17 Jul 2009

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I'm sitting there and I'm thinking well just who the fuckin' hell are yer? Sometimes I get the feeling we're all going to fucking morph and we're all the same, or may as well be. If I've seen your face I've seen it a thousand times and I'm beginning not to like it! I've seen it in her and her and even in him, kind of.

You think I'm mad? Yeah! You know, this concept of mental illness as some kind of erroneous, metaphorical representation of actuality. Throw in a few hallucinations and you got a fruitcake. But, I ain't mad. And you know exactly what I mean. All those feelings of being controlled by external forces, voices coming from televisions, computers, electronic devices. I mean, this is the everyday experience of those that are sane! I mean, for god's sake, who's mad and who's fucking sane, right?

Any way, who are you? You got a name, a number, a passport, a finger print, iris recognition, voice recognition? You better hope you have, coz you ain't nobody if you 'aven't. Were you born here or over there, somewhere else? You look kind of foreign, someone may surmise that you're jolly foreigner and you better get back quick before you're vetted coz someone just may work it out. Yeah! I like the way you look you one hot female. I like that, but I ain't sure, was it yesterday I saw you before, the week before that, or was that someone who looked as much like you, as it may as well have been you, or was it you?

You don't say much, just mumble the odd word now and then. I like my women not to say much, women say far too much far too often and I think you know that! Your fit, you look like all the actresses, thin and pretty. The pop stars and the celebs. I got to say, there's a few of you lot looking just a bit too thin. Emaciated I'd say, but that's the fashion an' I know you got to try to look just like every other famous fucker. I understand, I really do. That's sensitivity, you know? I can relate to you women. By the way you're smiling and that glint in you eye, I think you know that.

What d'ya say? Sun protection. Self tanning. Beauty. Looking young forever. Ha ha, Yeah! I know you women, I think you're probably famous coz you're always talking about your looks and your skin and eyes. I might just start to play with my self right now. You don't mind do you? You understand, a man has needs different to a woman. Yeah! I'm playing with myself right now and you make me feel real good. What d'ya say beautiful? I can tell you understand. What's that? Achieve a deep tan, deep tan with self-tan and glitter. UV protection, youthful, sexy skin. A healthy glow like sunlight. What yer on about honey, you're turning me off. Available from all good pharmacists. Cheap trial. Ha ha! You teasing me babe, Yeah! I get it.

And you've said all this a thousand times. You said the same stuff so many times I beginning to think you ain't real. But then what are you ? A goddess or something! Ha ha! No I ain't mad I know who's real and who ain't. And you babe are the real thing. I can tell - that smile, it looks real genuine to me. And your eyes are so blue that I can see your soul deep within you. I can feel it transmit through the air waves across the television screens, the Internet and mobile phone masts. It's so beautiful I feel I would have to do anything you say. Any thing you ask me to. Any thing at all.


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crescent said...

General post-literature/literary groan about things!! lol

Some good points in my fiction(?), but things are changing too fast for people to sit down and say "it's like this or like that, and this is because of this or that."

Thank you Michelle :-)

michelleFRANTOM said...

Yeah, I think I get the 'chaos'. Or maybe the confusion of stimulus or something like that. (good title for a blog that, 'something like that')