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17 Feb 2006


she dusts
her home
she dusts
she dusts
her life
she dusts
my life
I feel as if
my life is dusted off
the curtains do not interfere
with light from windows
she has windexed
all the glass
and laundered every curtain
and the light comes through
the light as though
a person had completely loved
the light
that very light
the shining daylight
of an afternoon
she has remarked upon
the glisten of the daylight
and the daylight
like a stronger moon
has transformed
how the rain seems
if rain comes
daylight is more loved
if daylight comes
and she has readied
every inch of home space
to admit the light
to mollify the rain
to heighten daylight
and to smooth the days
the house is clear
of all debris
of probability of dust
and breakage happening
she has taken every
precaution to prevent
the interference of
the light
the newly minted
flecks of daylight


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