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20 Jul 2006


Morning twins with lullaby against purported gravity
Repeat after me: leisure's prepossessing when you're least accountable
Unless the steep hills turn to after-all cantatas that risk out-of-bed experience
Judicious quays give way when left unasked or propped for nothing

Is it method yet?
I curve my least indicative young frenzy toward your baking
After feverish indifference, I tend to have seemed mild
Come home to me

Our thinking differs from my thinking: has this quite occurred
And if a tree disguises as comforting becomes itself a wooded way
What ounces will be left to fill in after flow has gone
The quiver is a remnant of foretelling

Attractive nuisances bereft of achorage give home a kind of beltline
If you can read this you're too close
A lozenge would be nice yes
Also a kickstand for another purpose anyway


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