresses in the European stages, and so far only been made just plays. Is it not a risk being selected as stars and being directed cinematically?
Guadalupe: I've seen many of thier plays. They come from different schools. I am happy to join them in Coitoris. It is a challenge for them that adds extra flavor to the movie. Due to their theatrical underground, theatrical school gives me the exotic ingredients I need for film-themed space. Having started recording in November, my experience with them so far has not been at any time headaches or friction, on the contrary, it's like brand new unbreakable toy. It's something new for both parties.

P: The complexion of the bodies of Dominique Pavlanova and Sunny Asgrez respectively resemble the fiancee of Innita and also Innita herself. Is this story with biographical tributes from Innita?
Innita: hahahhaha.
Guadalupe: Interesting observation, but no, not really. I think more than you mean the bust size, you can ask bluntly. We were also told that if the bust of the stars refers to the busts of Innita and mine, to include our egos there, hehe, and they like to say that either.
Innita: Exactly that happened to us, even they are talking that Guadalupe and I are lovers. However, it has to do with the dangerous fashion breast reduction.
Guadaloupe: Aha, the fashion among women continues to grow today, and the debate on the issue encouraged the Hollywood press to speculate on Xetl Xihuatl, the protagonist of my previous film, with the false rumor that had reduced breasts for the movie. I wanted the Coitoris’ actors were distant breast size. It is now known of several cases of almost irreparable injury cases by clandestine reductions breasts, legal medical unsupervised, which become massive and early among girls 15 to 17 years aged and therefore I could not deny that I do want to share my views on the subject. In the booklet there is a small dialog that came with some black humor on this.

Q: There is a rumor that Innita appears in the film . . . . .
Gudalupe: Rumor discarded, I myself suggested to her, I began by suggesting a secondary role to decrease to a hitchcock style apparition, but in any case she didn’t want.
Innita: aha, it was. I do not feel, at least by now, the multi-artist who composes, sings, writes novels and apart from that she even acts. To act on some of my videos is enough for now.

Q: According to the official tracklist, we see that in your upcoming musical work the number of songs are reduced by almost half, if we take into account your 2 previous albums. Is this due to your busy schedule of constant touring, commitment to film or there is something to comment?
Innita: I wanted the new album, recording phase yet, be an outburst and intentionally I discarded the idea of swinging curves of ridges and valleys. " Good things, when short, are twice as good " "less is more", etc.. The album, like it is my short story in which Guadalupe based to expand to movie format, is a celebration. So my album Coitoris ignores the slow rhythms and melancholy of songs like " Vampirama ", " TV Sunsets ". I might venture to say that my new album, though it will be not thrash metal, will be a female companion of Slayer’s "Reign in Blood".

Q: According to a financial newsletter of Concordia Films, the film production has risen and risen to the point that they have integrated new investors.
Guadalupe: Right. Since I announced my new project publicly, Concordia Films has no objection to associate with other producers to give Coitoris technological quality and logistics necessary for its materialization.

Q: Will there be integration of the Innta´s tour “Coitoris Eronautica” with elements of the film, as directly as at the time Pink Floyd did it?
Innita: It's funny you ask that, for a couple of weeks ago I was watching the circular elements in the scenery of Pulse, and discussed some of there with my set designer and my producer on some of my visions for the tour. But regarding your question, I think it will have to wait to see the film and view the tour to get your own impressions.

24 Dec 2009

Global Economics, Culture(s) and the Shaping of Scientific Theory by Pragmatism, the Arts and Cultural Change

Fuck a duck
duck a fuck a
duck fuck

cluck beyond
slut tuck noir flutter
ducks clutter
Beethoven's 6th

clinker retinal
chuck your fucks
ducking clucking

bartering ducky clucky
fuck to ducks
mucky fucky
splinter toil

lucky duck's
got der fucks cheap and tatty
with a clucky moorhen

cerulean fuck
blatant fuck
plucky duck
all drakes and signets

5 Dec 2009

Process as Art

Process as Art, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Stuck in a process, aside
and then art.....

Three areas of text in this picture, that read;

conform con form CON form
blunt rib cage 7
9 AS
Push Tap

Unfriend ly
technocratic fresh
computer shard light house
beam consumerism
conservative proletariat

We conspire to politics
Iris-like repetition"

Text by the artist.

New Perceptions of Identity

New Perceptions of Identity, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Thank you again to Miss Boux

This picture reflects the changes to our perceptions of our individual identities, as Western societies become ever more technological and commercial. We struggle for uniqueness and a comprehension of "self" as gender perceptions, multiculturalism and globalism, constant economic and societal change, mass technological immersion and political instability continuously occur.

"Social Networking" websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (and to a degree Flickr and related arts websites) seem to be emblemetic of the aforementioned Post Modern phenomena. In addition, it is important to acknowledge the breakdown of the Nuclear Family.

Of course, social networking and other technological, communicative developments are a poor substitute for real relationships and friendships. However, it would be foolish to state that they are completely without their uses. The isolation that the Internet can cause to many people is ignored as we continue to "tell the world" via Facebook, how we have dumped our latest partner or just bought a new "Sat Nav".

Although this can seem very shallow, and to a degree it is! However, we are looking for varying degrees of fame, as Andy Warhol predicted. As we can no longer find the kinds of relationships within "real" society, we try to find impersonal and fleeting connections and acknowledgement via new technologies. Ultimately, all Internet users (apart from those who only look!) are chasing fame. Most will be disappointed.

