1 Aug 2006

Yow creature

Yow creature woy woy u er certa
sans doute, mi cherie when i blink cetacean
i see digital art Kraken

Tiercel volant abre you have a delusion
services will be shut to you
NHS cuts are like a dream
to us, dragon the difference is we believe it

etre etre etre

to us, the difference is
we believe it
NHS cuts are like a dream
services will be shut to you
my you have a delusion
when i blink i see digital art
Yow creature sans doute

dormir dormir dormir

Englan'f shame the proof is the
bella morte
belle laide
the poof is in the eating

vite vite vite

awake mon amis c'est une foret
it's a foregone conclusion
my love for you blissed out by the waters side
your presence photic and phonetic
shining thro' shadows woody husk

u compliment the fission water weighing
hears or wax which way yer motion
trace or perfume skulls the rhododendrons milky
succour animate mi amigo
Asma shift syka bliss

anima animus anima animus

I sense your touch
bold and pre-empted, your sung clear uncomplicated and Trojan
dance of hips and breasts and little
mouths in doing we break
the conjoined surf embraces thought emotes

our plastic city you place
your feet to say my world
this dragons way we skive
to taste the perfume of your

and fold clouds by musics promised trace
we Break


Jesse said...

i love your song. it opens many new nhs offices!

Crescentsi said...

Thanks very much jesse!

Very pleased that you like it :)