27 Jan 2007

Blogger Changes


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26 Jan 2007


Break Back switch turn
don't dis me with culture man
dis logic dis function able dis
locate pirouette 2

slip. U who we aren't and
able 359 fuck off
we live here .4 camera obscura
dreamdemocracia i dreamed i live here

(ochre) Africa San Francisco dis locate
shun knee and 1 2 3 pelt
order preraphalite words that go with
porter clerk luggage residual central park

fuck me in the tree light
i am a virgin to your sting
i 2 cottage cheese skinny milk
am implicit and immaculate
to your touch I suffer shit

;-) pornographic blueprint
elbow tibia gonads arabia
art dislocates from immortality
these seeds are dead in science
I am suffragette

greece slips covert nouveau
essence power declines self
strippage potent decline
wane fore wax we'll pine too soon

art is shit reason is crap
poetry is bullshit975684181
deciding is the bee resolution
and ignorance is green triangles

my angle, doppelganger, shapeshift
heirogly[ph1 to curry the mustard
cut the fan you'll trolley
your goods to the edge of the night

the reason is unreasonable
words are untenable
western inviable
hieroglyphics (dada) written word (fawnever)
U notice the way

the poet uses his own experiences
the crises and psychotic normalities
to cry episodes of what he doesn't
value as literature

I'm saying something
like an ASBO
i fucked off the metrical foot crescent's unreadable poesy
the end of poetry/sign plus sign plus sign 11

his poetrys to long for a fixed
faulty logic I should complain
to the writer fancy asking
a reader to puzzle all this

one could almost take it to be
an absence of identity
whod'ya call 'ed me?
footnote fuckage penile
u say me?

talk in English sister
email the author
and fa fa fro complain
does he think this is music or summut?

A deity of the female form
because we couldn't suffer it
is not enough respect
for allofus disunited and, by trial


23 Jan 2007


masterpiece is sun
lit apart from adverbs.
proxy scimitar, to lift the rest.

weather interpolating,
a grand design sprawls over music
that will muss raw heard designation.

method me in six eight time.
a risen trinity comes nurturing
the wisp of thatched insouciance,

whose melody affixed to sound
amounts to mild mimesis. the limited
replay asks for the sweet.

and given that the rainbox
afterward allows spaced
winter to be obvious.

22 Jan 2007

We All Fall Down

Apologies for my lack of presence here lately...

Lewis Lacook's Website

Check out Lewis Lacooks' newly designed website for image/text and sound works. You can join and upload your own works. Lewis also creates digital art work using text, image, music and animation.

Website still being redesigned - I can't wait to see what happens next!!



televangelizes the
war on peace

shadowcaster; ©Dreaming in Neon 2007

20 Jan 2007

Grumpy old man?

** Proceed with caution. Person over 30 gives mature comment **

Well. my journey through dance is certainly a multi-faceted one. It is certainly, a journey that takes on board "folk arts" (e.g. street dance, salsa), "high arts" (e.g. contemporary, ballet), everything in between and multiculturalism.

Unfortunately, for all the pleasure and health that dance brings, being a primarily physical activity it suffers from appalling age discrimination. It is also notable that, despite the current vogue for dance and the attempts by arts organisations to entice men to dance, they are a distinctly rare breed on the dance floor. This is particularly evident in concert dance, e.g.; jazz, ballet.

Because of recent demands I have had to stop my usual contemporary and jazz dance training and find another type of dance to keep my fitness up until I return. At the grand old age of 38 (I shall dance with a Zimmer frame soon) I decided, still being youthful, to try Bollywood dancing. I hoped to learn something of Eastern movement and, consequently Eastern culture.

However, I was not prepared for a class of (largely) pre-pubescent girls, snaking around in some kind of "spaced out" kindergarten. I may have swallowed my pride and returned again, if this was all I had to bare. However, the teacher looked little more than fourteen. OK she must have been sixteen, for legal reasons, such are British working regulations.

Bollywood dancing turned out to be a physically challenging and mentally stimulating class, bridging the divide between Western dance forms and traditional Asian dance. However, it seems to be reserved for those of gentler years and fairer gender!

My little story, does have a serious side. It is a great pity that, even though currently in vogue, dance is usually construed as an activity for young girls and 20 somethings. For all the pleasure and health benefits dance has given me, to start in my mid-thirties was a distinct disadvantage. The downside of this is lusty, female dance teachers who can't resist a heterosexual man who dances, despite having hubby in tow. A glass ceiling when it comes to advancing your art-form to regular performance. And the opportunity to grow backwards into kindergarten to educate yourself in the art of dance and in culture.

