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14 Nov 2008

Poetry to Imagery

No flow
timbre flicker
images we apprehend
today lambent

are yesterday's oddity
far out words that used to
shimmer with

are the sonorities of
the times
contemporaneity's gate
is the wool of your jejune
face court

faces works and melange
beggars float coruscates a night
by surfaces whit
is the light of dreams pharmacopeia
and melodies
are planets turning

in an authentic grasped by splice

Meanings are not lost
but found turning as diction
is a dicey song corrugated by
madness’s choreography
until we claim

(by the bright night sunlight
is the fusion of our senses
by your pussy or extrasensory
perception) madness as light
and sanity as darkness

again again. Considering
authenticity I may decide
to sign my poem
anonymity a slip of the dic
tion tic
fillip frolics trix

abounds plainsong
with disparate discretion
recession the white page
is this paint
wetting your appetite

My machine Athena
Freudian alternator
friend of Zeus cant
melodious abridged

et rectitude.
Modern passages of Persephone’s
hues clue cue
to wait scrambling of a fudging
dark makes

yesterday’s intellectuality
sound like today’s
fuck fest.
Weather (pernicious) you get it
(essentiality) by virtu
ality or actuality
your getting

a whole Freudian slip
page that was yesterday’s
resonance, eloquence
today’s orgy
even by proxy
something smells like reason, money.

Now, maintenant watching the paint dry
on the white page
canvas for sales our pithy avant-
garde, lecture by inopportune
remediacy, a farcical neology?

the paint forms into opaque
imagery, seeming too verbose (extravaganza)
until perception enchants less
more sensory

trees outline the canvas edge
brushstrokes calligraphically open
palms and fingers touch
the borders of our science
our sex, love

reason for other
and this
dark and light

like the stages’ bite
apples vinaigrette
a pseudo-riche
women standing under trees
the stress

of the art of the moulding of paint
gathering to children playing
the fine pelt of skies
intoxication Munch-like
into the camera flash

of Sunlight.


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