28 Feb 2008

autonomous battlefield robots
deploy moral
humans do
before the kill

moral ethics

25 Feb 2008


Thank you to the glamourous MissBoux for allowing me to use her photograph in this image :-)

24 Feb 2008

Risk and Intimate Relationships

I found this interesting article on ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) by Prof. Jane Lewis.

Risk and intimate relationships: can hope triumph over experience in an age of 'messy' lives?

I thought I'd share this on Saying Something, because this article mirrors many of my thoughts on the subject of sexual relationships. I like Professor Lewis' use of the words "flux" and "uncertainty", regarding relationships, behaviour within sexual relationships, work and expectations. Flux, anxiety and constant change - stretching meaning to the point of arbitrariness are common themes in modern art and poetry, particularly on the Internet. It is interesting to see ideas relating to the economy and the arts finding common ground.



i bleed through darkness

I'm the dominion of my tea

my ample wingspan ends up in silken weeds....so smooth

i know they furnish habit and haste and a mid-waste count
slightly white habit ..to my green mind haste

time feed refracts the moons ago
so much silver. in young mouths

23 Feb 2008

Vespers (45)

tapioca many moons
ago. my sleep forth
will arrive. doors still

close this vellum


assiduous refracts my day
dreams you
and ritornelli brand
my habit syst-

(away with logjam).

brainy bunch of feedlot ivy
looking lackeys. league in
sorghum. plickers.

slight bean count.
slight sheep hop
across the net.
I'm lying to my quintet
(other four).

forage in amid the weeds.
this silken circumstance. this
bleed-through on the take.

my sipping of kombucha tea.
my green. my white.

the swish of hydroperox-
for the mouth.

down south we furnish nothingly.

are you just haste?

mid-waste the time has nibbled
a young ear to take
liberty wingspan and endow it
with the body in the mind
and taste what wheat
shines silver.

this and thistles how we
slumbering will crave
dominion over ample simple
straying dark


that day the
passage to
taxfree for
those that see


22 Feb 2008

Dance Dream

Thank you very much to the glamourous Miss Boux for letting me use her photographs in this image

20 Feb 2008

Vespers (44)

the thistling of riven town (conforming
toward off-shore penury in mountains (blazes
shaken forecast (few
to through-put of our rage (injurious
performing quiet in the snow (the flow port
a pure signal still amounting to (philanthropy
a plural page left home (amid blue green
to wool its way toward alignment (while
terrestrial tame suds (dampened by here
names semaphore to cast a clear eye (cue
infusing a contrarian blue winter (hue

(to simon)

she stirs fear, nail upon the eye

Anxiphone eyes her flawed
ubiquitous eye

and there

sunrise imminent

mmm,labyrinthine sunrise

17 Feb 2008

Anxius and Persephone

The virtual God of fear, Anxius
ubiquitous in media
predicts catastrophic weather

A hurricane here, a plague incessant
Persephone stirs - her escape is imminent

The underworld is dark, labyrinthine
but her capture
is flawed by light

For an eye for an eye, tooth to nail
we shall choke upon his science
before a sunrise in the East

12 Feb 2008


Thank you to Miss Boux for allowing me to use her photograph in this image :-)

11 Feb 2008

on the loss of a dear draft...

the ocean sleeps in a perspective coloured glass house
tide /wandering /overflowing inside birds eyes

the sleeping concierge of of light neaps around melodic lives /healed /
fragmenting masks/
giving free traffic to our posted eyes /of lives

we - like brine figures gaping at /dans la fenetre of the camera
dance dance dance like tide
dance /honey

on the other side of the world he lives among pressed /shapeless wolves
i can see him through window corners /through flesh fragmenting masks/

my trances / sparkle wasteful frenetic flesh

i butter your camera with new glass figurines in culture brine
implanted sweetness /liquid wolves turn your stars into wounded illuminance

guitars groan contrapunctally
the letter trances of my fiscal eye

waiting for lights


9 Feb 2008

to sheila, rhapsody in gray


rhapsody in gray



frenetic disablement cache overflowing
birds a'tweeting 'twixt the concierge
of sotto voce permanent impermanence

soft twist mes suis enablement
contrapunctal contraposto duce legomenon
habla my terrible petite mort

my glass in windows sparkling like a banker
widows in cash coloured illuminance
cache du la busca para fragmenting

mask of flesh phonetically rich arboretum
imminence coins spinning magma of gold a text
of blood entre nous your dervish is wind swept

cache-cache kept our noons are dark with
neap tide of winter wondering through starlight
broken promises we give to keep flesh from flesh

displaced by an ocean a crime we slept a ponder
your blood like flesh sublime coruscating movement
in a camera's wink a pinhole eye of straying dark

by flowers perspective our lives are hectic a
melodic life by transience I've taken to dance into
the wee hours healed by movement music pondering

muscles aclactic action a beverage of shine
sleeping while dancing awake to the eyes of figures
brine a sleep of water liquid fenetre fiscal

and broken by tapestries of muscles and bones, joints
and groans a wolves eyes in the black cat's back
of guitar sprawling trances with eyes like stars

