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26 Oct 2009

New movements in art moments

Where did you come from?
Knock off /it off
Fuck knows/knows fuck
autonomous machinery/no autonomy
For god's sake this isn't a poem

How does art sit with capitalist times
are hard for those who dare not dream
for those who dare must
dream (a sentence here)
virtual world/artificial freedom

streaming media here a purport 2
(and you know it) else
where magnifies exits we'll
dream a rope to pull the horse
Columbus and Raleigh

The Trojan night the Trojan night
drowning in stars
step one two three like a child
she walks to begin again her bare feet like grain
on the ground

We daren't wake her synopsis forms reverie
for fear of truth is far harder than
living far harder than love
Our love is money and fear is its quell
our sanity is clunky

New movements in art moments
time is rebellion to the friction
of finance is lost by our trance
that freedom calls knowledge hence
and there after we might live with

each other and lie with the animals


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