Our excitement at the novelty of technological innovation and its opportunities are continually countered by the isolation and the fickle nature of the Internet, and other technologies. Many of us complain about the impersonal nature of society, that has been strengthened by new technology and worsened by the Recession. Are we willing to pay this price for a technocratic, capitalist society? And, importantly, do we really have much choice?


25 Nov 2009

Perception of Movement

Thank you to Johanna Chambers for allowing me to use her excellent dance photograph in this picture.

13 Nov 2009

Global Media and Untitled

Global Media (top) is a visual representation of "information overload", that we experience through various media. In Global Media the textual elements of the work become muddled and opaque, which can be seen as a representation of truth being buried under a mass of information. Untitled takes influence from Asian and, in particular Indian art forms. The Asian influence is unapologetically digitised and merged with Western art styles. It can be thought of as an example of a multicultural hybrid, or as an example of "Global Art". Untitled includes an original photograph by Miss Boux .

8 Nov 2009


Text Art.
Simon Harris

7 Nov 2009


Balloted Dionysus black card
calls to both sides of the Renaissance
with aspects due to due regard
printemps accruing its duality

by birth admass sincerity, nicotine
slippage, detritus and allergen
a flower, premortis, dispossessed
you would fear the fear of fear

and those who see you fearful,
fear their fear of your fear, that you
then hide through fear of fearing
fears hidden, fearfully next to

television screams our botox youth
to patter the blade of survival
disincriminated and bold like amino acids
wanton for the features
of fluidity

in carcinogen emotion a fix of twittering
solipsistic, jingoistic feverish punch
twilit gymnasia, fleshing ropes
and dumb bells, cornered by happenstance

engraved by reason's repetition

a hyper real fiction

26 Oct 2009

New movements in art moments

Where did you come from?
Knock off /it off
Fuck knows/knows fuck
autonomous machinery/no autonomy
For god's sake this isn't a poem

How does art sit with capitalist times
are hard for those who dare not dream
for those who dare must
dream (a sentence here)
virtual world/artificial freedom

streaming media here a purport 2
(and you know it) else
where magnifies exits we'll
dream a rope to pull the horse
Columbus and Raleigh

The Trojan night the Trojan night
drowning in stars
step one two three like a child
she walks to begin again her bare feet like grain
on the ground

We daren't wake her synopsis forms reverie
for fear of truth is far harder than
living far harder than love
Our love is money and fear is its quell
our sanity is clunky

New movements in art moments
time is rebellion to the friction
of finance is lost by our trance
that freedom calls knowledge hence
and there after we might live with

each other and lie with the animals

24 Oct 2009

Girl 2/You Thought You'd Forgotten

Girl 2 (top picture) collaboration with Miss Boux. You Thought You'd Forgotten reveals the yellow colouration of memories.

9 Oct 2009


Many thanks to Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this picture.

3 Oct 2009

An Art of Doing; Considering a 21st Century Renaissance

We can no longer have art, in the sense that we have known art and anti-art and therefore if we have known art and what it is not, then why should art in any sense continue?
In the sense that we understand art, there will be no art. Art and artistic activity will, of course, continue, however it may be difficult to understand that the new art form(s) are art at all.
In a similar way, we will all be famous. However, once we have all achieved fame then we are no longer famous, at least not in the way that being famous once meant. Fame will be the norm and therefore it will not be fame, but a continuation of human relationships and recognition after the reign of the extended family and via modern technology.
Art now, if we wish to have an avant-garde, is an art of doing. Otherwise we rehash the art of the 20th century using 20th century techniques or faux, digital techniques - art by proxy. Digital art has proved it has a niche of its own, but ultimately it is no more than an extension of traditional art rather than an avant-garde.
The art of doing is simply that. Doing. Art is doing anything that one does and its capture (through painting, dance, film, photography, etc.) is no longer art. This is its medium of reportage - an art by proxy. Art actuel is the doing, regardless of media that communicates it.
This idea must sound incredibly odd! After all, art is communication so how can communication no longer be art? The answer is simple, communication is no longer artistic, at least not in a sense of avant-gardism. If we wish to continue creating art and artistic works/performances in the manner that we have, then we can call the media of art, art and the doing of art its practice, in order that ideas are communicated.
If we wish to embrace the actuality of now, then we have to shelve our ideas of art and concede defeat regarding the "specialness" of communication and media. Technology has made craftsmanship virtually redundant. Skilful paintings are not today's art, but yesterdays art, regardless of the contemporaneousness of their subject-matter.
That I do, is similar to "I think therefore I am", as Descartes wrote. However, now that we all think (meaning thinking that is discriminated as worthwhile) and we can all communicate our thoughts (our evidence that we exist) then thinking is no longer special enough to be regarded as "truth".
Truth, now is no longer universal, it is arbitrary. The personal is public, so to create something that is true to ourselves (regardless of dogmatic truth) we must do as we do and recognise that this is truth by occurrence and truth by personal expression. If we are to use media to communicate this truth then we risk losing the truth of our doing, as our actions are lost in the capture and communication.
Communication is not a simple means any more. Communication is distorted by technology, altered philosophically, deconstructed intellectually and distanced emotionally. Communication is something that we can all do, today (n.b.; author notes illiteracy as a problem in both Western and Eastern countries, but to a lesser extent than previously) so its specialness is lost. "Reality by proxy" or the ability to deconstruct media and the events that it communicates and the (more recent) ability to play creatively with the actuality of reported occurrences, leaves us highly suspicious of truth.
For art to be art, we have to find the philosophical drive that encourages intellectual curiosity. The new artist may find him or herself considered a scientist (objective art) or some other curator of truth.
Finally, I would like to state that I don't necessarily condone an "art of doing" rather than an art of communicating through questionable media, but I do think it is necessary if we are to have a new art that expresses the flux, uncertainty and cultural melting-pot that is today. The unreality of the application of modern technologies and its ability to allow us to constantly alter the rudiments of Western thought, truth, perception and "reality", is something that we have to consider. Do we wish to live in a detached, artificial world, or do we wish to experience reality as fully as we can?
The art of doing is the beginning of the independent (personal) enquiry into the nature of the above, our comprehension of these occurences and, ultimately we will find solutions to help us cope with these occurrences.

