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7 Dec 2006

the first thought
i know nothing of blogs ooh1
nothing atoll^. to stay r
u image nation greek for societal notion rimes (claire) with o(m)tion

formal charplusekka [shift phrase]is tics ist say potatoe
nuffink etc choose areal thought. spurred of toes I know,
nothing of words
nyte for experience they alter par the night

often chasing my trail
to the danceHouse drive Kerplunk
!working irrationally. Aboreal
hoopla revie levi

parsimoni celery mty spaeech
(suggest) is the workers digest attika
collog arrette pert nursing times Anelia rhymes
I got sick wif of Dali asm

Always .org man with a womb painting corpses/copses
must notate questional attributes collaquafe of surrealism
its thorough growth to dada
full fledging rotational

painting. poetry is a
fall from speech a delicate
tree in'st a tute you r
a abre

you dont change your like a tree
tree tree from jism
Greek to stand with arms splayed
your pages are fondu hieroglyphics

Kadra2 the everfestive seevase
rhinoceros boulange

you m'est suis? 8 ^ 33
i could have fucked


  • At 1:50 pm , Anonymous Rote said...

    Crescentsi are you really allowed to write poetry like thi. you call this poetry? This is simply nonsense


  • At 1:53 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Non sense is sense mais non? Ah! But, mais oui u cannot percieve out of something human nothing of touch feel intuit do

  • At 2:00 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    Rote is copyright of Crescent's wandering mind and has no right to exist as an abandoned character from a novel I digested independently from the said novel.



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