26 Feb 2009

Vespers (90)

Show absorbs (this day
Shadow equation (given
Memory disrobes (apart from
Distortion once (precipitation

Too many (clarities
Lingering responses (chaste
Head filled (pantomime
With despondency (attuned

Maybe window (growth
Coverings fall (gravity
Beneath immediacy (tabled
Behind present (capsized winter

Attention focused (ventriloquized
Here again (loquacity
Fallen forward (tame fumes
As if (dependence clause


carmen racovitza said...

(growth windows absorb disrobe fill (gravity
absorb despondency
winter (clarities Lingering Vespers equation (loquacity
Fallen from
Distortion again
forward (this day Shadow absorbs (loquacity Fallen
(clarities Lingering absorb day Shadow (attuned
Maybe filled with
present(clarities Lingering on


fall equation

sheila, :):)

ed schenk said...