5 Dec 2009

New Perceptions of Identity

New Perceptions of Identity, originally uploaded by crescentsi.

Thank you again to Miss Boux

This picture reflects the changes to our perceptions of our individual identities, as Western societies become ever more technological and commercial. We struggle for uniqueness and a comprehension of "self" as gender perceptions, multiculturalism and globalism, constant economic and societal change, mass technological immersion and political instability continuously occur.

"Social Networking" websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (and to a degree Flickr and related arts websites) seem to be emblemetic of the aforementioned Post Modern phenomena. In addition, it is important to acknowledge the breakdown of the Nuclear Family.

Of course, social networking and other technological, communicative developments are a poor substitute for real relationships and friendships. However, it would be foolish to state that they are completely without their uses. The isolation that the Internet can cause to many people is ignored as we continue to "tell the world" via Facebook, how we have dumped our latest partner or just bought a new "Sat Nav".

Although this can seem very shallow, and to a degree it is! However, we are looking for varying degrees of fame, as Andy Warhol predicted. As we can no longer find the kinds of relationships within "real" society, we try to find impersonal and fleeting connections and acknowledgement via new technologies. Ultimately, all Internet users (apart from those who only look!) are chasing fame. Most will be disappointed.

Our excitement at the novelty of technological innovation and its opportunities are continually countered by the isolation and the fickle nature of the Internet, and other technologies. Many of us complain about the impersonal nature of society, that has been strengthened by new technology and worsened by the Recession. Are we willing to pay this price for a technocratic, capitalist society? And, importantly, do we really have much choice?


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