In 2 or 3 parts this isn't very well written, however I have picked up some flu-bug! Will revise later. Just finished performing musical which was both nerve-racking, to start, and great fun :-)

12 Sep 2009

28 Aug 2009


Our collective esoteria?
by destruction revealed
by juxtaposition sold.

Eh bien, tout fait, tout suite
jamais por favor?

Woman is our envelope
our catalyst
our construction (quel couleur a t'il?)

Our weakness and by her power
her weakness

Por favor? (quel idiom?)

Is there a rehearsal this Sunday?
You can't give jobs to a woman
so a man mustn't have one
ou legislative chivalry (hymne national)

Western children are a niche
The largest mass of money and power

Por favor?

by that, that we create
by this we must deny
by those we nurture
we must stasis (Sun dance, bees knees, danse mortir, danse du vie, danse d'amour, dance of light, danse du nuit)
and still, decay.

Angleterre Angleterre Angleterre?
The Angles' terrain is a lusty animal (a la nouvelle Victoriana)
anima animate voyage (Vive souche!)
by terra firma,
incognito, terra incognito
terra agua

Pluto voyage quel raison d'etre?
Je suis eh bien tout fait
bien fait tout suite allez vite!
Compris Compris

We are this way by money (1984)
Uh ooh eeh aah (animal instinctive)
We are this way by "knowing".

Our biggest fear for the status quo,
We are all a bunch of spoilt and greedy
kids. (crime, obesity, neurosis)

26 Aug 2009

molto allegrando

generosity reminds me often
of the present tense
and then I breathe
what I just lost

22 Aug 2009

Culture is culture by displacement
and class is its review
not its practice

Art is the lowest human endeavour
and the highest, rebellious
yet conformist

As an artist, counter-cultural
You are intrinsic to culture
essentially removed

the creator of establishment,
implicit explicit

as defined by the established
we find prestige by tangents
and move by moving targets

The lowest is reported into
the highest and that that confounds
and frightens

is merely us
reported, perhaps
via beauty

30 Jul 2009

Space Exploration "panthesis"

I created this abstract image to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing.
Inspired by Stanley Kubrick's "2001 - A Space Odyssey", I am trying to help stimulate a resurgence in Space travel and Space exploration.
It seems that exploration is essential for mankind and, considering that we have explored most of our planet, I feel that manned space flight to places beyond the moon is necessary.
Einstein's "constant" in his fundamental equation "E=MC[squared]" is being questioned as physicists probe more exotic types of matter. This gives us hope that technologies can be invented that may surpass the limitations that Einstein's theories prescribed.
"Panthesis" is a neologism, literally meaning a thesis for everything, or omniscience. Even though omniscience is impossible, the challenge of greater knowledge and exploration awaits us. "Panthesis" can be seen as relating to "panacea" meaning "a universal medicine". Indeed, Space exploration may be a (partial) cure for post modern stagnancy, and a purpose to reassess Capitalism and the difficulties of the "artificial" world that we are currently creating.

Here is a link to a number of "stills" from the Stargate sequence of "2001- A Space Odyssey". Here we see man journey at great speed through Kubrick's version of intergalactic travel. Kubrick touches on the psychological implications of such travel as well as the physical. The effects were ground breaking at the time of the films release.www.palantir.net/2001/gallery/jupiter.html

18 Jul 2009

Mask 2 Finished

Thank you to Miss Boux :-)
identity, anonymity, cyber age, etc.

17 Jul 2009

Buy Me

I'm sitting there and I'm thinking well just who the fuckin' hell are yer? Sometimes I get the feeling we're all going to fucking morph and we're all the same, or may as well be. If I've seen your face I've seen it a thousand times and I'm beginning not to like it! I've seen it in her and her and even in him, kind of.

You think I'm mad? Yeah! You know, this concept of mental illness as some kind of erroneous, metaphorical representation of actuality. Throw in a few hallucinations and you got a fruitcake. But, I ain't mad. And you know exactly what I mean. All those feelings of being controlled by external forces, voices coming from televisions, computers, electronic devices. I mean, this is the everyday experience of those that are sane! I mean, for god's sake, who's mad and who's fucking sane, right?