The truth is, I am lucky to live in a large city where there are dance classes who allow all ages to take part. There are even the occasional opportunities for walk on parts with dance companies that, ahem! Occur occasionally.

However, dance is a better option than swimming. Swimming is evern more cruel, putting young men out to graze before they reach their physical prime. Yes, 25 is the retirement age for male competition swimmers, and much the same for women. Little did I know, when I joined a swimming club at 30 I was five years to late for competition!

The truth is I am fitter and stronger in my thirties than I was in my twenties, but I didn't expect my coach to listen!

OK, so it's evident to most that we live in a youth dominated culture, in the workplace, on the high street, in the values of the market place as well as in physical activities. However, for all the energy and enthusiasm that youth brings to dance and other activities, experience is never a disability and self knowledge and self discipline are the keys to achieving and sustaining all success.

It seems that, in dance and sport, those who start later or continue past the "usual"retirement ages do not only require greater discipline to maintain their fitness, they also require a greater mental strength and creativity, to take the inevitable knocks caused by age discrimination and to find ways to journey past the blocks that stand in their way.

This should be food for thought for those who block the paths of the determined and the able. It should also question the reasoning of a society that insists on the retirement of its competitors/performers as young as 25!

For God's sake some maturity please, in the attitudes of those that teach and those that organise these thrilling, health-giving and important activities!
ebbian flod wax wane wave and push the shove cuff toe text mood to boy cue aw penedent revue fa ex c'il horde outdo racist ordu order area hoar counting revue skotoo scotticize cue integer per favore applause form as per cue toe slippage text car crash slither heltaskelta fucking cunt reform
what time is it what time is it what time is it what time is it what is time it what is time it what it is time what it is time what it is what time it is what time it was to take the tea to the boss to make tea for the boss and de rigueur ma coquette!
civil war civil war civil war was a was a anything Somalia London Somalia London Somalia London Somalia London form
per favore reform underform innerform upto form exoform esoform underperform slip transvestite travesty honnette homme maturatio englishness disability redo

19 Jan 2007

1 i face you step

1 [I 86945
feeling r[squared]@ mootpoint
12 000 variable+
psychomotor12 >particle resistence
r=98I + 1 ::
face eyes eat

18 Jan 2007

Untitled (Ornella)

Photomanipulation by Crescent, original photograph by LadyPillow (Ornella)
Thank you Ornella xx

17 Jan 2007

Carmen's Myspace

I'm loving Carmen Gonzalez's (aka Solea) myspace.

It has a really professional feel to it and if you click on Carmens' videos you get some really special effects with her photographs. You also get some great music and an interesting "blurb".

Check out one of my favourite photographers.


15 Jan 2007


details simmer ex
parte and the trees
deliver shaken
evidence of grown
designs divising
for the drum
to feel upon the hand
lit place a steady
resonating plump
divide between
this and this
other so the wheeling
guides memorial
infringement sass
will come full
spiraling advance
until no thought
remains unhitched
to other ones
There is nothing to say
I will say it anyway

STEP 1234
We are the world
undoubtedly keel
You are mine

678 hallucinate
As we chancer
I'd wager the end of poetry
3 months at best blow

It will fail the digital test. There is no luck in poetry nor money bon voyage my clerks! The stranger
I'd rearrange her, er
for tics and whistles
complimentary missiles

is essentially
intelligence shin intuition,
if you will whats a word
the farther the base the nearer the

so to speak flex

The wasted reigns of Africa
so very far
so near
so far far away
closeness as to feel
her breathless breathing
take upon my skin
their breath is like a pulse
but thin
T.S.Elliot was crap
A waste of space
Three cats nor magics more.
To think a better education
is the pulse to
thicker waters

Clerk in the dark

The words we use to day, anyway
use as in do
thing as in think
compute as in stray
best as in shite
truth as in bullshit

cuff as in blank
weapon as in misrepresentation
trial as in attribution
work as in noun
conference as in robot
freedom as in anxiety
certainty as in contradiction
love as in dependence
growth as in mental illness
Code poetry was just that,
a puzzle, as if
tar poetry wasn't hard enough
thro' tangible means personal expression
Surreal may be the word as this is hyper real don't confuse either with reality stray in footsteps to fall thro' lace delphinarium redo I have said nothing undoubtedly i will say it anyway

14 Jan 2007


Cold owns no see-through
One holds back
What is
One moves
And one keeps
Moving to escape
The cold
One does not see
One takes in
What warm breath
One keeps
One lives on
Warmer breath
In winter daylight

11 Jan 2007

Phone Me (Don't)

Thanks to Juicy Carolina for the use of her photographs
U can check them out on Flickr

