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14 Jan 2009

Vespers (87)

Are the lyrics we imagine prompt as rules to chasten a routine

Divide the night into pale threads of pollen that afford not to be rain

Some specks of grace avert an otherwise clear view of landing

While lace, near gray, warm beige

Another pattern on the ceiling that amounts to watermark

One barely reads previews equally one chastens commerce with broad service

Temperature absorbs attention to an outer surface

Paint distinguishable from blood distinguishable from brevity

Some morning forthcoming

Faint from depth impounded

Virtue sofa chasuble

A many-pebbled place to sit or walk


  • At 6:28 pm , Blogger carmen racovitza said...

    pale pattern ceiling previews
    all depth from morning brevity

    Sarah's routine views warm distinguishable morning lyrics
    into a surface Paint
    depth specks speck off the place
    absorbing Temperature

    it threads the inner beige of outer grey chasuble
    avert in brevity

    some read the sofa with closed eyes
    those eyes /

    warm watermarks

  • At 12:54 am , Blogger ed schenk said...

    the lyrics we
    imagine prompt
    the ceiling
    dark distinguishable watermarks

    thanks sheila


  • At 4:52 pm , Blogger crescent said...

    fait accomplise, escapology to rejuvenate odd awareness in Bharatanatyam probes

    jurisdiction one. Perhaps we have seen this before? A waking dream, our ancestors' cries? A world within a world within

    Freud's tangled dystopia


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