Any way, who are you? You got a name, a number, a passport, a finger print, iris recognition, voice recognition? You better hope you have, coz you ain't nobody if you 'aven't. Were you born here or over there, somewhere else? You look kind of foreign, someone may surmise that you're jolly foreigner and you better get back quick before you're vetted coz someone just may work it out. Yeah! I like the way you look you one hot female. I like that, but I ain't sure, was it yesterday I saw you before, the week before that, or was that someone who looked as much like you, as it may as well have been you, or was it you?

You don't say much, just mumble the odd word now and then. I like my women not to say much, women say far too much far too often and I think you know that! Your fit, you look like all the actresses, thin and pretty. The pop stars and the celebs. I got to say, there's a few of you lot looking just a bit too thin. Emaciated I'd say, but that's the fashion an' I know you got to try to look just like every other famous fucker. I understand, I really do. That's sensitivity, you know? I can relate to you women. By the way you're smiling and that glint in you eye, I think you know that.

What d'ya say? Sun protection. Self tanning. Beauty. Looking young forever. Ha ha, Yeah! I know you women, I think you're probably famous coz you're always talking about your looks and your skin and eyes. I might just start to play with my self right now. You don't mind do you? You understand, a man has needs different to a woman. Yeah! I'm playing with myself right now and you make me feel real good. What d'ya say beautiful? I can tell you understand. What's that? Achieve a deep tan, deep tan with self-tan and glitter. UV protection, youthful, sexy skin. A healthy glow like sunlight. What yer on about honey, you're turning me off. Available from all good pharmacists. Cheap trial. Ha ha! You teasing me babe, Yeah! I get it.

And you've said all this a thousand times. You said the same stuff so many times I beginning to think you ain't real. But then what are you ? A goddess or something! Ha ha! No I ain't mad I know who's real and who ain't. And you babe are the real thing. I can tell - that smile, it looks real genuine to me. And your eyes are so blue that I can see your soul deep within you. I can feel it transmit through the air waves across the television screens, the Internet and mobile phone masts. It's so beautiful I feel I would have to do anything you say. Any thing you ask me to. Any thing at all.

Ephemera Et Cetera

Thank you to Miss Boux for letting me use her photograph in this picture

4 Jul 2009

She writhes life's fallen branches

She writhes life's fallen branches
in the dusk of Summer's
Ashes, propaganda
flowing March bladed September

flagging precepts cities dwelling
by paradoxes by contradiction
a life in movement
watching clocks seaming metaphors

In a hurry, dusty pollen
flowing ashen protrusions wincing
lime light of flower patterns
towing clouds by breaths intrusion

fashioned beyond muckle life, a dew
of poppies heartbeats ardour
a catch in a dress, glowing pupae
in her hair of a cafe's libertine infusion

Heat's stress blushes her skin
like ripened strawberries, banished to
these meadows where we pollinated
by tonsils, tongues

the taste of flesh on honeyed bones

26 Jun 2009

On Michael Jackson's Recent Death

"Michael Jackson dead? What are you talking about?"

This was my reaction when I was first told about the death of the eccentric entertainer. I would write at some length about this, however time is, as usual far too constraining.

A number of points I would like to make briefly.

Firstly, Jackson was a creation of the media and people knew him as a household name through the media. This may sound a little trite, however people felt that they knew Jackson even though the vast majority of people didn't know him at all. Jackson, with the exception of, perhaps Madonna, played the role of Pop Star and media icon/personality better than anyone else. Jackson was especially appealing to the public because he had this talent mixed with a vulnerability that, somehow seemed to transmit into the global "public consciousness".

Secondly,Jackson was a bright and very talented individual - we shouldn't let his eccentricity detract from his artistic development as a Pop performer and songwriter. His experiments with rock music and soul/pop were influential to many musicians and his dancing was excellent.

Thirdly, Jackson was troubled in his latter years by allegations of molesting children. Never out of the media for long (e.g. oxygen tents, a pet monkey, plastic surgery, skin-whitening, etc.) we may never know the truth about these allegations. Jackson was, undoubtedly eccentric and this may have been misinterpreted as something sinister. As a wealthy man, Jackson could have been the target of unscrupulous individuals. Although the allegations were proved false in court, suspicions still remained regarding his behaviour.

Because of Jackson's untimely death, at the age of fifty, it seems fitting to remember him as a talented and innovative Pop musician and performer. He brought pleasure to many peoples' lives through his music and performance. However, as a master of playing the media game, reinventing his image and frequently, innovative within the Pop music field, it could be said that he was a victim of his own, tremendous success.

BBC article on Michael Jackson's death

24 Jun 2009

Light and Darkness

Decided to get out my Pastels and Charcoal, for the first time in a while!!
I used a photograph by Lollah to work from, however it is not meant to be an exact copy.

21 Jun 2009


An interesting essay regarding, so-called "Altermodernism" published on Mute magazine. Apparently, a new art/cultural movement to replace Post Modernism. It smacks of Post Modernity to me, slightly redefined with an emphasis on Modernity (recherche, Post-Modern) evidently hoping to capture a new spirit of invention via Modernism. Now, how many times have I heard that!