10 Jan 2007

Now let me say this
if it is (a nod to you at once!)
a battle for our flesh our feelings
to dance

I refuse to recognise virtual experience
since i do not trust
my own perceptions, nor
than I'll trust my own

my feelings are not flesh
and my text is no longer
I skin at that name

as if something akin to
art with letters?
how should we propose this
in a world of information

flow? (A nod back) two feet on the floor
you look like a hiccup
carouseling not counseling abound
the floor

who could be anyone, except you.
Leaves are pomegranates lat
I don't hitherto nor
or before, with hindsight far

as we were not much left
I should not astonish this
with inclement academicism

purely intuitive like talking
to your friends
if not that then your self he is
not an elf

maybe unwarranted by times
insidious incremental shifts
I am a transvestite

changing small undergarments
charging to the wind
I'd charcoal butter wind this wand
afore grease, I despair at disparation

clinging to your teachers detention
threatened by funding
travesty we should
have looked logic in the eye

far earlier than we did
particularly considering
the length of academic poetry
should end sooner than later

I don't own words, we share them
1 I a man stand alone
rhododendrons city bushy squirrel
funded orbital anonymity quake
the rusk skill of the training

she bleeds for the morning after
I often dream of fucking her
parse as in extrapolate, when
the shite hits the fan

I miss you like a clock face
trickety tock, you are a welt
of a thousand faces
a megaton of images

who the fuck are ya?
hello phone me I'll catch
your eyes on the TV

We danced for research and development
for a snow of cray
for the sake of stitching up
a yarn the fabric

extrinsic to mobile phones
the yard was a plague of fish
fuck off
we live here

6 Jan 2007

To make sense of it one must. Parsimonious, parse as in splice
Get a job
arse lick unsaid
you got a job you got the job

one man stand alone I
language isn't owned anymore
it is shared
help me to get sacked

the death of text as pre-eminent
the abstract arts

beyond politics, practicalities
language irrelevant
merely necessary

the point of words
is to lose their meaning,
our identity in tropes
clarity is the opposite of subjectivety
identity threatens closure,
meaning brings aggression

Cleverness is not necessarily
pertaining to
the tropes of one's language,
observing its spread to heart rate
life and its description
bodily movements
desires feelings and

2 is like S and a little smile at the corner of your mouth

404 wordpress

Saying Something is now starring on the404
courtesy of this kind chappie Babel.ca

works/collaborations by all SayingSomething members featured :-)


4 Jan 2007


fog's indifferent to transubstantiation, yes? yesterday
I failed to record (reword) the past. so
at an impasse I indulged in otherwise indignant
posture. thus I held the pose like any imposition.
fracture bent itself into a ripe spoon.

what of the nickel faculty within one's formed
hypotenuse? geometry makes part-time sharklift.
do you early on revert to simple shine?
the latticework is dim, old crimson
twilled around the timeshare. stay with me.
impart the earth. reverse the charge.
endure. soon parse. resplend what you repeal.

I think I can ensure your depth (perceived).
please pass the sealed conspicuous inclusion.
how these farthings darken steps. and now the spackled
temperance will renew its vows. I'm listening to your
tinfoil be unfurled. what will there be when we have
wanded our way beyond direct light of the sun?

Untitled (Crescent)

thank you to Juicy Carolina for letting me use her photographs :-)
Please check her photos out on Flickr

2 Jan 2007

phone me /don't/

don't phone me bliss call me repetition page me don't call me page repetition list don't see me deconstruct QUEERcall me no don't face off touch me call me the repetition page me I don't know love I c remonstrations talk to me y'know how it is fuck sMONEYex we me you i know you know TWATthe page the repetition page mobile me text you text me email who the fuck am i you you r you r seen some whereHIV something just like RELIGIONu y'know call it quits the last breath number man intuit your husky tones timbre your numbers feel like peace call me crescent call IDENTITYme but do call I left messages email text you decided to have AIDSvirtual relationships bliss list listen i haveCHILD schizophrenia

voices voices voices like dreams CYBERslippage into waking he stalls call me no sense non sense senseless sense hypothetically your schizophrenic mobile me tell me something ROBOTsay it say it loud your FEMALEdelusion of love lust is bodily i feel it i am shizophrenic the repetition page sage in clothes shops rabid tills ting ling linguism move out SYPHILISmove on move up move back sideways shift TOUCHregenerate fuck me as a movement of growth shift sideways crabbyMEANING old bat u y'know i want cyber wi u i JUSTIFYwant cyber wi u ghosts ghosts when i was young i saw an aeroplane turn in the air my first memory 57425235/ i remember seeing things AIDSfrom the first step i took I remember my friend mobile me chip in skin he has schizophrenia