These eyes are waiting following our every move
dancing sleeping roaming eyes pressed upon your flesh
your wound of milk and honey through light and reason

our culture is treason sweetness and light another
bread and butter you sleep beautifully, dramatically
as cars posted through letter boxes, slips through

the docks I can feel the turn of the camera
as my eyes upon your breasts, traffic lights
a shudder of trains your slippage by other realms

8 Feb 2008


drain tits drain hair
fathom frontier
I'm bent to) ;javascript prussian anger


I'm faces / yer so good at re: braining faces

I've mo' re: I'm son at breast book
i am blessed to re cherche breast re:
buns et hair like dollar tits dollar verse swirl around
social renaissance
is afloor et cars ting re:
satanic tits hair for faces virtual per faces being re ) shopp/ed/ing :-)

oh, my poetry son laces re: poetry
laces good pick! manager rents buttercups and sends them over to
trousered sphynxes

ask him for noises ) he gets an accute renaissance deception
his many faces listening to song /hearing counterpoints
re fund anger after all
et your good anger re mean /s 000 much to me

6 Feb 2008

Midwife/Object 5 (Crescent/Carmen)

Look book re: re: renaissance artifish la remorsis et flow
shouting problem 3 leaves afloor
ed dapple consiguinity shopping trolley

airplane fast lane get right out brain drain wealth disruption counterpoint deception
I'm a thousand faces per
Berlin Wall leaf fall satanic mills belgian buns curse hearse nurse terse verse re

cherche balls pig
ment dissent absolution trust fund garter belt shopping centre credit crunch halfa mo'
re: re: re: renaissance I'm 60 faces in one hour @£5.50 twice to the dollar dissolve marble frontier blessed ear

to wristen aarchaic shrimps' pliet varse pick! traffic fathoms girls trousered in corse
its tits supermarket social housing and swimming pool hearing voices listening to noises off yer 'ead son anger EU manager

rent bent debt solutions rehousing for unemployment traces foreign faces
virtual places taxed to your buttercups and laces faces
re re re re renaissance I'm 6 faces to the cup breast feeds her

aphrodite sphynx prussian song explodes like material it
y u cant get a hair cut like Midge Ure I mean I've asked
him for it (mention John Lennon mention John Lennon £10 000 thank you very much sir

your pop poetry is just da ta ting to kill it off for good :-) )
;javascript ferkin hell bargain shoe fits good glue garage sale car boot
begin again then when?

to simon

a Sisyphean love traffic

loving literacy

i fathom mine last high disaster

i fathom my traffic metaphore implants


all my stressed industrial love disasters

show ....... illicitness (!!??)

then, why not

three bla blaaas to literacy as a a flow


my love is bigger than yours

you'd be a real menace if it were different

ne'er think of your love or your kidneys will get toxic

crash babel flowers want high toxic implants

three more blaas .....a bla squashed out, oh

my boohoo disaster .....

oh, friends, my disease is bigger

5 Feb 2008

New Motorway

traffic stretched the whole sense of it
to the last bathysphere of riddled out

to the traffic flow the illicitness of
death riding drugged loving fucking

to the coot or the sunrise
the kerb to the disaster
the flowers at roadside
the SatNav to the cliff edge

so book, woohoo you'd ne'er guess
the literacy of a car crash
babel like industrial menace
a disease Sisyphean
a metaphore for love

You'd think traffic calming
could clean out our kidneys
of toxic food implants
stressed avian

duck of a whole love out
pout about bla bla I want a new car
boohoo mine must be bigger than

gr8 mate mine's a vindaloo
3 fathoms high I drive like a wanker
I work as a banker
I have 3 degrees and a squashed child

Now wot u got?

4 Feb 2008


here here

traffic sorting fuel for
where little points print little minds
each print is available in
with traffic voice

points in a body destinations of
fuel & heart
new text

down map
actuality becomes traffic


voice windows mind

night with new muscles


Vespers (43)

night radio draws | body chemistry down
map points close | sorting in mind
each to each | experience this near

Tennessee appears neighboring | once upon voice
window open spilling | print her drawl
heart side tunes | focus locates muscles

with traffic being | anywhere noticed here
part of traffic | destination becomes myth
mind points away | via similitude half

toward a destination | where I live
as at night | where I think
sleeping to dream | where I know

new vantage points | a text source
from which to | prove a thought
draw fuel from | as if beatitude

expend what is | deemed contagious is
available to go | in actuality lit
with other places | certain by half

3 Feb 2008

Re next next: ageofenlightment

And it shall come to pass in that day,

that there shall not be light;

thy renaissance shall be obscured      

by the shadow of enlightment       

|Re next: ageofenlightment

Siècle des Lumières
Sècolo dei Lumi

03 Feb 2008

Re Renaissance



2 Feb 2008

Vespers (42)

sleight of hand-
from sleep
edged by
a prayer

us our
delimited by
wish whirl
and denounce

in overt-
ones one
kismet a-
way from
(to) a way

Lambs jumping rope...

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