24 Jan 2006


it would be to look at symptoms from a window made from scratch
the senators, all faces, and the rapture made soon small
feathery-like chance mode glinting with
prepositions mayhaps called for known reciprocal white
and in an instant playthings ravaged by tumult
stinging malteds grim lined false au pair indifference
modesty forms informality accustomed to and twelved upon lined shelves
parameters indifferentiate our shoulders as minced flaws
congratulations you have lottoed out of life in mid-lane
actuarial tables won't include you now or at the hour
and on the hour one incises depth perceptible from distances
called raw called off called crippling
a childish ray of hope has made its way through clouds
and we are talking more than we have listened to each weather


harry k stammer said...

i've been remissss in attending... i have to say i really like this piece, i've read it and then read it and then read it and now i will re-read it.

cheers, harry

Sheila Murphy said...

Harry, you are great!

Crescentsi said...

This is great Sheila - meanings trippin' over one another