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4 Mar 2009


Procurement or to
professionally cure mental anguish by money
thee ol' yoke Pension pot
alias soup spooning revere politics (deck)

Terror remaking thunder emaciated
limbs, a heart in a shell
Tinkerbell perpetuate Predicament
to predict a mental state of anguish

lost in words works numbers fumbles (remedial)
the imaginary empire irascible ipse dixit
voracious uterus
Spring fall,

looser in ferile psychopathy, @kernel
imprisoned embellishment calling (jingoism)
Sun strapped cash back embroiling sex soaking madness
loony news rung by Paxman (sanity)

looped by impossible hair and make up (dream state)
the sheen of the flickering screen
and studio lights blue all colours (Thatcherism)
lead to blue

a tornado to crush this flux
6 figure sum are hand span
deliver concise (action by metaphores)
flux concrete a Monaco dividend

creation myth, solopsism of enemies
pithologism Intertainment (felony)
the loose star of dreams
shattered by change (verses for public money)

within habitual change

~ Along with many other ideas, this poem adresses the huge pots of money and bonuses that top business people take, even when their organisation may be propped up by public money. Other's have taken six figure bonuses when they have underperformed or mismanaged events.


  • At 5:35 pm , Blogger carmen racovitza said...

    tornado news

    this imaginary empire is
    kept in @kernel
    all embroiling
    flickering on figure Paxman

    organisations hand up irascible (Thatcherism)
    lead changes of heart

    imaginary solopsism spans colours Pension bonuses huge politics lights yoke of the dixit

    impossible or concise emaciated limbs perpetuate this shell Tinkerbell

    concrete metaphores) flux colours

    ideas, habitual soaking myths
    i fumble down myth words
    when Terror tornado lead to
    loony money
    cash Procurement rings poem
    (action money
    Monaco lights (remedial)

    psychopathy of
    looped politics

    it seems i got a fever...he he he


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