30 Jul 2011

Problems have a habit of forming
circular arguments
a route well worn by Sisyphus

A number of circular arguments
form a holism
and the breath of life
forms a portal

Education cleanses us of the need
to ask why portals form
and breathe new life
into contradictions and
waves of falsity
that barely inhabit cultures
alien to a media generated

reportage upon reportage upon reportage;

solipsism for second guessers
a prism for the blind

The sea inhabits creatures
this portal is a refusal to see
the sea as the land and
birds adopt the sky and this
portal binds mankind
by a refusal to see the blackness
of Space

Women are oracles that warn
or suggest (im)possible futures
we should stagger them lightly
but for the plight of Armardas
to come and far gone.

I turn the page
for not understanding
may bind us to wisdom
for wisdom is truer than knowledge
but far rarer

Wisdom is neither construction
deconstruction nor destruction
it is the poverty of mind
in the face of the consequence
of mankind

And this is neither something nor
nothing but the fruit upon
earnings. And this well trodden
path is learning, a game far
truer than knowing

Nature is our condition
and our condition is natural
like Icarus, we wish to fly
before we can walk
amongst ourselves

I turn the page
for less this
we may have learnt nothing
and by wisdom
we would be foolish to be wise
when we are as star struck as children
as blinded by knowledge
as a mole to the Sun

The will to fly is not
flight but the attempt
to soar
to observe all meanings

Then it would be wise
to reinvent the wheel
as those before us
have travelled by
different guises

Simon Harris 2011

15 Jul 2011

The Impossibility of Postmodernism

Via Flickr:
Original photo was taken at the Louvre, Paris. The statue in the background is of a Roman goddess. Thank you to XstockX for allowing me to use her photo in this picture, that I layered over the top of the original photo, adding digital effects.




Distance breeds contempt breeds distance