Article on Altermodernism

now I cannot meet you now I cannot love you now I cannot learn

this quiet June daylight
warm and never warm enough

19 Jun 2009

She Starts Upthings

normally I would defray the cost of seventeen unwanted thought forms and the evidence she reveals her own compulsion to release remaining all the while unwanted by my troth.

so soon again I am refusing how I usually refuse to overcome the waves of unordered sprawl of terminal availability.

let something go a change would be nice just the wings thanks no more open source broad butterfly in lemon tones.

offer to have reinstated present tense where violations did not count thus were routinely underlooked the point of them discounted constantly.

endowment mulches fraught hills and an envelope a net a cardboard box pressed into future disservice will suffice a long time prior to bonds being called.

everything irks sans surprise she's constantly where no one has trespassed I like the quiet of my extroversion when introversy blemishes the joy it carries even while I'm sitting still.

17 Jun 2009


Objective/subjective narrative....
An "art-object" is a contradiction in terms/objecting to overt use of objectivity...
Have posted this image/text on Flickr, but I may get labelled "wierd" - as in intelligent or creative... mmm! Mediocrity any one? Or how about the thought-policing of democratia? Haha!! I jest, of course ;-)

13 Jun 2009

The movement of history...

The movement of history
mustn't touch us
we must learn from money
not sense

To touch money as a periodic
anatomical abre du philosophie
or words mentioned with hindsight
with hindsight a tree of knowledge

sex love compassion bought with a club
This is no reason to arbitrate
This reason is fiscal

barter. Idiosyncratic indecision
masquerading as certainty truth
we must eat it sleep it fuck it
to dump it as shit

Theoretical money moralizing money
legal money honest money.
The Enlightenment was politic

Le Soleil les abres le ciel. To
enquire, to begin again. The turf
is sodden with worms light is a

My Photoshop sky my Photoshop sky
sentence con artes 2 random 4 U
wheels are rolling
to touch the earth

I feel too close
too close to you

6 Jun 2009

Internet Arts - Boring?

Is the "Internet Arts scene" becoming boring? I am certainly noticing a difference in attitude and the type of work displayed. I am also spending more time on art projects in "real life".

Censorship, mediocrity, spam and a lack of experimentation seem to be the latest trends in the arts on the Internet. Certainly, there are exceptions to these trends, but they seem fewer and farther between.

Just a thought...

Awakening, Dream 3, Perfunctory

Three of my recent works. From top; " Awakening" in collaboration with Johanna Chambers; "Dream 3" in collaboration with Johanna Chambers and "Perfunctory" in collaboration with "Miss Boux.
Pictures are Copyright Simon Harris - All rights reserved.


By Jeff Crouch and KR Copeland

30 May 2009


one in elegance two contrary to/an imperial sexless
three dichotomy experimental flavourless text
contraption four

explicit perfunctory coagulate simpering prolix
experiation neo-arbitrary ocean of

words we label I that's in five a girl to name your suitor
six Pangaea colloquial world plays down
esoteric animal and

do is your seventh your car in the garage your bill for the plaything
the tapestry of night no religion for might

consequence glamour concept music squash libellous glasses
preordain the fudge for your cap on the apple
is sooth like bread and butter cakes

too arbitrary and personal too makes in your eighth something
say something for God's sakes say it now

undo the miasma of words that break truth into
shards politicians reeling insight is criminal truth
is scaremongering in your ninth

You'll walk to your car talk to your fish fix on the
scribe incision politic selfless is selfish

and survive into ten
your famous for something journey 2 journey back
journey 2 journey back a circuitous motion to break from a trap

23 May 2009

Face Wordly

Text by me, self portrait provided by Miss Boux.

Vespers (100)

Central tendencies keep pace with
and without objective
thought. A measured sentence
(held whole note)
proceeds at an agreed pace.

I keep listening to the special
feature on the radio
about near-death experiences,
plural. Various scientists
and various subjects
trade near zeal in opposite
directions. Is complacency
a heart-
felt drama?

One of these days sleep
is going to last
too long. One of these nights
the prayer fed
languor will have
shown caesura power
at an unexpected tilt.

Who has the right
of way along this
lane? "Anyone, anyone?"
Sweet daylight lifts
after the coma
blends into allegations
of a full life.

One of us approaches
depth with or without
perception, all good
intentions aside.
All suppositions
walled off by different
climates absent
a control mechanism.

17 May 2009

the shark

I fear the shark

because I am

the shark


I don’t care

for anything

I need to feed

I will eat everything

to regain


16 May 2009

Brief Notes on Work

Shut Up Shop

8 May 2009

leading through liquid
(we should be careful how we pretend
these metaphors)
disease is the inability to love
but we should not be complacent
when directing thought

Easterly, forwarding the intangible
the personality

our thoughts shouldn't be philosophical
when practice is an enigma and the
soul is a release after thought policing
the sea

this perpetual fear
of how we sit in our galaxy.

