22 Mar 2006


something wrong
I know it's out there
evidence of shining
overtures of crisp bright
and the blooms shallowing
each atmosphere with the nip
of cool weather
where I most need

while inside
a glut of what I am
not good at
tithing turned excessive
to the point of
nothing to the point

if confidence propels itself
to reconstruction of the core
then many more indulgences
are needed just
to gain the strength
to chisel
dark away

21 Mar 2006

visual language

visual language

phonetic symbologic
persistent parallaxing object

13 Mar 2006

14 page visual poem from SayingSomething Blog. Click the link to go to the next page. Comments welcome. Click title to begin.

By Simon Harris aka Crescent

Thanks to AnnaBloom
Copyright for the comments remains with the person who commented.

11 Mar 2006

collaborative writing

Contribute to "Catching the Dream Stone", started by Julius Smit on Trace Online Writing


You can join Trace on their home page -



8 Mar 2006

these are unreal times [I won't a goes a askin' the question]
cannot recur answer collatory/arbitraro des amigo lucy metatrocious
contradictory stationary

glissando pliet stroll and
touch pervavore travel step pounce go forward extempor dip move shoulder up
shoulder up
pervavore out

bathos extraordinary [ambiguity of ambiguity] lucky
contradictive contradiction
celebacy these are defying times right from
the runes serenfuckituppity
textbook stuff we were homeless in accommodation [insert bird in flight evidential of artistic metaphor]

crescent(I,2) why is it that something
something else now
perhaps contradictory but still the same thing

then we move out from
the first part and walk
over with attitude 4 steps and then start again with a deep pliet it has to flow extemporise after the stepping
section [hypertext mimicry] step ball cha
ep ball
A nge

waiting by bus stations for my earthenware angel palmed by the fiction of skooting and thro'ing cars and buses ne'ertheless touched by dreams fingers
In office procedures are piffling quite inexact and exact [contraposto] at striking distance snakes blood ripped tangles oestrogen

plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose histoire times misfortune capture rush traffic light camera
FUCK PIFFLE .... GLissando eso acronym psuedonym don't JAZZ aspirational a spirit global circles the world .... tell the lie dry camera photographique urban expressionism feel the faff

3 Mar 2006


she is here alive as guesses in the tall grass we are talking
when she leaves I know she will not need me anymore
I will not let the strength go by

the miracle is she will be released from patterned walking
sleeping working lunch
and I will have her spirit for as often as I need to ask

for all my years I've practiced savoring
it's quiet in that sport of noticing and living out
each breath inside the space of just a little light

to have in common an appreciation is as good as
lying down and talking it's the same
to level and explore the horizontal regime

of how we're made to be eternal
a French legal term is not enough
nor English

all one knows to do is breathe and listen
to one's breathing maybe love
is letting every one of those five senses

melt the barriers to truth and to believe
in possibilities because they're there
they're witnessed

the alive points single out of frameworks
urgent tapping rumored to be grace
as light as tape

this is the warm world
this is space between us
here to offer a protection from our inclination of desire