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9 Sep 2005


declarative sentences annul me right on schedule and according to spec.
listen: I have learned you, lost you, leavened you, lengthened you.
lured you out of one bed into someone else's
habitable patch.

the upshot is comeuppance now and northernly.
I'm wan from tinkering with toy braids in mimesis
of these shade flowers.
all my time in fear has yielded

talent turned to sweat.
and by the way, the turntable you imagined moved one-way
is static now. all voltage wears on
just conceptual verging on song.

and still I sing it toward your visible breath.
I watch you try to sleep.
I watch damage control at work.
I leave myself to captivate if you are working anymore.

you narrate me I norm you I examine consciences
I think are not mine, but it's habit to perfect
what I can only dream of offering away.
and then I catch myself being another part of speech.

give me text and treacle. afford what I have won
and listlessly imposed. my energy is hash.
my jamboree exhumes your rapt and sideways
inattention. tendrils just perceptibly appear to cough.

and heat shifts substance of the flower
until its name recurs to very poised ears
trebling the encumbrances. a justice system
winces near plaudits when they're white if only for a while.


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