Vespers (99)

outside it is eighty-nine degrees
at midnight twenty-three
I am accustomed to tethering
experience to innocence

motel walkways always hold
the day's heat
sheltering the body from mind
light and the moon

cools postlude of a free form
summer where and ice machine
scuffles raw data
whining behind chrome

I hear a man's voice
in a mild drone
capsulizing the subtraction
of idea to allow the soul
I could have sworn i walked these yards

manufactured yards mannerist yards
complete oven a problem for your dentist

an absurdity to clam benevolence

6 May 2009

Vespers (98)

grass blade
apart from
grass blade planted
mirrors as they are

used to being
used to

aftercare not respite
minimalist not poor
choice not hindrance

now is special
by virtue
of subtraction
plus notice

of nothing
in form
out of shape
in touch

in perpetuity
and this

4 May 2009

Vespers (97)

not to lose
the moment

itself from
seeing hearing speaking

25 Apr 2009

The New Renaissance has been postponed due to monetary slippage
I wanna be famous for 15 minutes

we hope tis doesn't spoil your enjoyment of a "post-flux" blog and your enjoyment can be extended by touching base with the SayingSometHing administrative procurement controlling assistant @smallfeesarecarrying@impotencycuresurefire

Have a great day
remedial staff

13 Apr 2009


6 o'clock in the morning is a very common time to dream
Awaking to guilt, like some kind of original sin
I'm as happy as a lamb
Knowing the government will watch over me.....

civ·i·li·za·tion (sĭv'ə-lĭ-zā'shən)

we stopped outsourcing
enhanced interrogation techniques

1 Apr 2009

The Condition of Your Sleeping

Another interesting submission to Saying Something, by Jeff Crouch, this time in collaboration with K.R. Copeland.
Almost hallucinatory, The Condition of Your Sleeping seems to echo the subjects' dreams through repetitive mathematical formulae. Intriguing stylistically and conceptually, this picture seems to confirm our human nature as intuitive, emotional, erratic and somewhat chaotic. The bathos of the simplicity of mathematical formulae when juxtaposed with human nature (in this case expressed through dreams) is all too evident.

Vespers (96)

silence borders open window as night long fallen
holds the leap of faith and relatives still
correspond vitality of prayer as though
workings and working were adherent magistrate
the strata marked by breath points in the composition
mused and ruffled and inflamed majestic
altogether a locale of higher lorikeet
beside the village altercation in the midst
of talc and cloth and slippage

31 Mar 2009

Philip Glass - "Train/Spaceship" from "Einstein"

Just had to share.....!

"Einstein on the Beach" was notable for it's experimental music, dance, video and "theatrical experience". Mind-blowing and, perhaps a little too long in total, for musicians, dancers, directors and anyone else connected with the arts.


30 Mar 2009

Vespers (95)

Sleep off selves
Link spines with whom you love
Imagined enemies blend into storied sleep
Sketch artists lose ephemera

A pretty window goes to black
And candlelight imposes drift
Upon the restful prayer
Wan light defrays the cost of autumn

Gold leafage falls to paths
They stain with chance finesse
Until the thought of diary
Relentlessly includes variety

Like this mellowing in which the body
Comes to feel itself as seasoning
Into warm wisdom parsing
Vision and habituation mornings, afternoons, all evening.

28 Mar 2009

As the Moon glows

Thank you to Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this picture. The moon is from a recent photograph of I took of the night sky. The abstract background is entirely synthetic, formed from layering and manipulating colours and textures. The picture of the model (Miss Boux) has been much edited, however it still retains a photographic "feel" to it.

Vespers (94)

Shear sheep (fleece pieced
whole to bounty up
need via holdings)

Held things (this minute)
elude eventually every
present moment

Whatever music is made
possible encounters
probability along a scale

(What are you telling your children
and yourself? What are you making
into statements to match actuality?)

A sinecure remains pure theory.
Someone feels responsible.
It is night again, an empty, picture-free exterior.

17 Mar 2009

Woman as an Art Object

.....woman as automatic art work.....
...her movement by proxy equates skill...
..emotion via media..
.post modern reality/unreality fear/paradox/conundrum.
a return to solidity, flesh
ove you cyborg

is she media? / method
is she real? / procedure
is media real? / mechanize
is reality real? / ignorant

Does she have immunisation against possible
viruses caused by fear of fear of feeling, /Immunity
these artificial, shallow lives /Artificial
make a lake in my rolling hills (stars are /Fear
avenues, clouds are teaspoons) /Money
I feel the neck of the womb /Animalism

a church spire, space junk. /infectious
disease is a metaphor for love. You, my love /non-meaning
have chicken flu and I may well have it /arbitrary
too /Authenticity
She has been reported as an amphibian, people stopped /Rootless/ Taste the tea spoon
and stared to revere the crazyness /Nomadic
of her birthing. /androgyny/ bureaucratic

She is mad, she is bad, /compliant
originally and most certainly, ferile /baroque
child beyond and beneath the stars /expedience
Who is she? Who are you talking about Simon? /parody
You must need psychotherapy /democratic /pilfer

or literature, philosophy /culture
back in society, counselling to return /sci-fi
to this fiction of reality /eat
this removal, by proxy /sex
to push up status /equality

hold on money /conform
cyborg /animas
revenue. The detritus of /suppression
stars in sperm and eggs /art
I feel rockets erecting / spirit

Our new science / taste
souls unwinding...... / peace

16 Mar 2009



pronunciation: \?tri-g?r\
function: noun
etymology: alteration of earlier tricker
date: 1621

2: something that acts like a tricker in initiating a process of chain reaction

Vespers (93)

Line apart from dance
alloys swift
the divinity
holds sway:

for understanding to be

may assume the form
of friction
tabling an other
wise innocent

7 Mar 2009

Vespers (92)

I refrain from breathing the whole story
for mutual imperfect understanding
already apprenticed to habitual mistakes

Land mass, land lease, land held
handiwork askance remain in keeping with
so many rivers known to drizzle through pure rock

Each night I possess only incoming discussion
to repair, each succeeding day I answer
what I thought you asked, in keeping with respective roles

Lavender tea makes recognition play though
the variety of sounds shining on sea salt
where the waves turn shallow silk

The waves are parts of us that leave the hearth
then come back as if commanded in the privacy
of our own homonyms made palpable again

6 Mar 2009

Vespers (91)

Veneer upholds the dream until dissenting weather tastes away the inference of depth in surfaces. Plural as daylight, experience brings on divergence toward self service or devotion. At the beside, a chalk-toned book, The Scala Santa. I know from birth. Today has turned tomorrow prior to my sleep. She left us seven years ago, we learned two days beyond. How is it possible to hold the reach desire attempts to do, by rote, across the moments priestly and still plain. A dowry of fragility comes late to consciousness. In a quality of attention one cannot unlearn. Expensive as a belief in safety.

5 Mar 2009


Turn your speakers up for white noise and footsteps!


4 Mar 2009


Procurement or to
professionally cure mental anguish by money
thee ol' yoke Pension pot
alias soup spooning revere politics (deck)

Terror remaking thunder emaciated
limbs, a heart in a shell
Tinkerbell perpetuate Predicament
to predict a mental state of anguish

lost in words works numbers fumbles (remedial)
the imaginary empire irascible ipse dixit
voracious uterus
Spring fall,

looser in ferile psychopathy, @kernel
imprisoned embellishment calling (jingoism)
Sun strapped cash back embroiling sex soaking madness
loony news rung by Paxman (sanity)

looped by impossible hair and make up (dream state)
the sheen of the flickering screen
and studio lights blue all colours (Thatcherism)
lead to blue

a tornado to crush this flux
6 figure sum are hand span
deliver concise (action by metaphores)
flux concrete a Monaco dividend

creation myth, solopsism of enemies
pithologism Intertainment (felony)
the loose star of dreams
shattered by change (verses for public money)

within habitual change

~ Along with many other ideas, this poem adresses the huge pots of money and bonuses that top business people take, even when their organisation may be propped up by public money. Other's have taken six figure bonuses when they have underperformed or mismanaged events.

27 Feb 2009

the dependency clause of the shadow equation (Vespers 90.1)

Thank you Sheila for sharing this concept.

2 many memories
disrobe once




with a
pantonime of despondency

26 Feb 2009


A little something I made using Apophysis for the fractal and The Gimp for the post processing.

Vespers (90)

Show absorbs (this day
Shadow equation (given
Memory disrobes (apart from
Distortion once (precipitation

Too many (clarities
Lingering responses (chaste
Head filled (pantomime
With despondency (attuned

Maybe window (growth
Coverings fall (gravity
Beneath immediacy (tabled
Behind present (capsized winter

Attention focused (ventriloquized
Here again (loquacity
Fallen forward (tame fumes
As if (dependence clause

25 Feb 2009

21 Feb 2009

Shobana Jeyasingh - "Flickr"


This is the kind of dance that inspired me to dance in the first place. I'm sure that the bastards will never let me do this kind of dancing, however I keep trying!

What I like about this dance is that it is neither here nor there. It may as well be meaningless as much as it is meaningful. The choreography is a "displacement" of culture(s), to the degree that the computerised flickers in the background (after about 3 minutes of the video) are neither human or otherwise - a spiritual truth, rather than one of place, nationality, objective reality and the familiarity of objects. By spiritual I don't mean religious, nor do I mean something connected with extra sensory perception, or some other spooky manifestation, I just mean the soul, our sense of being human.

Admittedly, the computer graphics, although connected to the dancers' movements are pretty damn dated, but that adds to the charm. The naivety of dance; its bodily (un)sophistication and limited patterns of expression allow for an immediacy of expression and its removal from the opaque imagery of computer images and video allow dance to sit next to new media arts and say "I can play with you, but I will never be you".

Evidently, this is an "intellectual" dance, although it is not pretentious, in the sense that Modern dance can be. There isn't this odd Modernist idea that dance must have profound subject-matter, but fuck the style! Here, the intellectuality is in the fusion of cultures and styles, and the sophistication of thought that creates choreography with elegant subtlety. It asks many questions and reflects today's "global community", but there are few if any answers.

Isn't the music great? I remember watching another of Jeyasingh's works, "No exit" accompanied by Michael Nyman's notated music for electric guitar! At times Nyman can be messy with his compositions, a la Vaughn Williams' muddy orchestrations, but mostly, this guitar music "kicked ass" and remained abstract and ethereal, as only an electric guitar can!

The main two concerns, stylistically speaking, for Jeyasingh are Indian dance and Western concert styles. However, once again there is no pretension, no "look at me aren't I clever", so prevalent in some Modern dance (that probably nearly killed it off!). The fluidity and funkiness of the choreography reminds the viewer of Jazz or ballroom styles and, although the Indian hand gestures and styling are subtle, they are at times, wilfully graphic.


P.s. apologies, I could not embed video in page!

19 Feb 2009

Vespers (89)

on screen, a taut white structure in the open by the sea
apart from sand these people lying down with moonlight
some sea spray as lamp of thought
a field of thrush in rhythm then the quiet of the sea

tone swollen to a phrase of midnight almost pure
as lacing sleeves of white won silver
smoothed across the space in tune
with lumens breathy as the deafness of a still composer

staves filled with a voice approaching
spleen of visible young music heeding rules learned
in the silhouette of childhood
pooled against invented windows mythological and sure

18 Feb 2009


Text-Art by Jeff Crouch and Diana Magallon. "Corredizo" is a beautiful work that balances both text and imagery excellently. The Spanish text is reflected in the style and colouration of the image; they compliment each other very well.

7 Feb 2009


I am 1000 faces in one day this moment is
the strength of advertising is its
dislocation to where finitely I am
strangely wise to strangers who remember

my friends near online experience
we called this art and deja vous
is close to you misanthrope I look
like Jim Morrison you are Paris

slipping from view I know Obama
better than you and
you are in my kitchen my cat is
schizophrenic and talks to children

feelings of passivity are media reality
Obama talks to my cat
my cat is human escaping the animal
misanthropy nearer to Dali

now as in snow cover you
speak and there is no sound and the sky
is our eye looking back on its self I am from
Ivory Coast you are a pastiche

the slightest dividend

4 Feb 2009

Flora's Suffering

The ghost-like figure "Flora" is an original photograph by Miss Boux, much edited.

26 Jan 2009

Photographing the Photographer

The following self-portrait was taken from in February of 2001 while I was enrolled in an art photography class (Art210) at the University of Miami. We printed on 8×10 semi-gloss paper with actual chemicals, using real film. However, this photo was cropped from the proof sheet, which was only recently scanned in. While processing photos with film is an interesting process to learn, I surely prefer digital.

Photographing the Photographer

25 Jan 2009

unshadow the night

forget the day
let urban
cruising strays
unshadow the night

22 Jan 2009

Vespers (88)

Tonight across a vast geography I'm sleeping in my mother's house.

Replaying breaths of wind and rain's invisible release.

A neighbor talking to herself endows these young surroundings.

Ideas leave the heart, approach a corresponding freshness.

Midnight interrupts unnoticed fever.

Chastening what comes and lifts away.

20 Jan 2009

The Food Probe

Compliance or to fill up your glass
in accordance with fear/exoteria/brethren,
or not to bewail or complain
by proxy or Post modernism,
complexity or prolix

Nouveau. Parameters, my machine
your hefty androgyny strokes my
flesh, as an objective human.
Au revoir mes animaux! Your Arcadia
is fictionable

"Premortis", scavenge, Mary Shelley,
acrobat. Driven Lilly Anne by sweet
tomes of foxes coruscating via night
fall my intention is her
golden flower

"Prebiosis" Xoana anon, symbi-shape-shift
newspeak, cerulean for knowledge free
of money, philosophia. He coerced money
for charity and in this sense

was biblical. Bay, to opportune blame,
detail for an emotion, a Werewolf at your
table. Carte Blanche, esoteria, our medicine
is prebiotic, preordained. Symmetry

or the cascading of objects is a night
by stars and moon
a Hopi prophesy,
your pillow, moth, monath
con habitude?

I am compliant with pebbles on a beach
the anxious whispers of the wind. Blue blue
is our knowledge natural? As, of nature
it comprises. Flora expires
for clouds sit dark, dark hue and low

17 Jan 2009

still unstill subway

still unstill subway

sub|| w||i
ter|| o||m
ean|| d||e

14 Jan 2009

Vespers (87)

Are the lyrics we imagine prompt as rules to chasten a routine

Divide the night into pale threads of pollen that afford not to be rain

Some specks of grace avert an otherwise clear view of landing

While lace, near gray, warm beige

Another pattern on the ceiling that amounts to watermark

One barely reads previews equally one chastens commerce with broad service

Temperature absorbs attention to an outer surface

Paint distinguishable from blood distinguishable from brevity

Some morning forthcoming

Faint from depth impounded

Virtue sofa chasuble

A many-pebbled place to sit or walk

11 Jan 2009

2 see future
leave the

leave the light

8 Jan 2009

Vespers (86)

Sleep is sacrament, she told us, as we learned not to be children anymore. We were amazed by (had become) her own (image and likeness) likened to (the whirl of safety while we slept). And when we woke, we were newborn again. Or plural any rain day. We would saunter down the lane with purpose. We would carry with us what we slept. The surprising way of being was the chance of half arriving there, with all our personalities imparted.

Sleep is choice, she said. We wandered into unplanned scripts. We told some outer being we would be the same as quiet silk. We thought to have obeyed our hearts. It was enough to know the color that preceded quiet. Then we knew what we could not have strained to make.

Sleep is art, we learned. And in the midnight chapter of the story, unnamed birds would sing long trellises of snow. And in the wan light of continued slumber, there would be unnoticed punctuation starting to take flight. We would not know enough to cling to where we were. We knew not where or how. We stayed with midnight, clothes released to outer air. Nothing imparted had been learned. Again, we held our view, noticed and blended.

7 Jan 2009

To Sheila's V 85

The person who tells time

in a telling glass


The cup person experiment is on

(and off)

of course

Comments are warmer than the cool cool person

in the corner

The angle of the corner will always cool off / alleviate

all warmth

The corner person's a stranger

who mentions itself


All warm ideas are at a loss

a little.

Every time.

I replicate ideas. And they get cooler.

All the good comments speaking about

the safety in corners.